Funfact: Alola-Knogga was as a Raidboss in Pokémon Go before the changes to the formerly five-level RAIDs an animal-4-boss and alone or for two really fies hard! Anyone who has not prepared with the best counterattacks was not beaten by Knogga himself, but from the combat timer, because the pocket monster could protect superable damage.

However, the Alola-Mon is a Tier-3-Raid boss, but still has a lot of fighting power to offer. The Knogga from the Kanto region is of the type floor. His cousin from the Alola region, however, has adapted to the local habitats and has the types of fire and mind – so you can not score with the same counterparts as for Kanto-Knogga. His body is much darker, the skull has a mark on the forehead and the bone it carries with itself is wrapped at the ends in blue-green flames. Sweet!

Important: Trago develops in Pokémon Go Not ** to Alola-Knogga, but to Knogga from the Kanto region!

Alola-Knogga as Raidboss

As already mentioned, Alola-Knogga is of the type of fire and spirit. Attackers, the stacks of the type soil, rock, spirit, water or inappropriately dominate, are so your best choice here. The attacks are bought in a named order by the following weather change: sunny / clear, cloudy, fog, rain and again fog. Alola-Knogga opposes 13,525 CP, which will bring her to zero, so you can catch it. The Pokémon is feasible as a solo player. However, if your trainer level should not be so high or you have no good counterattack in Petto, then you should come together with a few other players. Below is still a list of the best attackers against Alola-Knogga.

  • Mega Gengar with Schlecker and Speak Ball
  • Mega-Turtok with aquaknarre and aquaubeat
  • Mega Dog Moon with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Mega-aerodactyl with stone’s throw and stone hail
  • Crypto Mewtu with psychoblings and spikball
  • Mega-Garados with cascade and hydropump
  • Crypto Sumpex with clay shot and hydropump
  • Mega-absolute with stewing tower and Finsteraura
  • Crypto Despotar with catapult and stone edge

  • Crypto Garados with cascade and hydropump
  • Crypto impergator with aquaknarre and aquaubeat
  • Rameidon with catapult and stone hail
  • Darkrai with stewer and spikball
  • Crypto Snibunna with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Crypto Kramshef with Standpauke and Finsteraura

Meine Alola-Knogga-Armee vom GO Fest 2020 | Pokémon GO PvP Deutsch

Pokémon Go: Alola-Knogga catch

Have you defeated Alola-Knogga, as always goes on – Pokéball go! On stage 20, the representative from the Alola region has a 100% -IV value over 1048 CP. If the Pokémon is bought in the sun, clear weather or fog at level 25, it has over 1311 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. Alola-Knogga can be smashed with happiness as Shiny , if that’s not great! We wish you a successful hunt and of course a giant portion luck!

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