EF Universe Games has been released Food Delivery Games “ Grubdash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator ” with Steam for PC.

The stage of this work is 2020, and many people unemployed due to the impact of collapsed economy. The hero is one of such an unemployed person, serves as a driver of the Food Delivery Platform “Grubdash” for the payment of accumulated invoices. In the game, we can customize the stores of players and customize from home to the entire neighboring area. You can not only purchase the car to be used for delivery, but also to unlock even if you achieve more than 60 lifemail stones.

Rags to Riches Delivery Driver Story! - #1 - GrubDash: Food Delivery Driver Simulator

In addition, Developer Elaine E of this work is engaged in food delivery service in 2020, and about 2,500 delivered. She look back on what at the time she said, “This experience has a mysterious attraction, and it became a little sick.”

Somewhat nostalgic 16-bit food delivery game “Grubdash Driver: Food Delivery Driver Simulator” is being delivered to the game body and soundtracks for PC (STeam).