Elemental Dungeon is a new interesting robot, based on Roguelike dungeons, which greatly extends the genre, with its experimental game features. The main problem he uses is the combination of elements to produce various effects of skills or spells, but even beyond, the game extends the combination of familiar kinds and pushes the skill bar even higher. The title seems interesting even at first sight, but a little under the surface awaits a whole world of possibilities…

Development and Home

This title is offered by TBG Limited for Android and iOS. This publisher stands behind titles such as Ash of Gods: Tactics, Zombie Haters, Heroes of Magic – Card Battle, CIVILIZATION TAP, etc. On Google Play, Elemental Dungeon Android reaches more than 8K voice to date and has a 4-star clean rating, with positive reviews. On the iTunes App Store, Elemental Dungeon IOS is # 165 in the adventure, and has 4.5 stars, although only a few hundred votes so far.

The game also won the Silver Medal of the Tencent Games Innovation Competition in 2018, was finalist at the Indie Prize Awards 2018 and was included in the official China Joy 2019 and Weplay 2018 selections.


As with most dungeon exploration robots, the story is quite simple. You play a grass adventurer, you choose the name and you are discovering and acquiring new skills. A former wizard presents the world and it tells you the constant dungeons you need to cross and clean up all enemies.

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It is in this respect that the game really shines. The Elemental Dungeon game is ranked in the category of fantasy adventures, but the mechanisms are totally innovative and unique. As the game title indicates, you play with elementals, combining them to form powerful spells and skills. It still does not seem to describe the depth enough that you can get when you master the skills.)

Namely, you can seize different items during your travels, choosing to keep only three. These are the earth, fire and water. Each of them provides you with basic skills, such as throwing fireballs, shields of water, turn off the fire and create barricades from the earth. But, they can also all be combined with each other to produce up to 6 spell combinations. For example, fire and earth give you a meteorite rain spell. In addition, you can also learn new spells from scrolls and improving items.

However, and that’s where the game asks for your talent, you keep only one element or a combination of selected items while you mix them as you go. As soon as you release the conversion button, the items find their original shape, or at least the basic shape you have. You can also use gasoline to improve your items, thus producing greater spells and different events. All these elements are then previously explained, mixed during your travels, when you dodge projectiles and fight monsters, which gives the game an unusual and dangerous look and a high skill ceiling.


Like all good Roguelike games, 2D Pixel Art is the way forward, and Elemental Dungeon requires. This gives the game a certain simple but misleading look. In addition, the animations, the spells and the general feeling of the game are quite classic, which reminds the favorites of the fans, namely the Zelda 2D games. And, in addition to the elders we love all and we remember, it’s a challenge.


Elemental Dungeon offers random dungeons in a Roguelike environment where the player must master innovative gaming mechanisms to fully enjoy the title. It is deceptively simple with its 2D art pixel, but actually offers a fairly high catch capacity and a possibility of infinite replay. It is free and offers attractive multiplayer modes to test your skills and strategy. Overall, it’s a challenge to experience a very rewarding experience.



A challenge with a very rewarding experience.

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