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Whats next after the European Championship? The climbing

European Champions in Munich

14. August 2022: semi-finals and also final women bouldering: winner Janja Garnbret (Slovenia) , semi-finals/final lead guys: winner Adam Ondra (Czech Republic)

11. August 2022: Certification guys bouldering: First put Manuel Cornu (France) , qualification lead females: First put Janja Garnbret (Slovenia)

12. August 2022: Credentials Female Bouldering: First-placed Janja Garnbret (Slovenia) , Credentials Lead Men: First-placed Alexander Megos (Germany)

11. -18. August 2022: Lead (men/women), bouldering (men/women), speed (men/women) as well as bouldering/lead as consolidated (men/women)- place : Königsplatz

15. August 2022: Certification and last speed women/men: winner Aleksandra Miroslaw (Poland), winner Danyil Boldyrev (Ukraine)

13. August 2022: semi-finals as well as final men bouldering: winner Nicolai Uznik (Austria) , semi-finals/final lead women: winner Janja Garnbret (Slovenia)

18. August 2022: final men Combined: winner Jakob Schubert (Austria)

17. August 2022: final females Combined: winner Janja Garnbret (Slovenia)

IFSC World Cup

06. -08. May 2022: Seoul/South Korea, Bouldering (men/women): Sieger Kokoro Fujii (Japan), winner Natalia Grossman (United States) .

11./ 12. June 2022: German Championship Bouldering 2022 in Düsseldorf (males, females): Sieger Lasse von Freier, winner Helene Wolf .

08. -10. April 2022: Meiringen/Switzerland, bouldering (men/women): winner Tomoa Narasaki (Japan), Janja Garnbret (Slovenia).

08./ 9. July 2022: Chamonix/France, Speed (men/women): winner Jinbao Long (China)/ winner Lijuan Deng (China) |*.

06. -08. May 2022: Seoul/South Korea, Speed (men/women): winner Veddriiq Leonardo |* (Indonesia), winner Aleksandra Miroslaw (Poland) .

09./ 10. July 2022: Chamonix/France, Lead (men/women): winner Adam Ondra / winner Janja Garnbret .

24. -26. September 2022: Jakarta/Indonesia, Lead (men/women) and rate (men/women).

Europa Cup.

29. April-1. May 2022: Prague/Czech Republic, Bouldering (men/women): Sieger Adam Ondra (Czech Republic), winner Eva Maria Hammelmüller (Austria) .

10. -12. June 2022: Brixen/Italy, bouldering (men/women): winner Yannick Flohé (Germany), winner Natalia Grossman (U.S.A.).

July 2022: Chamonix/France, Lead (men/women): winner Adam Ondra / winner Janja Garnbret **.

01./ 02. July 2022: Villars/Switzerland, Lead (men/women): Sieger Taisei Homma (Japan), winner Janja Garnbret .

June 2022: Arco/Italy, Lead (men/women): Sieger Milan Preskar (Slovenia), winner Laura Rogora (Italy) **.

09. -11. September 2022: Edinburgh/Scotland, Lead (men/women) as well as rate (men/women).

16./ 17.
July 2022:
Zilina/Slovakia, Poland, Lead (men/women): winner Toby Roberts (Great Britain), winner Mattea Pötzl (Austria) .
** 16./ 17.

July 2022: Zilina/Slovakia, Poland, Speed (men/women): Sieger Erik Noya Cardona (Spain), winner Anna Brozek (Poland) .
July 2022: Mezzolombardo/Italy, Rate (men/women): Sieger Erik Noya Cardona (Spain), winner Manon Lebon (France) .
September 2022: Hamburg/Germany, Speed (men/women).
October 2022: ** Laval/France, Speed (men/women).

national champions.

27. -29. May 2022: Salt Lake City/USA, Speed (men/women): | Veddriiq Leonardo | (Indonesia), winner Aleksandra Miroslaw (Poland) |* .

04./ 05. June 2022: Arco/Italy, Lead (men/women): Sieger Milan Preskar (Slovenia), winner Laura Rogora (Italy) .

June 2022: Arco/Italy, Rate (men/women): winner Yaroslav Tkach (Ukraine), winner Franziska Ritter (Germany) **.

27. -29. May 2022: Salt Lake City/USA, bouldering (men/women): winner Yoshiyuki Ogata (Japan), winner Natalia Grossman (United States) |*.

22. -25. June 2022: Innsbruck/Austria, bouldering (men/women) and lead (men/women): winner Colin Duffy (United States), winner Natalia Grossman (United States) .

20. -22. May 2022: Salt Lake City/USA, Speed (men/women): Sieger Kiromal Katibin (Indonesia), ** winner Aleksandra Miroslaw (Poland) ||.

