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“Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” Additional Story DLC “Case Book of Kazumi Koji” Introduces two battle styles that utilize the characteristics of Koji!

Sega Co., Ltd. is a Download Content (DLC) “Casebook of Maei,” where you can deliver the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” scheduled to be distributed March 28, 2022, and the Casebook of Kashiwajima is different from Yagami We introduce battle style of Sao who can enjoy the sense of play.

Sega Co., Ltd. is a Download Content (DLC) “Casebook of Maei,” where you can deliver the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” scheduled to be distributed March 28, 2022, and the Casebook of Kashiwajima is different from Yagami We will introduce the battle style of Koji where you can enjoy the sense of play.

# “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” DLC “Casebook of Masanji Maruji” Special Site


# Battle style of Kudo

There are two types of Battle Style of Kudo, “Kachimi” and “Teppan” that leverage Toughness, which is a characteristic of Sato.

# # “Kachimi” style

It is a battle style that has a breakthrough power that embodies the abandoned “beating” that is the top of Kato. We use characteristic techniques such as “Hajiki” and “Neida counterattack” that make a gap for a chance.

▼ “Hajiki” that makes the enemy that the enemy has set up with wild cans and creates a gap for a moment.

▼ Immediately after receiving an attack, it will be a “Negative counterattack”.

# # “Teppan” style

In a battle style with an involving power that eliminates the body and eliminates the surrounding enemies, you can withstand the enemy’s attack, grabbing the object, grabbing the object and use techniques such as “immediate weapon attack” used to offense.

▼ Astonishing protection technique “Just Teppan” that bounces all attacks of the enemy.

▼ Large large bike lifting and swinging powerful attacks are unique to Sao!

# # Powerful Special Move

Battle Skille of Kudo can be worn by using scenario progression and survey action as well as the main character of the main story.

▼ Give the enemy’s attack and then grab and lift it, lift it, and damage your body Damage “Teppan” style EX action “EX, airtight against anti-fighting”.

# “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” DLC “Casebook of Masaharu Maruji”

“Casebook of Masanji Maruji” is an additional download content that uses the Barbaru Yagami’s Bar and Kashiwaji, who can enjoy the post-incidents in the “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory”.

A new incident began in Tokyo and Mayumo-cho, where Yakami is out of business trip, and new incidents involved in the past of Sao.

Hachiku manipulates a sense of play that can enjoy a sense of play, and utilizes a powerful battle style and a wild survey action to solve the truth of the incident!

# Download Content “Case Book of Masanji Maruji” Product Overview

Corresponding model: PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox ONE, Xbox series X | S Delivery date: March 28, 2022 (Mon) Delivery schedule retail price: 3,000 yen (tax-included 3,300 yen)

※ We need to purchase a separate product version to use “Casebook of Masanji Maruji”.
※ If you have already purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition and All-In-One Season Path, you can play from the TOP screen after delivery.

# “Lost Judgment: Saying Memory” Product Overview

Product Name: Lost Judgment: Subscribed Memories
Compatible models:
PlayStation (R) 4, PlayStation (R) 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S
※ Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S is only for sale of digital version
Release Date: Launched (September 24, 202 (Fri) Released)
Suggested retail price:
Normal version and digital version: 8,290 yen (tax included 9,119 yen)
Digital Deluxe Edition: 12,290 yen (tax included 13,519 yen)
Genre: Legal Suspense Action
Number of plays: 1 person
Release and sales: Sega Co., Ltd.
CERO: D classification (target for 17 years old or older)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official site: https: //judgment.sega.com/
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/judge_sega
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judge_sega/
Official line: https: //line.me/r/ti/p/@395QBHzt

[Cast] Takuya Kimura Tamaki Yamamoto Mitsudo Mitsuyoshi / Nakao
[Screenplay] Takeshi Furuda

# Digital Deluxe Edition Set Contents

· “Lost Judgment: Capture Memory” Download Vintage Hen, Additional Download Content “All-In-One Season Pass” ※ The following three content can be enjoyed. (1) Detective life fulfilling pack (during delivery) → DLC pack (2) Youth drama full pack (under delivery) → user drama is thoroughly set up with the item for deepening the story and side content of this work more deeply DLC Pack (3) Additional Content for Playing Various Additional Content (3) Additional Story “Case Book of Masaharu Maruji” (March 28, 2012) → Yakami’s Bar and Masaichi Masaichi

※ Please check the official site for details of content.

※ All screens are developing and are of PlayStation (R) 5 edition.

■ Company name and product name described are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

“Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory” Added DLC “Casebook of Masanji Maruji” Introduce the characteristic battle style of Kato-Eliminated all enemies with “Kachimi” and “Teppan”

Sega and Ryujo Studios are the leading role of Kimura Takuya starring legal suspense action “ Lost Judgment: Casebook ” of the Casebook “of Masayoshi Kajime of Cape Corporation ” Two battle styles were released.

