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Finally the eliminated scene is published The Batman in which Joker appears!

For a couple of weeks, Matt Reeves, director of _ The Batman _, has spoken about an eliminated scene from this film, which presents an interaction between the knight of the night and a new version of the Joker. While many we expected this content to be revealed until the Blu-ray was on sale, today has been shared, officially and free, this eliminated scene.

The Batman Deleted Joker Scene Revealed + New Look Explained
Here we can see Batman visiting Joker in Arkham’s prison, this to find out a little more about the motivations of the Riddler. Along with this, We have a better look at Barry Keoghan on the role of the iconic villain . This content was shared after resolving all the riddles that the RATAALADA.com site offers us.

Previously, Matt Reeves had mentioned that this was eliminated, since the film can work without the interaction between Batman and Joker , something that, after seeing this video, makes sense. Although at the moment it is unknown if this villain will return in a sequel, it is very likely that the importance of it in the general plot is increasing little by little.

On related topics, we already know when The Batman will arrive at HBO Max. Similarly, Joker would not be the villain of a sequel.

Editor’s note:

The interpretation of Barry Keoghan looks pretty good, but it seems that he is trying to imitate Heath Ledger. Hopefully when we see this character again, Keoghan has a strong script that presents us with a unique version of this villain.

Matt Reeves explains why he cut the scene with Joker in The Batman

THE BATMAN Joker Deleted Scene Explained: Breakdown Of Barry Keoghan | Origins & Backstory
On the morning of this Thursday, March 24, Matt Reeves finally released the scene eliminated with Joker at The Batman. The fans had the opportunity to see how Barry Keoghan Interpreting this character and the truth is that we all stay wanting to see more about it. If the scene is so good, why Reeves decided to eliminate it?

In an interview with IGN , Reeves explained that this scene would help the viewer to understand that the arc of riddler had come to an end, and the city was free of danger. He wanted to give the audience an opportunity to enjoy the calm before the storm, so adding to Joker so precipitated would have broken a little about this idea.

“What they are looking at is actually a Joker before being the Joker. The reason why he kept this scene, despite having cut it, it is because in the end it was important to me. Experiment with this scene for a while. We put it to the test, and it helped us to put an end to the story of Riddler, and to know that Batman was able to put an end to him.

But we also had this idea that, now that the Falcone mafia was over, there was a moment of hope, but also a vacuum of power that the most dangerous criminals of Gothic city would want to fill. “

Neither the Reeves knows if the Joker will return for the sequel of The Batman , and the presence of him in the film was only aimed at implying that this version of the hero had already faced some of the most dangerous villains of him.

Editor’s Note: I think Reeves has a point, and it would be great to see more of the Joker in a sequel, but Batman has a wide gallery of villains that can explore in the future. We still do not know what they will appear in this second part, and we will have to wait until I decide to make Reeves.

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