01. October 2022: German Championship Rate 2022 in Neu-Ulm (males, ladies).

04./ 05. June 2022: Arco/Italy, Rate (men/women): winner Yaroslav Tkach (Ukraine), winner Franziska Ritter (Germany) .

20. -22. October 2022: Morioke, Iwate/Japan, bouldering (men/women) and also lead (men/women)- As Integrated.

25th/26th June 2022: Innsbruck/Austria, Lead (men/women): winner Colin Duffy (U.S.A.) , winner Janja Garnbret (Slovenia).

07./ 08. May 2022: Brixen/Italy, bouldering (men/women): Sieger Simon Lorenzi (Belgium), Sandra Lettner (Austria) **.

01./ 02. October 2022: German champion Lead 2022 in Neu-Ulm (males, females).

20. -22. May 2022: Salt Lake City/USA, bouldering (men/women): Sieger Mejdi Schalck (France), winner Natalia Grossman (United States) |*.

22nd/23. July 2022: Briancon/France, Lead (men/women): winner Jesse Grupper (United States)/ winner Janja Garnbret .

21. June 2022: Innsbruck/Austria, Rate (men/women): Sieger Matteo Zurloni (Italy)/ winner Leslie Adrian Romero Perez (Spain) .

20./ 21. May 2022: Klagenfurt/Austria, bouldering (men/women): Samper Sam Avezou (France), winner Agathe Calliet (France) .

May 2022: Seoul/South Korea, Speed (men/women): winner Veddriiq Leonardo | (Indonesia), winner Aleksandra Miroslaw (Poland) *.

May 2022: Klagenfurt/Austria, bouldering (men/women): Samper Sam Avezou (France), winner Agathe Calliet (France) **.

2./ 3. September 2022: Koper/Slovenia, Lead (men/women).

30. June/1. July 2022: Villars/Switzerland, Speed (men/women): winner Jianguo Long (China)/ winner Lijuan Deng (China) .

U-19-European Championship: France draws semi-final versus Romania

After the 5: 0 at the begin of the host Slovakia, France increased the second triumph, safeguarded the ticket for the semi-finals, therefore also offering the connected Italians that won a few hours earlier against Slovakia 1: 0 The round of the last four.

In the second round, the semi-finalist from 2019 took a little calmer, yet promising opportunities on the D 3rd objective were offered in great deals. That ought to almost retaliate. Romania was there out of nowhere as well as scored the attaching objective (83.) through Coubis.


In the last mins it obtained hectic once again, the Romanian selection pressed the equalization as well as offered the back group of France with some issues. An additional goal needs to no longer be scored.

From the kick-off, the French offspring acted enthusiastically and showed fine, technical combination football. After an amazing mix, Tchaouna only had to insert (12th).

In France there is no Free2Play as well as Pay2win – government develops brand-new terms

English video gaming terms such as streamer, season pass or free-to-play (F2P) are totally established in Germany, however additionally internationally. In France, nevertheless, one has sufficient of it.

In today’s pc gaming world, lots of elements around new launches are hard to think of. Many games go to very early accessibility prior to they are entirely released. Video games frequently bring a season pass that provides the players with various other DLCs after the release.

Right here in Germany, every one of these and a lot more English terms have lengthy cleared up in the computer game universes. You got used to it.

This is going on in France: obviously in France is also played, the government also noticed that. One does not appear to be totally pleased below: As the AFP news agency reports, the lots of Anglicisms, according to the French Ministry of Society, must make sure an etymological obstacle that could hard to understand non-gamers (using Theguardian).

There are free video games that are free-to-play, however there are also games with unjust financing designs that are pay-to-win. Top gamers gain their cash as a pro gamer, and if you don’t wish to play on your own, you enjoy streamers.

And also there is now a countermovement in France.

Now several terms from the video gaming location have been released in the state official of France, for which French alternatives are currently to be readily available. These currently have to make use of public reps such as authorities and also various other federal government establishments.

Pro-Gaming and E-Sport end up being Jeu Vidéo de Compéation

The Season Pass, as an example, ends up being a Passe Saisonnier, Very early Access is currently called Accès Anticipé. This is still rather kicked back from the lips.

A list of particular terms as well as their new, main translations existed there. Relying on the French skills, they can be recognized quicker.


What does that look like currently? Overall, it is a collection of 19 terms that get new translations. You can locate the full list in the official state newspaper (via legifrance.gov).

It becomes much more interesting when you consider the word e-sport, as an example. This need to be converted as Jeu Vidéo de Compéation, which a minimum of looks as bit more difficult.

