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Sena Revolution, the new hero Tao, an indomitable will

On the 17th, Netmarble added a new hero ‘Tao Tao’ to Seven Knights Revolution and released a special hero boss.

The new hero, ‘Teacher of Dang-ja’, is a dark attribute near-range dealer, with a ‘indomitable’ skill that is immune to all actions when the vitality is less than 30%, and the damage to the opponent increases. In addition, while the skill persists, health does not go down below 1.


At the same time, the special boss ‘Tao’ was released. If you complete the special quest until September 13th, you can play the special boss ‘Tao’. Like the existing hero boss mode, you can enjoy it in single mode and multi-mode, and in multi-mode, up to four teams can team up.

In addition, two new avatar swimsuit costumes were introduced. Legendary costumes can be obtained as a tropical vacation costume and a rare costume exchange ticket.

By August 31st, you can exchange rewards by playing rune adventures, hero bosses and giant bosses with four-star hero promotion cards, cards and ornaments.

Seven Knights Revolution is a mobile MMORPG based on Seven Knights, which is determined by the weapon used, and can be transformed into various heroes depending on the battle situation.

For more information, visit the Seven Knights Revolution official website.

Be a star Starlight Magazine Epimetus Added

Com2us Holdings announced on the 15th that it has launched a massive update of the hit ‘Be Star!’

Third Impact Hero Epimetius appeared in this update. Epimetius is a girl with a tomboy, but has a powerful attack. He is a starlight sculpture wizard of the children, and he plans to finish the best magic to kill the dragon sulfur and reveal his presence. He can help to improve his attack as a dealer who attacks one person and increases his intelligence when he attacks, and amplifies his magic power.

In commemoration of the update, the event will be held until the 27th of this month. In particular, for the summer season, the ‘Collecting the Red Bean Bingsu Materials’ is eye-catching. If you obtain an iced box with red bean shaved ice from the challenger dungeon, you can receive useful rewards such as ‘Gaia’s soul’ and ‘Goddess’ memory. The Odyssey raid event is also held. If you become an Odyssey raid with First Impact Hero from Monday to Friday during the event, you can win the SSS-grade Elgaia weapon summons and the SS-grade Elgaia armor summons ticket.

In addition, you can receive various game items such as ‘Hero Enhancement’, ‘Essence of Transcendence’, and ‘Transcendence Card Summon Ticket’ through the ‘Jurban Treasure Box Event’ and ‘Hero Transcendence Enhancement Event’.


‘Be a Star!’ Is a fantasy adventure RPG developed by Flint and provided by Com2us Holdings.

What is the reserves in the “hour of heroes” and how do they work?

Hero’s Hour is a strategic autobiva in which you will collect your army and fight on the battlefield. Therefore, naturally, you want to bring your biggest and strong army. But you can set so many troops only before you have to put a part in the reserve.

Reserves in the “Hero hour” serve as your support or a second wave. . At the beginning of the battle, you can place part of your army on the field to a certain power level. As soon as you reach a maximum, your remaining forces will be placed in the reserve, and you can withdraw them during the battle as soon as you lose enough troops.

How to use reserves per hour hero

At the beginning of the match, Hero’s hour will be appoint their troops to exhibit or placement in reserves . You can change these units on your own, but you must correspond to the required power of units for the field or not exceed it. As your army falls, you can withdraw more units from the reserve.

The detachment force is calculated based on the base value, which increases ten percent of the value of the strength of your army and the value of the strength of your opponent. This means that both forces will have the same available power unit. However, certain skills, such as tactics and oligarchy, can increase or decrease it separately for both sides.

HERO'S HOUR - Beginners Guide and Tutorial - Gameplay Tips

For more information about the hour of hero, read the sections “How to build an hour of the hero – clarification of cities” and “How to restore Manu at the hour of the hero” in the players on the game for professionals.

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