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FC Bayern: Nagelsmann shares against the SC Freiburg

Before the first leg of FC Bayern in the Champions League quarterfinal against FC Villarreal on Wednesday, coach Julian Nagelsmann expressed himself to protest, which the SC Freiburg has submitted against the rating of the 1: 4 home defeat.

“I’m not surprised. But I’m not so relaxed, I can not understand it from a personal point of view,” said Nagelsmann on Tuesday at a press conference.

The Bayern coach continued to lead: “I find that one explains a mistake of a third party to come to score because the pressure is so big. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves.”

If the SC Freiburg has given the points and qualify for the Europa Cup at the end, the Nagelsmann would have a bitter taste.

“I do not know if you can knock on the course in November at the Annual General Meeting with the sponsors on the shoulders, you should play internationally because of these three points you have not won Nagelsmann expressedy,” says the 34-year-old: “I would be Since not so happy about it. That’s why I would have clearly communicated the club that we do not appeal to an objection. “

The SC Freiburg appealed against the rating of the game on Monday, because the leader in the match on Saturday temporarily twelve players had on the court.

Bayern were shortly before the end of 3: 1 for a few seconds with twelve players on the square, marriage referee Christian Dingert interrupted the encounter. Previously, the planned replacement of Kingsley Coman by the Munich team manager the wrong back number was displayed. The Frenchman probably did not feel addressed and did not go from the field at a double change.

FC Bayern reacted

FC Bayern Munich had reacted to the Freiburg Protest. The leader does not expect a point deduction. “We are not surprised that the SC Freiburg appealed. The matter is now in the hands of the Nagelsmann expresseds facility, which we fully trust,” said board leader Oliver Kahn on Monday night on a request of the “German Press Agency”.

That the Freiburg appeal was properly and legitimate. Also, to maintain the interests of the association, among other things, with regard to sponsors and fans.

The most important statements for reading:

+++ Nagelsmann about Tanguy Nianzou +++

“I’m trusting him, he’s a good defender. He always has good ideas in the game construction, he has to move his risk a bit down. He is a candidate for the starting tomorrow.”

+++ Nagelsmann over Bouna Sarr +++

“He did not train because he has problems with the patella tendon. That’s a stupid place. He will not be available tomorrow.”

+++ Nagelsmann over Sané or Gnabry in the StartTelf +++

“Serge has done well and trained well. Leroy did not make a very good impression. We can get out of full.”

+++ Nagelsmann About Niklas Slee +++

“I have not decided yet. He needs his rhythm. He is a player I would like to play. But I do not know yet.”

+++ Nagelsmann over the installation +++

“Rotate we will be a bit. In Augsburg but certainly something more.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the mood in the team +++

“After Christmas we had a funny phase. That’s different for several weeks. The mood is very good.”

+++ Nagelsmann About the Freiburg Protest +++

“I’m not surprised, but I’m not so relaxed, I can not understand it from a personal point of view. I find that one finds a mistake of a third party to come to score because the pressure is so big. In the end Each yourself decide. “

+++ Nagelsmann About Corentin Tolisso +++

“He’s done with the world, that’s understandable. It’s not a light situation for him, I’m very sorry for him.”

+++ Nagelsmann via Villarreal +++

“Villarreal is an experienced team, you have an experienced coach. You have to set yourself on different situations. They play risky. A team that will be cracked first. You can deal with setbacks, we are prepared for everything.”

+++ Nagelsmann via Alphonso Davies +++

“Davies will be there again. He could play from the beginning. Basically, I already have the idea, but I will discuss it again with the coaching team.”

+++ Waiting for Nagelsmann +++

Lucas Hernández has left the podium. In a few moments is likely to appear Julian Nagelsmann.

+++ Hernández About the Slee Outlet +++

“Niklas is a great player, I understand myself well with him. We also have other good players showing good performance. We have to rebuild and try to compensate for this loss. But we have enough quality.”

+++ Hernández about the change mistake against Freiburg +++

“It’s about the Champions League tomorrow. I concentrate on it and do not think about Freiburg.”

+++ Hernández about the style of Villarreal +++

“They are very good. If they are in possession of ball, they work well forward. We do not want to give them room.”

+++ Hernández about the mood at Villarreal +++

“It’s not a big stadium, but it will be a harder start for us. The fans will make their contribution.”

+++ Hernández about Unai Emery +++

“He’s a great coach. He had success everywhere, where he was, success. He makes a fantastic job in Villarreal.”

+++ Hernández via the Favorites Roller +++

“It’s clear that we want to win. We want to move into the next round. For Villarreal it is a special game, you will try everything. We want to come as far as possible.”

+++ Hernández about his role in defense +++

“I always adapt better. I always want to be my best. I am very happy here and that gives me a lot of self-confidence.”

+++ Hernández about the return of Goretzka +++

“He is a great player, he is very important for the team and a leader. He is an important factor, we are all very happy. He gives us aggressiveness and physicality. His self-confidence is back.”

+++ Hernández via Villarreal +++

“I’ve seen her game against Juventus. They had less possession of possession and were always dangerous. They were well organized in the defensive and aggressive in the two-fighting. We will not underestimate them.”

+++ FC Bayern warned before the FC Villarreal +++

Lintless Villarreal? Thomas Müller waved off. “There are no walks, in no case,” the Routinian warned. The “yellow submarine” may not have a big name internationally, but Müller knows first-hand, as dangerous it is.

“I saw both games,” he said about the secondary final against Juventus Turin, “We are warned”. Against the old lady, the reigning winner of the Europa League for the greatest surprise in the first K.O. Round had taken care of (1: 1/3: 0).

Also FCB captain Manuel New is expected on Wednesday a “playfully strong” opponent who can quite “keep the ball”. The march route of the German record champion is clear: despite favorite role just not be overcome!

FC Bayern | To criticism: Nagelsmann is binding against Hamann

Julian Nagelsmann discusses ‘anxious’ situation for Bayern Munich | ESPN FC
FC Bayern had to settle in the Football Bundesliga with the next draw. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann took his players after the 1-1 against the TSG Hoffenheim in protection. The Münchner exercise manager also said about TV expert Dietmar Hamann.

As in the previous week, for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga on Saturday after 90 minutes a 1: 1 on the display panel. Although the record champion in Hoffenheim was able to score much more opportunities than a game day before against Bayer Leverkusen, but the yield did not agree.

“I am a friend to always see attractive football matches. For fans it was a very good game. I am also satisfied with the performance over wide routes,” Trainer Julian Nagelsmann ignored “Sky” after the game.

The appearance of Hoffenheimer was the 34-year-old as “step in the right direction”. At the TSG, Nagelsmann placed a double-six of Joshua Kimmich and Jamal Musiala as at the 7-1 of Salzburg in the Champions League against RB Salzburg.

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TV expert Dietmar Hamann asked the offensive orientation of Bayern already prior to encounter. Nagelsmann himself defended his list after the final whistle.

Nagelsmann counter Hamann

“I’ll discuss this with the Didi again because I find that a bit unfair to players. If you see how diligent Serge (Gnabry), King (Kingsley Coman) and Leroy (Sané),” said the Coach in front of his players.

With a view of Musialas roll, Nagelsmann could not resist a verbal tip against Hamann. “Maybe he saw himself as a very offensive eighth and had no buck on defend. I am a coach at Bayern Munich and I’m already trying to keep consultation with my players. And they also have the clear idea that the best Staff currently playing in the order, as we play, “says Bayern coach.

Hamann was active in his career in the defensive midfield. At this time, the 48-year-old graduated, among other things, 143 competitive games for FC Bayern.

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