If you found nechik Fragment of the card only outside Gate of South Paradise Lukaria Glowing blue energy lock, you may be interested, where the elusive meeting place is located. That’s what you need to do to get the key from a brilliant stone and get access to Academy of Paradise Lukaria.

From the gate of South Raya Lucaria, a head straight to the west and go through the small lake – the place (shown below) is close to your current place.

You will pass the place of grace called Temple Quarter, overlooking the meeting place – you will understand that you are in the right place when you see the cliff speaking from the water (see below) and sleeping shiny Dragon Smratag Protection of location.

Meeting Place Map Solution Elden Ring

You can sneak past the smaraga if you are careful enough. You will find three products extraction immediately behind it – key from a brilliant stone Found on the body of a fallen student of the Academy **** in black and red clothes.

If you scared the smaraga, quickly run there and grab the key from the sparkling stone – you can call your horse and quickly flush, if not ready for battle. Now you can unlock Gate of South Paradise Lukaria and access to Academy of Paradise Lukaria .

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