This DLC is a wild survey action that made a former Yakuza detectiary and Masayoshi Masashi with Hachiyuki Yachiyuki, and an additional content that you can enjoy the story after the incident of “Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory”. This time, we introduce two characteristic battle styles of such a character, “ Casuality ” and “ Teppan “.

# “Kachimi” style to grind the enemy with “breakthrough force”

  • Style embodied “ Casuality “, which is a former Yakuza, Seiji.

  • We will push with bare hands and beat the enemy “ Turning power

  • Hajiki ” which makes the enemy attack withdrawally and creates a gap.

  • Netting counterattack ” that accepts enemy attacks and immediately returns immediately after

# “Teppan” style that stretches the body with “incompetence” and eliminates the enemy

  • Battle style with power of “ dwelling ” to accept the enemy’s attacks without anyone

  • Just Teppan ” that bounces the enemy’s attacks by Naho standing

  • Launch a large bike, swing powerful attack “ immediate weapon attack

# Powerful Special Move

  • Guard enemy attacks and grab and raise it immediately after, lift and lift the “Teppan” style special move “Teppan” style special move “Teppan” style special move “ EX, airtight against fighting

  • The “Battle Skill” provided in each style can be used to use SP (skill points) available in scenario progression and survey action.

“Lost Judgment: Casebook of Judgment” DLC “Casebook of Judgment” DLC “Casebook of Case of Koji” can be experienced with Battle style with Hachishi, also Scheduled to deliver. The price is 3,300 yen (tax included). In addition, you need to purchase a separate product version to play this DLC. Also, if you have already purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition and All-In-One Season Path, you will be able to play from the TOP screen after DLC delivery.

“Lost Judgment: Treatment Memory” Additional Story DLC “Case Book of Masanji Maruji” is delivered on March 28

Sega announced that the DLC “Masaichi Cajiji of Koji” which is an additional story for “ Lost Judgment: Judgment Memory ” will be delivered on March 28th. Price is 3300 yen (tax included). The Digital Deluxe Edition and All-In-One Season Path in this work contains the same DLC.

“Lost Judgment: Sejin Memory” is a legal suspense action game that will be the sequel to the “Judge Eyes: Goddess of God” released in 2018. Takuya Kimura plays a new incident on the stage of the protective detective and Hachimaki of Kimura, and to the stage of God town and Yokohama, Ise Sagi-cho.

In the DLC “Cajiji Casebook of DLC” this time, after incident in the main story, the incident that occurred in Tokyo and Makamuro-cho, where Yakami is out of business trip. The protagonist is Yako’s assistant. Due to the damage caused by the recently increased vice detective, the reputation of the detective of the Makamuro-cho was greatly lowered, and the request of Hachikami Detective Office was also decreasing. Such a time, when the time has left the time, when he had a face in his familiar bar “BAR tender”, the story of “huge request” comes in with no “from the master”.

The client has recently been a hot topic mega venture company CEO. The request content is “I want you to look for a wife who should have died”, and the reward is that it is 20 million yen. Miyoko Kamen, a wife of Kunimoto, Natsumi Natsumi Momoko was actually a former lover of Kudo. 15 years ago, Matsushiki teams who belonged to Maruji are in allstanding tissue and tension, and Matsusho group leader is shocked to a conflict tissue and he bears a big injury. Burning in revenge, Seiji was going to go to the day of life in the oppressing tissue, but Mukiko is strongly opposed. However, Aju, who was caught in anger, chose the majority of revenge than love, and the relationship of two people told the end of the end.

And several years ago, Koji knows the fact that Makiko committed suicide. Just this request was the content that “Muko-ku, who should commit suicide might be alive,” it was not negligible as Safe. Seiji, Miji Kamen and her family get caught up, and it will know the deep dark dark and her despair.

In addition to these people, this DLC also has a second grader of Junior High School (New Yuki) and a South Law Group “Guren Association”, which is based in Shinjuku, a son of Junior High School (New Yuki) and a Half Grege Group, which is active at Shinjuku, also in addition to these people. Akakuke (Cast: Ashida Nakamura), Shirakaka Shirakaka of a Christian Medical Medicine (Cast: Sasa Keita), Yakuza Venture Detective, Chida Turdo (Nara Toru) A character such as a theater of Masahira (appearances: Takeda Taichi), who is the chief counselor of the Maeist Detective Office, also appeared. In addition, the series of familiar characters can meet the familiar characters.

“Lost Judgment: Corridable memory” is sold for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. And DLC “Cajiji Casebook” is scheduled to be delivered on March 28th.

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