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The end of the decoding, explanation – what happened?

InScryption is a game in the Roguelike genre with well-building, full of narrative turns. The game has an exciting storyline that is accompanied by ARG. Due to the intersection of intra-game events and ARG, confusion may occur in understanding what is happening in the Inscryption. Here is an explanation of the ending of the Inscryption.

The end of the inscription, explanation

What happened in the ending of Inscryption?

At the end of the Inscryption, the player is asked to repair part of the P03 factory, but three Scrybes appear in the dark. Grimor, goblin and Magnifficus enter into a conspiracy with the player, thinking how to distract the p03 and to stop great superiority . If The Great Transcendence continues, the Inscryption P03 version will be downloaded to the Internet and it will receive unlimited control.

Before the P03 manages to complete the loading of its version of the Inscryption, scrubs interfere and kill it. They stop the load, but the Grimor takes another step forward and begins Removing the game data . Other scrubs protest, but the assets around them are already disappearing. After the final battle with each Scrybes, the player can view the mysterious Old_Data, a set of files that have been hinted from the very beginning of the game.

This is where the hatch appears. In the Inscryption, it is the hatch that plays the game. At certain points in the game, the hatch appears in the video clips, documenting its experience in the game in the Inscryption. In the game, we take the role of a hatch. After the Old_Data revealed, although they are all edited, the hatch destroys the game disc. Something in Old_data scares him, and the hatch crushes the disc with a hammer.

After he destroys the disk, he desperately calls the legal service to report the Inscryption and how he tried to capture his computer. He mentions that he has evidence of abuse of official position in relation to the creators of Inscryption, known as GameFuna. Luke begins to describe the problem, but he is interrupted by a knock on the door. Outside is a representative of GameFuna, a woman who appeared on behalf of Gamefuna in the previous video clip.

The hatch opens the door, dissatisfied with the return of the woman. He says: I told you…, but his words are interrupted by the bullet in the head. A woman from GameFuna kills Luke to make him shut up and return the Inscryption disc. Despite its innocence, the participation of Luke in the Inscryption put him under the cross-fire of a dangerous technological conflict.

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Neowiz Global anticipated false of P, US Twitter trend No. 1 overall record

-The new trailer video is the most mentioned on Twitter in the United States

-In a hot reaction of Gamescom visitors along with the popularity of overseas media

-The online topics such as Twitter and Reddit are online every day, and global success expectations are heightened

False of P is attracting gamers around the world.

Neowiz said today (26th), the world’s three largest game shows, Gamescom 2022, ranked first in the US Twitter trend.

Neowiz unveiled a new trailer video of

through the eve’s opening night live in Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany on the 23rd (local time). The 4-minute video shows a boss monster and a new monster, a variety of weapons and skills, and a delicate action motion that changes depending on the weapon.

Immediately after the release of the trailer video, False of P was ranked No. 1 in Twitter trends in the United States. Twitter trends identify popular topics on Twitter in real time and show keywords of topics.

The False of P has emerged as a clear anticipation through Game Scom, and has proved global interest and topic of Korean Soul Lake Game.

Foreign sources were also praised. The PC gamer, the game magazine in the UK and the United States, said, It is very impressive and novel that it is a soul-like genre based on Pinocchio. Beautiful and stylish.

In particular, the American Game Webzine IGN also released a 12-minute gameplay video on the official YouTube channel, along with the praise of Pinocchio’s new soul.


Game Scom’s positive response and video reviews were also followed by visitors who experienced two-hour false demo version. On SNS, such as Twitter, the visitors who lined up for the false experience of the P showed a hot spot.

In the largest social community in the United States, Reddit, The False of P is both the atmosphere, art, the worldview, and The potential is great as a soul-like genre. Interest in the Soul Lake genre was also poured out.

Choi Ji-won, who is in charge of False of P, said, It seems that the unique worldview, realistic graphics, and colorful but delicate actions that adapt the classic fairy tale ‘Pinocchio’ that everyone knows is the secret of attracting global attention. The false of P will be a work that will satisfy the expectations of domestic and global gamers.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd, False of P was selected as the most anticipated PlayStation Game at the Gamescom 2022 Award and achieved the first award of the Korean console game. In addition, the best action adventure game ▲ The best role-playing game candidate is expected to win additional awards.