Various other instances are:

If you are not on the topic, and also yes-there are actually a couple of terms that may not open up straight. If you desire to show your knowledge: Here is a test with terms that every MMO player ought to recognize.

From a German perspective, the tale with the terms may appear unusual, yet in France it is not so uncommon that Anglicisms or other complete strangers are instead avoided. Any individual that has actually ever been taking a trip in France will certainly have already observed this.

How do you see the subject? Would certainly you likewise like something such as this in Germany-or are you completely satisfied with the terms? Tell us in the remarks.

English pc gaming terms such as banner, season pass or free-to-play (F2P) are totally established in Germany, however likewise internationally.

  • Downloadable Web Content (DLC): Contenu Téléchargeable Additionnel (CTA).
  • MatchMaking: Appariement de Joueurs.
  • Ability Game: Jeu Vidéo d’Habilité.
  • banner: joueur,-euse-animateur,- trice en straight, joueur,-euse en direct.
  • free-to-play: jeu vidéo en accès gratuit.

What does that appearance like now? Generally, it is a collection of 19 terms that obtain new translations. Would certainly you additionally such as something like this in Germany-or are you completely pleased with the terms?

From a state-speaking viewpoint, the language is always an issue, as you can see from the example over. This was even institutionalised: the Française Acádemie, as an example, was originally started with the objective of protecting the French language.

Pc gaming does not go right away everywhere-this can additionally be seen from the present controversy around Diablo Immortal in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Batman: The continuation of the film with Robert Pattinson announced, what we know

It seemed to be already obvious but it was formalized: Warner Bros and Matt Reeves said tonight during the Cinemacon that a suite at the film The Batman was going to take place.


_The video in header is the second official trailer for the film The Batman, released in France on March 04.

The Batman Sequel CONFIRMED! | The Batman 2 News | Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves

The Batman following: What information do we have?

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, the director and main actor of The Batman, will be back in a second episode. The continuation was announced last night by Toby Emmerich, the CEO of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, during the Cinemacon 2022 . Unfortunately, no additional details were shared, whether it is concerning an outing period or even a starting script. Despite everything, it was Matt Reeves who came on stage indicating that new information is to be expected in “une Cinemacon to come“.

This second film The Batman comes to garnish a batman Cinematic Universe currently growing. Indeed, two derivative series are during the project according to Matt Reeves. It was in interviews to different media that he had then declared that one was devoted to the character of Pingouin, while the other would be asylum the asylum of Arkham.

The Batman was a success in France?

The Batman was released on March 04 and had some critical success, especially in France. Since the beginning of the year, it is he who has been the largest start of 2022 with 1,165,588 admissions . He is ahead of a very small margin the last film in the universe of Harry Potter Les Fantastic Beasts 3: The secrets of Dumbledore (1 132 062) and had largely exceeded the film ” Uncharted (955 650 entries). And according to the latest box office figures, the film approaches the three million admissions made.

In his criticism of the film, JV indicates that “the Batman is a film of general public intended for fans, comic book lovers, superheroic cinema and moviegoles-cinephages, but can also suit a wider audience in Quest for singularity.


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The 1st was Kuste Zodiak (Fincher) mixed with The Dark Knight.

The second will be: a mix between Boudieu and Tdk Rises… on 3:30 (because the 1st was not long enough..)

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Paris-Nice: Pedersen wins mass sprint

The Frenchman of the team Jumbo-Visa came on Tuesday on the 3rd stage in mass sprint, reached the goal at the victory of the Danish ex-world champion Mads Pedersen with some residue the goal.

On the past three kilometers, fall victims receive the time of the winner, so laporte leads the race with a second lead in front of his Belgian teammate wout van aert.

The 190.8 kilometers from Vierzon to Dun-le-Le-Leestel were shaped by many attacks in the hilly final phase. In the end, however, the sprinter teams controlled the field and Pedersen won in a long spurt in front of the Frenchman Bryan Coquard and Van Aert. The German Team Bora-Hansgrohe reached by the Dutch Danny Van Poppel.

On Wednesday, the time periods are in demand. The courses over 13.4 kilometers leads from Domérat to Montlucon. From Thursday, the terrain becomes much more demanding. The race ends on Sunday with a stage around Nice.

