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The Shinkai Exploration ADV UNDER THE WAVES is announced, Japanese. A lonely deep -sea journey facing trauma, former Life is Strange development staff, etc.

Quantic Dream announced Under the Waves on August 24. It was announced that it will be released within 2023. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It will also support Japanese display.

UNDER THE WAVES is an adventure game of the story owner. The stage is the deep sea of the North Sea. The professional diver, STAN, overcomes the loss and trauma that changes his life and struggles to move on to the future. The isolation in the deep sea also links to his mental state. As STAN faces his loneliness, he begins to experience strange events under the waves. He seems to be forced to make an important choice, wandering around his life and death.

In the game play, he piloted the submarine to search for caves on the seabed and wrecked ships. He will look for waste and stories of stories. He says he can craft useful equipment for search. In the trailer, you can also see how you go out of the ship with diving clothes.

It is said that this work UNDER THE WAVES is a spot on the importance of sea protection. The development of the developer, PARALLEL STUDIO, and the publisher Quantic Dream, have a partnership between Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit organization in charge of the protection of the sea. Looking at the trailer, it seems that various marine organisms, including whales in the beautiful sea, appear in this work. Game play, set in the beautiful sea, also aims to convey messages to environmental protection.

Ronan Coffec, a CEO and game director of Parallel Studio, and Sebastien Renard, a writer and narrative designer, have been working on many popular ADVs such as Life Is Strange. I look forward to not only beautiful seabed scenes, but also stories approaching the hero’s trauma.

UNDER THE WAVES will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

Detroit: becoming human arrives on PC on December 12

Quantic Dream, the developer of Detroit: becoming human, revealed that the old PlayStation exclusivity would pass to the PC on December 12. Interested players will be able to play it as an Epic Games Store exclusivity. It follows ForTe Rain and Au-de-de-Délé of two souls Quantic Dreams seeks to present his narrative games to a wider audience.

DETROIT BECOME HUMAN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 12 - NORTH (PS4 Pro)

Detroit: Become human on PC presents a revised interface and engine, better suited to the mouse and the keyboard, and allowing to make the most of the rendering power available on modern computers.

“Porter the game on PC was a major challenge because we wanted the players to benefit from the original experience without any compromise. We have therefore completely redesigned the interface and developed a new engine offering a 4K resolution and a high quality rendering on a wide range of PCs, ”says David Cage, screenwriter and director.

The game revolves around three Androids, the player exploring the life of all three. Kara escapes her owners to explore her sensitivity and protect a young girl. Connor’s work consists in looking for sensitive androids, and Markus is a fighter of Android freedom, doomed to awaken his fellow men to their exploitation.

Due to the open nature of the narration, the choice of the player can lead to the death of characters, but the game can continue without them, because the choices of dialogue and the connection decisions you take have an impact on the world that you surrounded.

Detroit: become human will be released exclusively on Epic Games Store on December 12, at a price of $ 40. A game demo will be available the same day, if you want to try it before buying it.

Hello neighbor is currently free on Epic Games Store

Independent horror game _Bonjour neighbor is currently free for EPIC Games Store users until December 31 at 11:00 am HNE / 14H00 HNP. After that, the last free EGS game of 2019 will be revealed.

Hello Neighbor - Epic Games Store Free Game 30-December-2019

_Children neighbor charges players to break into the house of a suspicious neighbor to find out what’s going on in his basement. There are many ways to sneak into the house, but the neighbor has an adaptive A.I.. So a tactic that worked the first time might not work again.

It certainly seems interesting, but this game is worth it even if it is free? Well, according to our review of the game on Xbox One, maybe not.

“I want to love hello neighbors, I really like. I love the idea of a Rear Window type video game, constantly under the pressure of an antagonist who could upset everything I did in an instant, “wrote the critic. “This game is not what I had imagined, instead, it gave me a banking technology and an opponent as scary as Barney the dinosaur when everything is said and done.”

What do you think of this news? Are you planning to recover this free game? Go ahead and express yourself in the comments section below.

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