French experience their blue miracle in Bosnia

France had traveled to Bosnia as a tower-high favorite, however then caught a weak beginning to the video game and also was 2:28 p.m. after the first quarter. Jusuf Nurkic and John Roberson shone with the home side.

That was not sufficient for the dragons, instead the video game went right into the extension two times. Eventually, the outsider won 96:90. Nurkic was the most effective thrower of the Bosnian with 21 factors, Fournier was the leading marker of the game with 24 factors.

In the additional training course, nevertheless, the guests around the NBA celebrities Evan Fournier as well as Rudy Gobert shut a tooth, returned as well as took the lead. In the third quarter, France experienced an uncommon burglary: the visitors stayed without nine minutes without a Corbery, while the Bosnians pulled away to 59:51 with a 20-0 series.


Incidentally, the video game in Sarajevo was the last video game of the French before the European Championship, which starts with the game against Germany for Les Bleus on Thursday evening in Perfume. Interested: On the fourth matchday of the European Championship preliminary round, Bosnia-Herzegovina will certainly see once again.

The EM timetable at an introduction

What is the future of Pokemon Unite?: Interview with MWorld Championshipaki Hoshino

LWorld Championshipt week the Pokémon World Championship 2022 in London, the United Kingdom wWorld Championship held, bringing the competitive side and fans to a single place. Among the titles that had a space of competitions wWorld Championship the relatively recent Pokémon Unite, which a few weeks ago fulfilled its first anniversary. During this event, we had the opportunity to interview MWorld Championshipaki Hoshino, producer of the game in The Pokémon Company during a round table with media in the region.

World Championship for the future of the game, Hoshino commented on how the game is now, and its plans in the short and medium term, having an approach to the community and eSports. Since Pokémon Unite hWorld Championship been downloaded 80 million times so far, there are many users out there and we want to form a community, said the producer. Seeing especially to WCS, we feel that it demonstrates how the game is viable competitively and therefore there is a potential in eSports that we want to improve.

World Championship we mentioned earlier, Pokémon Unite hWorld Championship just turned one year, and the question wWorld Championship, how will the cadence of content within the game be. Faced with such a question, Hoshino told us that things will continue with the same cadence. At leWorld Championshipt in terms of new Pokémon, we will continue presenting them with the same cadence World Championship before. We also want to continue adjusting the environments so that we can maximize the design potential.

For now, we have the next arrival of the RuinWorld Championship map of the sky of Theia, which will implement some changes in the gameplay, in addition to the arrival of the imposing Rayquaza.

Pokémon Unite celebrates its first anniversary

Only a few weeks ago, Pokémon Unite began the celebrations of its first anniversary, giving their users gifts among which the licenses for some of the Pokémon and Outfits within the game. Some of these articles will lWorld Championshipt until October 12, while others will be available until September 1. You can find all the details in this link.


Pokémon World Championship 2022: The return of an unparalleled experience

After 2 years canceled by the Covid-19 Pandemia, the Pokémon World Championship returned with greater strength and dimension than in previous years, being an event that in addition to the competitions, managed to bring together the Pokémon community in one place. If you want to learn more about this event, we invite you to read our impressions of the event, meet the winners of the 5 Pokémon games that had participation, and the most important announcements that were made known during the event.

Killer Clowns from space: Exactly how to register for the PC

If you want to take part before the game is released, you can try your luck and get into the game closed PC betrayal to see just how your favorite scary villains regulate as well as just how the game really feels. Just how do you proceed? Allow us go directly up and also see what you have to do to try to get control over your circus clown in control Killer Clowns from room: The game.

killer clowns from area seems to be the ideal method of movie to be transformed into a game if you are a follower of cult classic horror titles. The developers behind the Friday of the 13 The asymmetrical multiplayer game thought the very same point and also aids to bring these weird clowns to their favored console next year.


How to register for Awesome Klowns from external space closed beta testing

If you want to get involved before the game is released, you can try your luck and get into the game shut PC dishonesty to see how your favorite horror bad guys control and exactly how the game really feels. If you have never ever had the chance to examine a game prior to his launch, A closed beta test enables you to try the game, but there are only specific individuals who are chosen to try it out. Make sure you sign up with the Main killer Klowns Disharmony web page to earn a special things in the game when it begins.

