Gran Turismo 7 Will Be More Like Classic GT Titles, Says Kazunori Yamauchi

We learned that the next generation of games and consoles will focus on performance rather than power. Some comments from the developer of Gran Turismo and PDG of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi have confirmed it. He hopes to push the future GRAN TURISMO games at 240 frames per second. It is even difficult to conceptualize this type of operation smoothly.

For Yamauchi, the resolution 4K is sufficient. We do not know massive generational jumps, as we did between PS1 and PS2. He said: “In terms of images per second, rather than staying at 60 frames per second, I am more interested in increaseing it to 120 frames per second or even 240 frames per second. I think that’s what will change the experience from now. »

For many players, the frequency of images is infinitely more important than the resolution. Combat games and running titles both require perfect entries for professional levels of games. It is postulated that a higher FPS ceiling opens the field to ever larger heights in terms of individual achievements. Think about how much things like the Speedruns and tournaments will be extremely granular once we have exceeded 60 FPS. Indeed, if we believe the reports on the next series of consoles, it will be one of the main focal points of the PlayStation and the Xbox. The future will bring a whole new meaning to “fluid graphics”.