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Kingdom Hearts 4 will take to reappear; There will be no short-term news

We will not have new information about Kingdom Hearts 4 in the next dates. With a period like the one that is to come, characterized by events, retransmissions and fairs such Naoki Yoshida the Summer Game Fest or the GameScom (the E3 will not take place in 2022), the fans of the popular Square Enix series are wondering if it is plausible to think In a new trailer or details of the beginning of this new argument arc, the arc of the lost teacher. However, his director, tetsuya nomura , hNaoki Yoshida left things clear: the news will come “ at a very later date “.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the initial phNaoki Yoshidae of your development

In a question and answers session during the event of the twentieth anniversary of Kingdom Hearts in Japan, Nomura hNaoki Yoshida responded to a multitude of issues of the stainless fans of Sora and company. Being Naoki Yoshidaked for an estimated deadline to re-have fresh information from Kingdom Hearts 4, the words of the manager have been very clear: “ Long after the period of E3 “, which is always celebrated during the month of June.

It wNaoki Yoshida during that meeting of questions and answers where it wNaoki Yoshida explained why the game logo have changed, which now adopts a new typography, Naoki Yoshida well Naoki Yoshida that the video fit ran in Unreal Engine 4, but it will develop under the powerful and freshly releNaoki Yoshidaed graphic engine Unreal Engine 5 .

Silence to avoid leaks; same philosophy that Naoki Yoshida with Final FantNaoki Yoshiday XVI

Final FantNaoki Yoshiday XVI and Kingdom Hearts 4 are the two new deliveries of two of the most important intellectual properties of Square Enix. Aware of the levy that filtrations can be for this type of projects, The reNaoki Yoshidaon for this prolonged silence for Kingdom Hearts 4 is precisely that, ** Avoid leaks and unofficial information.

Naoki Yoshida , maximum responsible for Final FantNaoki Yoshiday XVI, explained lNaoki Yoshidat year that he wants to avoid showing anything new from the game until he is satisfied with the result. He wants expectations to be realistic, not formed bNaoki Yoshidaed on materials without finishing or in poor quality.

Kingdom Hearts is in the first phNaoki Yoshidaes of its development. The game hNaoki Yoshida no launch date or announced platforms. It will start the _ arc of the lost teacher _ , a new epic narrative plot.

Asmongold does not believe that the Avengers fit in Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix launched a trailer of Corazones of the kingdom 4 last weekend, and is generating a lot of speculation by fanatics. A segment of the trailer has caused quite a rumor that the game could present characters and elements of the Star Wars universe. If that is the case, it is not exaggerated to imagine that Marvel’s characters may also appear. During a recent transmission, Mongold weighed that possibility, affirming that he did not believe that heroes like the avengers fit well in the game.

“Personally, I really do not feel that the avengers fit with the theme of Kingdom Hearts. I think maybe Hulk yes, in a way? But I feel that the theme of Kingdom Hearts is much more cheerful. But, again, you have someone like Sephiroth too, so, Hmmm, I do not know. It depends, “Asmongold reflected.

The Streamer compared Kingdom Hearts with the Super Smash Bros. franchise, “but all are on the same team.” The comparison is quite successful, since Kingdom Hearts has brought characters from very different Disney franchises, while Super Smash Bros. presents a unique combination of fighters from different video games. Asmongold continued noting that Nintendo’s fighting game has also presented amazing characters in recent years, including Simon Belmont and Solid Snake. Given that, Kingdom Hearts may also play against expectations with characters like the Avengers!

For now, Kingdom Hearts fans will only have to wait and see what they do Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix have planned for the next game. For the few images we have seen so far, it seems that developers are planning some interesting things for the sequel, and fans are clearly intrigued by what will come later. Hopefully, more information about the game will be revealed soon, but until then, fanatics will only have to speculate!

Asmongold Wants Marvel OUT Of Kingdom Hearts 4
Would you like to see Marvel characters in Corazones of the 4 kingdom? Or do you think that the characters should stay separate? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Kingdom Hearts 4: Erster Gameplay

For about three years after the Release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has officially announced a fourth part for the series. We summarize the most important thing to the game for you.

