One of the first things you learn in Hades is that the advantages are unique effects that can make you or get rid of you. The advantages can increase your damage and chances of survival while granting you unique capacities. The personalization that comes from the advantages can radically change the way you play the game. Each God has a different type of windfall effect and that God shows in your race can completely change your strategy.

Fortunately, it is possible to have a small influence on the advantages you get using Keepsakes. Even with Keepsakes, there is a good chance that you are forced to adapt your strategy on the fly to take into account the gods who appear in hell. Knowing the bases of the advantages that each God offers can help you plan the inevitable changes in your strategy in advance. Here is a full list of all the advantages currently available in the game.

There are also boons duo available in the game that combine the powers of two different gods. Boons duo generally require at least one of each God involved. We have included the prerequisites necessary for each advantage and duo advantage in the lists below.


The goddess of love grants advantages that are good to increase your own damage while attenuating enemy attacks. Its advantages inflict the low status curse which reduces the amount of damage inflicted by enemies when afflicted. Some of the advantages of Aphrodite can also inflict charm that will push enemies to turn against other enemies. Low is particularly useful against more tough enemies that appear later in the game. Its advantages stack perfectly with the advantages of Athena and AOE constructions.


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The violent ares gives advantages that increase the damage and does damage over time. Its advantages can also create damaging blade flaws and inflict the curse of fatal status. Blade Rifts are pockets of blades that turn quickly that will damage all the enemies that are inside. Doom undergoes enemies with a large amount of damage after being inflicted.


The reserved goddess of hunting grants advantages that improve distribution and can inflict critical damage. Artemis benefits can also inflict the marked curse which increases the chances of a critical blow on the afflicted enemy. Artemis advantages are mainly oriented towards distance playing styles, but work very well in any damage construction.


Athena is the only goddess who offers protective advantages rather than offensive or favorable. The advantages of Athena give the ability to deflect and offer you more defensive options. Its advantages can also inflict Exposed, which increases the amount of damage suffered by enemies from behind. When used well, Athena’s advantages can considerably increase your chances of survival and integrate perfectly into almost all constructions.


Primordial chaos grants a wide variety of advantages that act differently from normal advantages. The benefits of chaos have two parts. You will start with a debuff or a curse for a certain number of meetings. Once you have finished enough meetings, the curse turns into a powerful buff. These make the game much more difficult, but survive the Debuff offers incredibly useful advantages later. With Hermès, chaos is the only God to have no boons duo.


Demeter will only appear after the first time you have reached the surface. Its advantages focus on the chill status effect which slows down enemies and can propagate by smacking. Many of its advantages increase the damage and survival capacity thanks to healing. Demeter’s advantages are highly adaptable and offer some of the biggest game damage bonuses.


The relaxed benefits of God Dionysos are designed for the control of crowds and damage over time. They can stun and slow down enemies while causing continuous damage thanks to the curse of the status of the wooden mouth. Its advantages are perfect for any AOE construction and can increase your health. Like the benefits of Zeus, the benefits of Dionysos can associate with those of any other God to produce enormous damage.


The advantages of Hermès focus entirely on the increase in your speed. Its advantages increase your speed and attack speed and can reduce all your charging times. Although Hermès gives no special capacity or status effect other than speed, some of its advantages increase survival capacity by granting you health, invulnerability and similar effects. Hermès is the only God with chaos not to have a boon duo.


The advantages of Poseidon increase your damage and add effects of rupture and hindsight to your attacks. The decline is good for the control of the crowds because it keeps enemies from you, it can also be used to drop them into surfaces and traps. Enemies that have been affected by rupture undergo damage when they move. Bosses cannot be affected by Knockback but rupture can always do damage.


The benefits of Zeus give your attacks the Chain Lightning and Jolted Status Curse effect. Chain Lightning causes lightning blows to hit several enemies with each attack. Jolted means that enemies are struck by lightning with a small area of effect when they try to attack. The advantages of Zeus are designed to manage several opponents at a time. Lightning effects can be well married to most other advantages of other gods.