Killer Clowns from area: The game will be readily available 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Computer.

If you are a console player, there is regrettably no news about a closed beta test for these systems, however that might change in the future if the game of completion is obtaining better. There is likewise no valued time to begin the beta program, so maintain your eyes open on our website to obtain even more information as quickly as you are available. See to it you sign up with the Main killer Klowns Discord page to earn an exclusive things in the game when it starts.

As soon as you have signed up for the beta test, you have to keep an eye on your e-mails to see if you have been picked to place on these huge rubber footwear and also collaborate with your pals to defeat the human type. Comparable to other asymmetrical multiplayer games such as z ** dead in daylight, this happens, the one-of-a-kind mix of humor that the film revealed in the 1980s will absolutely shine through here. See to it you are ready to participate in the enjoyable when you are chosen as well as plan for these clowns to penetrate your life quickly.

If you want to try these unusual clowns on the Computer, you should first take a few actions prior to you can fully acknowledge the forces you have. If you have actually never had the opportunity to test a game before his launch, A closed beta test enables you to try the game, however there are only particular people that are picked to attempt it out.

The Shinkai Exploration ADV UNDER THE WAVES is announced, Japanese. A lonely deep -sea journey facing trauma, former Life is Strange development staff, etc.

Quantic Dream announced Under the Waves on August 24. It was announced that it will be released within 2023. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It will also support Japanese display.

UNDER THE WAVES is an adventure game of the story owner. The stage is the deep sea of the North Sea. The professional diver, STAN, overcomes the loss and trauma that changes his life and struggles to move on to the future. The isolation in the deep sea also links to his mental state. As STAN faces his loneliness, he begins to experience strange events under the waves. He seems to be forced to make an important choice, wandering around his life and death.

In the game play, he piloted the submarine to search for caves on the seabed and wrecked ships. He will look for waste and stories of stories. He says he can craft useful equipment for search. In the trailer, you can also see how you go out of the ship with diving clothes.

It is said that this work UNDER THE WAVES is a spot on the importance of sea protection. The development of the developer, PARALLEL STUDIO, and the publisher Quantic Dream, have a partnership between Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit organization in charge of the protection of the sea. Looking at the trailer, it seems that various marine organisms, including whales in the beautiful sea, appear in this work. Game play, set in the beautiful sea, also aims to convey messages to environmental protection.

Ronan Coffec, a CEO and game director of Parallel Studio, and Sebastien Renard, a writer and narrative designer, have been working on many popular ADVs such as Life Is Strange. I look forward to not only beautiful seabed scenes, but also stories approaching the hero’s trauma.

UNDER THE WAVES will be released for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

The Last people series on HBO: First trailer stirs up great memories of the game

The flood of images from the set has ended and finally HBO Max has revealed the initial trailer for the upcoming The Last people series. The first trailer can be seen at the end of a show reel from the American VoD carrier.

Cozy memories of the game: followers of the Playstation video game will acknowledge some widely known scenes as well as characters in the 20 secs. Among them, obviously, Pedro Pascal as Joel and also Bella Ramsey as Ellie. A peek at the emotional start of the action journey is likewise given.


You can enjoy the first trailer from minute 1: 42 below:

information on action and also release

In terms of material, the story from The Last of United States Part 1 awaits you, however scenes from Part 2 ought to likewise occur. The Last people informs the story of fourth-four Joel as well as Teen Ellie, who are coping the United States in the post-apocalypse. Her objective: a cure versus the disastrous Cordyceps mushroom that changes people into zombie-like beings.

The trailer offers the perception that we will certainly quickly see the series, yet before 2023 you ought to not trust a launch, HBO just recently announced this.

Additionally brand-new scene: According to Manufacturer Craig Mazin, you will certainly not be based on the template. Rather, the story should be increased. Occasions must not be reversed or essentially changed.

All information regarding the Last of US collection on HBO

You can learn which actresses and also actors embody the widely known numbers from the game in the collection in our in-depth info write-up on The Last people HBO. Here you also obtain all sort of perceptions of the shooting, consisting of photos of popular locations.

How did you like the very first relocating pictures for the collection?