3. Stage: Fourzon – Dun-Le-Palestel (190.80 km)

1. Mads Pedersen (Denmark) – Trek – Segafredo 4:23:29 hrs.; 2. Bryan Coquard (France) – Cofidis + 0 sec.; 3. Wout Van Aert (Belgium) – Jumbo Visa; 4. Jasper Philipsen (Belgium) – Alpecin-Fenix; 5. Anthony Turgis (France) – Team Totalergies; 6. Biniam Girmay Hailu (Eritrea) – Wanty-Gobert; 7. Fred Wright (United Kingdom) – Bahrain Victorious; 8. Danny van Poppel (Netherlands) – Bora Hansgrohe; 9. Ethan Hayter (Great Britain) – Ineos Grenadiers; 10. Juan Sebastian Molano Benavides (Colombia) – UAE Team Emirates;… 48. Maximilian Schachmann (Berlin) – Bora-Hansgrohe; 57. Simon Gasks (Freiburg im Breisgau) – Cofidis; 58. John Degenkolb (Oberursel) – Team DSM; 70. Nils Politt (Hürth) – Bora Hansgrohe; 75. Georg Zimmermann (Neusäß) – Wanty-Gobert; 98. Maximilian Walscheid (Heidelberg) – Cofidis + 5:46 min.; 106. Nico Denz (Waldshut Tiengen) – Team DSM + 10: 01

Total standings single, stand after the 3rd stage:

*1. Christophe Laporte (France) – Jumbo-Visa 11:34:44 hrs.; 2. Wout Van Aert (Belgium) – Jumbo-Visa + 1 sec.; 3. Primoz Roglic (Slovenia) – Jumbo Visa + 9; 4. MADS Pedersen (Denmark) – Trek – SegaFredo + 29; 5. Bryan Coquard (France) – Cofidis + 33; 6. Pierre-Roger Latour (France) – Team Totalergies; 7. Zdenek Stybar (Czech Republic) – Decaininck-Quick-Step + 38; 8. Jasper Stuyven (Belgium) – Trek – Segafredo + 39; 9. Aleksander Wlasow (Russia) – Bora-Hansgrohe; 10. Florian Senechal (France) – Decuninck-Quick-Step;… * 47. Maximilian Schachmann (Berlin) – Bora-Hansgrohe + 2:22 min.; 51. John Degenkolb (Oberursel) – Team DSM + 2:59; 71. Simon Gasks (Freiburg im Breisgau) – Cofidis + 7:22; 72. Georg Zimmermann (Neusäß) – Wanty-Gobert; 79. Nils Politt (Hürth) – Bora Hansgrohe + 9:04; 88. Maximilian Walscheid (Heidelberg) – Cofidis + 10:15; 129. Nico Denz (Waldshut-Tiengen) – Team DSM + 23: 47

Yellow Jersey Crashes In Sprint Finish At Paris-Nice

mountain rating, stand after the 3rd stage:

****1. Matthew Holmes (United Kingdom) – Lotto Soudal 12 Point; 2. Alexis Gougard (France) – B & B Hotels P / B KTM 7; 3. Thomas de Gendt (Belgium) – Lotto Soudal 6; 4. Philippe Gilbert (Belgium) – Lotto Soudal 4; 5. Aimé de Gendent (Belgium) – Wanty-Gobert 4; 6. Owain Dull (United Kingdom) – EF Education-EasyPost 4; 7. Wout Van Aert (Belgium) – Jumbo Visa 3; 8. Mathieu Burgaudeau (France) – Team Totalergies 3; 9. Primoz Roglic (Slovenia) – Jumbo Visa 2; 10. Nathan van Hooydonck (Belgium) – Jumbo-Visa 2

Sprint rating, stand after the 3rd stage:

1. Wout Van Aert (Belgium) – Jumbo Visa 32 Point; 2. Christophe Laporte (France) – Jumbo Visa 27; 3. MADS Pedersen (Denmark) – Trek – SegaFredo 27; 4. Fabio Jakobsen (Netherlands) – Decuninck-Quick-Step 15; 5. Primoz Roglic (Slovenia) – Jumbo Visa 14; 6. Bryan Coquard (France) – Cofidis 12; 7. Pierre-Roger Latour (France) – Team Totalergies 10; 8. Biniam Girmay Hailu (Eritrea) – Wanty-Gobert 10; 9. Jasper Philipsen (Belgium) – Alpecin-Fenix ​​9; 10. Alexis Gougard (France) – B & B Hotels P / B KTM 8

Team rating, stand after the 3rd stage:

1. Jumbo-Visa (Netherlands) 10:45:03 hrs.; 2. AG2R Citroën Team (France) + 1:06 min.; 3. Trek – SegaFredo (USA); 4. Deceuninck-Quick-Step (Belgium); 5. Ineos Grenadiers (United Kingdom) + 1:32; 6. Team Totalergies (France) + 1:41; 7. Team DSM (Germany) + 1:44; 8. Bora-Hansgrohe (Germany) + 2:00; 9. Cofidis (France) + 2:22; 10. Bahrain Victorious (Bahrain) + 2:35

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