Lost ARK has been launched in Europe since February 11 and it has been a great success there. This is not surprising because, indeed, the demand outside of Korea was very large and many players from all over the world were eager to explore the lands of the game. The director of the Amazon Games franchise, Somin Park , he knows well and he answered for VG247 Question: Why did Lost Ark arrived so late to Europe?

A globalization of culture

Although Park knew very well that demand in Europe was substantial, he felt that it was necessary reworked Lost Ark so that it could be exported culturally and conventionally to the whole world. The game was available in the country of morning calm since 2019, and it was necessary before wanting to export to think about the content that was offered in international versions.

However, Amazon Games director recognizes that the entertainment industry is no longer regional, is expanding worldwide and globalizing.

However, the cultural adaptation factor is not the only one that caused a launch delay between the different versions of the MMORPG.

Publication rights

For the publication of Lost Ark in certain countries, Amazon Games has been associated with Smilegate RPG. But this agreement only applies to certain areas clearly defined by the two partners. In this case: North America , Europe , Oceania and South America . Availability that had to be studied, in order to include them between the publication rights of Amazon Games.

The regions favored by this agreement are those where the demand was more present , what the two companies had to analyze closely. However, Smilegate RPG is constantly innovating and providing new content for international versions of the game. While not all the elements of the Korean game are present in the European version, we can expect that, gradually, the game is updated.