Comfortable memories of the game: fans of the Playstation game will recognize some popular scenes and also characters in the 20 seconds. In terms of web content, the tale from The Last of Us Part 1 awaits you, however scenes from Component 2 should likewise take place. Likewise new scene: According to Producer Craig Mazin, you will not be based on the theme.

New Tales from the Borderlands: Story

While several gamers are awaiting the unveiling of New Tales from the Borderlands, a test entry appeared in Singapore, which exposes some information regarding the game. Amongst various other things, the summary shows that the successor is fairly brutally as well as bloody.

New Tales from the Borderlands is defined in the examination description as an experience video game that is located on the advanced planet Pandora. The story focuses on Anu, a scientist that wants to make a crystal with recovery powers with the help of her bro Octavio and also Fran, the owner of an ice cream shop. They combat versus business interests that want to take control of the crystal.

choices and also bloody scenes

Gamers of New Tales From The Borderlands head for three protagonists at various factors in the video game and make story decisions that are offered in discussion or alternatives for action. According to the test summary, the gamer has to push a number of switches to pass the encounter.

New Tales from the Borderlands got the M18 ranking from the test authority because the video game is extremely bloody. There are additionally solid representations of violence with details of blood injections, for instance from people that were shot in the head.

On top of that, there are bloody representations such as that of a woman with a different leg and also a series in which a number tries to recoup a separate head with a metal pole to a body, the examination summary proceeds. There are also all sorts of swear words such as butt, shit as well as bastard.

Additional records on Tales from the Borderlands:

New Tales from the Borderlands is arranged for computer in 2022 as well as all presently usual gaming consoles. Much, no more details concerning the launch duration have actually been offered. It is additionally uncertain what plans there are for the last layout.

Age classification shows quickly discovery | revealed successor-unveiling in summertime **

New Tales from the Borderlands is explained in the examination summary as a journey video game that is situated on the advanced world Pandora. Players of New Tales From The Borderlands head for three protagonists at various factors in the game and make narrative choices that are supplied in dialogue or choices for action. New Tales from the Borderlands obtained the M18 rating from the examination authority due to the fact that the video game is very bloody.New Tales from the Borderlands is arranged for Computer in 2022 as well as all presently usual consoles.

Additional records on Tales from the Borderlands.

I have played Marvels Spider

The context is fundamental when adding certain elements to a development. In that aspect, making a game based on a character like Spider-Man greatly facilitates the task, since the friendly neighbor has absolute versatility thanks to the arachnid powers of him. Balance ourselves for New York skyscrapers sound attractive; But you have to know how to do it well. Insomniac Games achieved honor registration in that aspect with Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018.

In an open world game, how to move from one place to another is key to succeed. We usually make the mistake of thinking that the way in that we achieve our destiny does not usually have importance , since the vital, what will give us an immersive experience, seems to be in reaching the point where a New mission. But has it, because it is part of the construction of its world in question.

A trip that must always be unforgettable

This is where the aforementioned context comes into play. There are no good Superman games because the way to move with the most powerful being of the universe would be boring , since he can travel at the speed of light. With other superheroes such as Batman or the trepamuros, which is the case, the thing is different.

Now that Marvel’s Spider-Man arrives at PC and, after playing it for a few hours, it has reminded me how fun the transitions of one point to the other of the stage are thanks to the spectacular recreation of the balancing with the fabrics of spider of our friendly neighbor. But, beyond resulting in that, I want to tell you how that mechanics have made me consider a philosophy of life that we must all keep in mind.

It usually comes a point where open world video games end me overwhelming me. At first I explode all the options, I do the secondary missions and I lose myself for their environments. But there comes a time when time squeezes me, there are other releases on the horizon and I decide to go directly to the main story. And I use fast trips to waste the shortest possible time something that, with the power of new generation systems, do not give me time to look at the mobile.

Those hurries extrapol them a lot in my life. And I think it happens to many. When we are doing any task that we want to fulfill, we do not go from our heads to imagine the moment in which we reach the end of the process. That makes us put aside enjoying the way and the process that leads to reach our goals, which is truly beautiful . It is something that my psychologist affects me a lot and I have to know how to apply, although I am not always able. We live in the era of haste and instant enjoyment, and adapt to it is not simple. I think it is something that many feel identified when we stop to reflect it.

