Wimade Co., Ltd. (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) has been in a full-fledged global market with the opening of the GDC in the US.

The Wemaid participated in the GDC (GME Developers Conference) in the GDC (Game Developers Conference), which is held at San Francisco MOSCON centers from March 21 (local time) to 25th, and participates in official participation.

The global block chain is introduced to the Platform Welcome (WEMIX) on the front of the coin, NFT, and Defi (Defi) functionality, which is fully established.

international Womens day 2022 Celebrations at GDC, KARVETINAGARAM

In addition, we are also preparing active business meetings related to Global Global Global Global Game and Blocks, and the Global Dominated Bond Bond. In particular, we plan to enhance the phase in the global market by participating in the most upper grade diamond sponsor with meta (META), Microsoft (MS), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intel (Intel).

In addition, on the 22nd, the GDC Summit is a “Play and Earn (P & E): PLAY AND EARN (P & E): Change the game to the economy, which is blocked by the economy. Business, development practitioners are intended to be in-depth lectures.

Meanwhile, the WMADID is a global block, which is a global block, such as preparing GDC by preparing Global Road Show (Win2022) this year, meeting the global rod show (Win2022), meeting developers of the world and seeking business opportunities.

Lee Made Lee, Jang Hyun, said, “It is a very significant and honored to attend the largest domestic company on GDC, which shares the world’s largest game knowledge,” said the GDC is a very significant and honored, “This conference is widely used in Economy I will actively support a variety of partners to be able to participate in the Gimix ecosystem. “