Each good story has a legendary outsider sent against all odds to save the world, his friends or simply themselves. Sometimes these heroes are ordinary people who are pushed by this situation by fate, but in many cases, when they come out triumphantly on the other side of their painful journey, they stand larger, confident and more than just A little sexy in their determination and victory. Of course, some of them simply have the gift of being magnificent from the start. Here are our nominations for the sexiest hero of the 2019 game.

Hot Summer Nights | Official Trailer HD | A24
Whether these candidates are natural beauties or characters who have entered their sex appeal by growth and the pure desire for victory, no one can deny that the entries on this list are only their appearance, but really rounded characters, Qualified, memorable, imperfect and realistic that we enjoyed spending time with more than their smile or trademark.

And it is our list of nominees for Sexiest Hero of 2019. In your opinion, who will gain first place? Is there someone who should have appeared on this list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section below, and make sure to contact us on December 22 when all the winners are announced.