Kingdom Hearts 4: First Information to the next RPG Adventure

The most important information about the next game:

  • Genre: Action, Roleplay
  • Setting: The modern Tokyo
  • Game mode: Most likely single player
  • Platforms: Most likely PS5 and Xbox Series X / S
  • Release: No specification
  • Age release: No specification (former Kingdom Hearts parts: USK 12)
  • Developer: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 4: Announcement for the 20th anniversary of the game

Many have hoped for it and now it is certain: The Kingdom Hearts series gets growth. To the joy of the fans also made a first trailer . The players who know the secret end of Kingdom Hearts 3 will experience a kind of déj -vu, because Sora watches at the beginning in the city of Quadratum.

Much time to get used to the environment, but he does not have, but Kingdom Hearts is not a sleep simulator. Shortly thereafter, he already runs on a huge heartless, which has emerged in the middle of the city. With his keyword he takes the fight with him . Even before you know if he’s a winner, two dark-dressed figures come into the game, which are likely to come from the organization 13.

The trailer then ends with Donald and Goofy , which are probably looking for Sora. This has disappeared according to the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. It seems like fans can look forward to a very extensive and action-packed time.

_Im trailer can you make a first impression of the game: _

Kingdom Hearts 4: Development with Unreal Engine 5

According to the KH13 page, the Unreal Engine 4 was used for the trailer. The supporters of the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo are really impressive, but could look even better in the finished game. It is known that Square Enix relies on the newly published Unreal Engine 5 – that is, the game will look as realistic as never before. (Source: KH13)

Kingdom Hearts 4: Fans know where Sora lives in the real world

KINGDOM HEARTS 4 - Reveal Trailer Gameplay & Boss Fight 2022

The published trailer seems to be the real city of Tokyo and some fans have looked exactly. One has discovered the building and the surroundings of the apartment in which Sora wakes up . It should be in Aoyama, one of the most expensive residential areas of the city. The park also recognizes Twitter user Aitaikimochi. It should be around the park Aoyama Gakuin.

Kingdom Hearts 4: No MICKY mouse shoes anymore!

Not only the hair of Sora have received an update, even his outfit has received a refresher. This looks more realistic now, matching the setting of the upcoming game. However, a little thing has changed greatly, because in the trailer you can see the right shoe size of Sora . This is by no means so huge as you suspect through the previous parts, and they are less yellow. When it comes to a fan, Sora has now reached the end of his journey:

“The actual story of Kingdom Hearts is Sora’s journey to get the right shoes,” says Twitter users @Jackiiboii.

Better late than never!

(Source: Twitter)

Kingdom Hearts 4: When should the game appear?

So far, there are still no information about the release date . All in Kingdom-Hearts-Manie, it does not just mean “in development”. A “Magic in the making” (in German: “Magic in the genesis”) adorns the trailer at the end.

_Ihr ask you what you can play in the meantime? The April brings new possibilities: _

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Release date, trailer, platforms and more of Kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts fans know the pain to wait for the next large console version, which feels like an eternity. The original production announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 was on E3 2013, but came into the shelves only six years later in 2019. When we saw Sora for the first time in the squareum on the event for the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, the immediate question we all had: “When is the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4?

Luckily we should not go on the waiting for so long release date of Kingdom Hearts 4 as we made it with KH3. As it looks like, the developer Square Enix holds the Unreal Engine – the engine to which he has changed from his in-house Luminous Engine halfway through the development of KH3 – and also in the future. With luck, it should not take more than half a decade until we see more of Sora and his friends.

After what we have seen so far from the first part of The Lost Master Arc, Square has really improved the rendering of, now yes, all really improved – at least in its advanced footage. We have finally received the confirmation that Sora actually has normal big feet.

Continue reading to learn more about the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4, the trailer, the platforms on which we expect the publication and more.

Release date of Kingdom Hearts 4

The publication date of Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently unknown . Since the game was recently announced, you can pretty sure that it will only come into the shelves in the next few years. As soon as we learn more, we will of course update this guide.

Kingdom Hearts 4-trailer

So far, the only trailer we have for Kingdom Hearts 4, the revelation trailer shown at the event for the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts in April 2022.

