Medieval Dynasty: These are the features of the food warehouse

As the name makes it clear, the grocery warehouse is a memory for all types of food in the game. Important are the functions in detail.

The following information should be met to the food warehouse in Medieval Dynasty:

  • In the grocery camp, all yields of their workers automatically land, for example the meat and the berries of the hunters and collectors as well as the fish of the fishermen.

Medieval Dynasty | Food Storage and Resource Storage | Gameplay Ep5 PC
* At the same time, the warehouse serves as a source of food for all its citizens. This means: You should build the grocery warehouse before you recruit your first resident. Without a warehouse, your NPC citizens can not automatically feed themselves from the food cycle of their settlement. Always be considered: Get the NPCs no food, the satisfaction quickly drops and ultimately leads to seeking the width.
* There is still a temporary solution: If you already have villagers, but there is no grocery camp, placing food in the boxes in the residential buildings. There, the assigned NPCs also operate automatically, but the effort is much bigger for them, and regularly.
* In addition, the durability of food in the grocery warehouse is highest. This is important the more food they accumulate. Incidentally, the fastest spoils the inventory.

It does not lead a way past the grocery camp, right early. Later, upgrades are still available for you, the advantage of which is more storage space among other things. Through the diverse nutritional sources in Medieval, such as agriculture, hunting and fishing, the camp is a really practical tillpoint for the village supply.