Sting Co., Ltd. announced on March 17, “ Knights in the Nightmare Remastered version on April 7, 2022. The corresponding platform is Nintendo Switch, which is software for download. The price is tax-included 2860 yen. Book at Nintendo E shop from March 31st.

“Knights in the Nightmare”, which has revealed the release date, was released for Nintendo DS in 2008, and transplantation for PSPs is also d1. Knights in the It is the remastered version of Nightmare. In this work, the player will be a soul whisp that will be a soul widow, commanded by a sword without a soul and fighting with the demons on the square. It meets the victory conditions of each stage within the restriction turn and proceeds with adventure. The game screen appears as a simulation game, and there is also an action element. During the battle, you must conduct command while avoiding the enemy emerging. In addition, there are RPG elements that appear more than 140 knights that can be conducted.

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In the remastered version of this work, with such an action puzzle, tactical element, etc., as it is, it is equipped with a UI renewal and new function that helps easy to play. Content additions such as collection elements and new modes are also performed. First of all, for graphics, we refine the character illustration and HD the whole body illustration. All interfaces have been updated.

Then, the operation corresponds to both touch and analog sticks, and can be enjoyed by the desired operation. As a new function from the remastered version, in addition to the retry function that simplifies the continue function and the stage reproduction of the auto save, an option that can perform volume, screen, touch operation adjustment, etc. is also implemented. Besides, functions for beginners are also included, such as exceptional equipment functions that automatically install equipment with one button, adding tutorial missions, and easy modes that can be focused on the battle. It will be more friendly to the unique and complex gameplay of this work.

Various content is also added. As a collection element, a sound collection and past scene browsing function that can be viewed such as BGM. It is also adjusted for talk collection. In addition, “Yugudora ed” that needed interlocking with “Yugudra Union”, which is the same studio work, will be banned by hard mode clear. And, as a new mode, the content “Bosslash battle” for super-sen senior operators who can not be saved and a hidden option that can enjoy unusual play is also implemented. The presence of “ENEMI Double Speed ​​Mode” and “Hell Mode” is revealed. Besides, a large number of adjustments and additional functions are incorporated.

“Knights in the Nightmare” Remastered version is scheduled to be released as a download software for Nintendo Switch on April 7. The price is tax-included 2860 yen, and reserved at Nintendo E shop from March 31st. In addition, this work has also been predicted for Android / IOS, which may also be revealed in the near future.