The trailer seems to play shortly after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3, as Sora awakens in a world called Quadratum. At the beginning of the trailer we will be presented Strelitzia, which was killed in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Therefore, it looks as if both Sora and Strelitzia are in any form of the posterity.

Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy seem to look for clues that they could return to their deadfrianed friend. This, of course, leads them to the underworld and what could be as less friendly encounter with Hades.


Kingdom Hearts 4 platforms

Although unconfirmed, Kingdom Hearts 4 is expected to be published first Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S . Although Kingdom Hearts 3 later came to the PC over cloud gaming, it is still too early to assume that a first release outside of PS / Xbox could be in sight.

And that’s all we have previously about the release date of Kingdom Hearts 4 and everything else related to the game. While you are patiently waiting for the next information about the next adventure of Sora and Co, look at some of the other best PS5 games or the best Xbox Series X games to bring them over the laps.

Kingdom Hearts IV: 4 Possible Disney Worlds, Marvel and Star Wars for Game

Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced on yesterday and, as is natural, it is a very important megaton in the videogame industry. This is so because it is a saga that does not leave indifferent: or you love it, or hate it. The adventure of Sora, Goofy and Donald takes us through a lot of worlds of Disney , while offering us a really dense story with some Final Fantasy characters by means.

And one of the particularities of which is most spoken before the definitive announcement and the exit of the game is nothing other than that same, that of the Disney worlds. In Kingdom Hearts we have been able to visit the worlds of Aladdin , Toy story or sirenita , for quoting some. It is time to elucubrate about what they can reach in the future.

Break Ralph

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reaction & Breakdown | Star Wars and Marvel Worlds In Kingdom Hearts?
This first option is a bit trap, because break Ralph already appears in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross , but it would be very interesting to see a 3D version of this world in the fourth numbered delivery. Break Ralph and Ralph Rompe Internet are two Disney movies that have a lot to do with video games, and that would allow a lot of additional cages at Kingdom Hearts.

You could even play with the format, to the point of offering us a pixelated sword wrench or a fairly fun atmosphere. The last movie dates from 2018, so it could fit by dates.

Marvel and his superheroes

This is more than possible for this fourth installment. Disney has the rights of Marvel superhero comics and it is more than feasible than any of them appearing by Kingdom Hearts 4. Maybe we do not expect to see too many heroes, but something emulating The first movie of the Avengers , or a world like that of x-men could well happen.

The options are almost unlimited for Sora and company. A Manhattan with colleague spiderman, a tower of the fantastic four and the threat of some supervillain, or even go to space with the guardians of the galaxy. These are very real possibilities.

Star Wars.

And in the same way that Marvel and Superheroes of him are a possibility, there is also the one of going to a very far planet. Star Wars is also owned by Disney, which opens the door to visit places like Tatooine , Coruscant , Dagobah or Hoth . Because yes, we all hope to use a laser sword wrench.

Similarly, there are many narrative arches that could adopt Kingdom Hearts 4 within the world of Star Wars. Maybe we could start for something like the Mandaloriano and meet Grogu , but it is clear that we all want to share with Anakin , Luke and company.


We already have covered Disney Animation Studios, Star Wars and Marvel. We have to close the list with some pixar, the award-winning animation studio also owned by Disney. And for this occasion we have decanted by coco as an option. The Mexican atmosphere would be somewhat tremendously interesting for Kingdom Hearts 4 . Since the film was launched in 2017, a calendar level with the development of this video game.

There would be any more worthy movie to be mentioned, as from the reverse , the incredible or cars . Of these other three, the one we will discard is the incredible, because we would have superhero stories with Marvel.

Who are disguised figures at the end of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer?

Cerencing invades squares in Kingdom Hearts 4, and Sora must stop them. However, while the battle is raging on the streets of Sibui, the mysterious figures in the hoods are observed for taking place from the height of the skyscraper.

Figures in hoods are not something new in the Kingdom Hearts universe. They can be traced before teaser trailer at the end of the first game. Although these numbers most likely coincide. Safe money is that they are Luxu and Master of Masters.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Trailer - Analysis & Secrets!
Master of Masters is a master of a key blade that appeared in Kingdom Hearts X. Although their true motives are not entirely clear, they were in the center of several important events in the history of the series. What is clear is their unshakable opposition to darkness.