Eat fast fattening; The rush is never good

Backing to Marvel Spider-Man thanks to its PC launch has made me think of this praxis, applying it first in the game, to be able to do it later with my personal life. The outstanding balance mechanics that Insomniac Games have created are formidable, and urge us to enjoy the way. To move with agility by New York and its giants skyscrapers. To look with perspective from the heights, stopping a second to enjoy the landscape before taking the next step . And that all that path, that process, is fun and instinctive, something that is key to achieving happiness.

I can only applaud the study for not doing the need to ever use the fast trip, one of the greatest sins that I usually commit when playing an adventures of the open world. And also in my life. Psychologists usually influence that, in the era of social immediacy like the one we live, it is important to stop to reflect. To establish an objective as a priority and meet it, because if anxiety makes us look several, we will end up overwhelming, leaving everything halfway. Something like that, although much more banal, happens to us with video games. There are many releases and we want to pass the titles quickly to throw ourselves into the next adventure, leaving many of the teachings they can offer us.

So, for me, Marvel’s Spider-Man’s balance mechanics have been key to stop in that reflection. At one point in my life in which my psychologist has made me realize that I must enjoy the things I do without fixing unattainable goals that can end up frustrating me . If we stop reading between the lines, video games hide many of these teachings that we can apply in our life, like any other means of artistic expression. In this case, Peter Parker has helped me, without pretending, to enjoy the way . But you may do any other video game, book, movie or even a song .


Oh yeah.
What about the adaptation of the game to PC? That is easily resolved in a few lines, since it looks much prettier than in 2018, as is logical.
Technological improvements such as lightning layout or a higher refreshment rate will not make you enjoy the way, but make your view happy thanks to the fact that it is a technical portent.
For the rest, it is still a masterpiece and one of the best superhero video game games ever created.

DR DISRESPECTs Studios FPS DEADROP official announcement and game play will be unveiled. Online shooter with NFT elements

DR DISRESPECT’s studio Midnight Society announced Deadrop . Trial version has been launched for Founders Access Pass owners.

DR DISRESPECT HERSCHEL GUY BEAHM is a US game distributor. Although he was originally active on Twitch, he was suddenly suspended in 2020, and is currently based on YouTube (related articles). The number of registrants on YouTube boasts 4.04 million, and is a popular streamer worldwide.

DR DISRESPECT is known as a game distributor, but worked for SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES for a while. He was involved in the multi-play mode map of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as a level designer. In the distribution, he sometimes showed a pace that has not lost his passion for game production (related article). In December last year, the Game Studio Midnight Society was jointly established. Former Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling and former 343 Industries’s Quinn Delhoyo are named. The first game of the studio was developed as Project Moon.

And this time, the game was renamed DEADROP and was shown. According to the official website, this work will be a competitive Pvpve online FPS. The developer defines this work as Vertical Extraction Shooter. He is aiming for a gameplay that makes escape like ESCAPE from Tarkov in the scale of the battle royal game. It is said that multiple factions will compete in resources and equipment in the near-future city where the global pollution has progressed.

Along with the announcement of the title, Snapshot (short trial version) was distributed to the owner of Founders Access Pass. Founders Access Pass is a NFT (non-fungible token, non-alternative token) sold only for 10,000 people. In addition to Snapshot play rights, it will also be the right to participate in the event. Today, on August 5th, the video that DR DISRESPECT himself played was released.

In the video, you can check the shooting practice using assault rifles and the gloomy near-future city. The stage graphics look rich, but the game play is still in the early development stage. DR DISRESPECT also describes this work as a state of Bare B1. He mentioned the addition of lean (action that leans the body left and right) and gun recoil patterns as a game mechanics that wants to improve in the future.

For this work, Snapshot will be distributed once every six weeks in the next six weeks. Each will be able to experience the important aspects of the game. Snapshot players are also able to distribute videos and streaming in addition to screenshots. Therefore, the development process of this work may be shared regularly through Snapshot players.

The developer Midnight Society announced a partnership with Polygon Studio, which specializes in blockchain games and NFT. It has revealed that NFT will be introduced for this work. According to Dexerto, Midnight Society explains to users that NFT is an optional element, not a game to make money (Project Moon).

DEADROP is currently under development by Midnight Society.

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