Luksu – master of key blade and student master masters. His role was to watch the events with the help of his key blade, so that the master master writing the book of prophecies. Like the master masters, Luksu first appeared in Kingdom Hearts X.

To learn more about Kingdom Hearts, check out the trailer “Where Donald and Gufi to The Kingdom Hearts 4”? in professional guidelines for the game.

20 years Kingdom Hearts: Was it all Square Enix?

The popular “Kingdom Hearts” series celebrates a round birthday and, while fans congratulate happily around the world, Publisher Square Enix only announces a toy. A disappointing jubilee or is there anything else? A comment.

Happy Birthday, Kingdom Hearts

On the 28th. March 2002 appeared Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2 in Japan. So almost exactly 20 years ago. A beautiful anniversary ** and a perfect occasion to celebrate the popular video game series around Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Experience 20 Years of Kingdom Hearts...

After all, Kingdom Hearts is a true PlayStation classic and next to Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest most popular video game series by Publisher Square Enix.

But what makes it all the sadder that the 20th birthday was celebrated without a real highlight . There were no big announcements or surprises.

Which is not quite right. Something has already been announced. And Although Square Enix publishes the 20th birthday of the “Kingdom Hearts” series Special Tamagotchis :

The Tamagotchis are a nice gimmick , but are expected to be available only in Japan. The rest of the world and, above all Western “Kingdom Hearts” fans, go out. And that was already. Japan Exclusive “Kingdom Hearts” Tamagotchis for a 20th anniversary. Wow…

The hope dies last

Of course, there was also the mandatory congratulations via Twitter . For example, “Kingdom Hearts” Creator and Designer Tetsuya Nomura, which were proclaimed the official “Kingdom Hearts” -twitter Account:

In the Tweet Nomura thanks for the many congratulations and speak briefly the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts” event that should take place on 10th April . On this occasion, he has already started working on new artworks. These pencil drawings you can see in said tweet.

Also quite nice is the picture, which has published the official “Final Fantasy VII Remake” account on the occasion of the anniversary on Twitter:

On that you can see protagonist cloud as he posing in front of a typical “Kingdom Hearts” background. The image is a tribute to the first Kingdom Hearts Cover for the PlayStation 2.

But back to the already mentioned event, because even if the birthday of Kingdom Hearts was rather disappointing for fans, a big event will take place on April 10, 2022.

Hopefully there are announcements and surprises, which is a 20. Jubläum are worthy.

Announced Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi, first models, characters and date

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a range of tamagotchi bNamco Entertainmented on Kingdom Hearts on the occNamco Entertainmention of the twentieth anniversary of the saga. After knowing the planning plans of the Japanese company on the occNamco Entertainmention of the twenty years of History of the Saga de Sora and company in the Disney Universe, these Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi are presented Namco Entertainment one of the main claims for fans in What Merchandising is concerned.

This is Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi: Two models, launch in October and more

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi will have a total of two models: the DARK MODE variant and the LIGHT MODE variant. Bandai hNamco Entertainment set the price of the product at 2,530 yen (about 18 euros to change, plus taxes) with a launch provided in Japanese lands next month of October 2022 . It is some models of the Tamagotchi Nano line, Namco Entertainment we saw with the Kimetsu no Yaiba Tamagotchi (Demon Slayer).

These are monochrome variants, with simple commands that well know the fans of these “pocket friends”. According to the information shared for now, there are already 20 confirmed characters selectable in this range of Tamagotchi of Kingdom Hearts, but there will be more. At this time is open A popular vote To add two more characters . You can participate until next April 11, 2022.

Daily Dot Com: Disney theme adventure

We do not know if.

Kingdom Hearts hNamco Entertainment new developing projects

We remember that in September 2020 it wNamco Entertainment confirmed in the magazine famitsu, by the hand of Tetsuya Nomura, director of the series, that the next delivery of the Kingdom Hearts saga is already under development. He did not confirm that it wNamco Entertainment Kingdom Hearts 4, but a new videogame. They cited the year 2022 Namco Entertainment a target year, but the pandemic hNamco Entertainment been able to upgraded the plans. Soon we will leave doubts.

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