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The Seasonal Trials of Fora Horizon 5 go further, this time with the Baja California Trial for Series 3. This trial takes place in fall and prompts you to a Best-of-Three race series against unbeatable motorists in an A-Class Unlimited Offload to win vehicle.

The Baja California exam in Fora Horizon 5 is a somewhat tricky event with rugged sandy beach, sharp curves and a little unpredictable weather, all contributing to a test that requires a combination of happiness and skill. Some vehicles make it easier for the attempts, and finding the best tuning setup, of course, brings you a great advantage.

For the best vehicles and relevant tuning setups for the Fora Horizon 5 Baja California Event, read on, so you can grab ten points for your entire season progress and the rewards of this week. There is also a Bonus Super Wheel spin for you when you win the series.

Fora Horizon 5 Baja California

To complete the Baja California Event in Fora Horizon 5 , you would like to use one of the following vehicles and tuning setups:

  • DESERT F-150 FORERUNNER 2018 — Tuning Stock Code: 286 573 427
  • Jeep TRAIL CAT 2016 — Tuning Release Code: 871 451 478


We found that the DESERT F-150 Forerunner is the best choice, but if you are looking for a stylish off-road car for this trial, the Jeep Trail cat, as of. Recommended, Angela ‘on YouTube is a good secondary option.

These are all important details and vehicle selections for the Fora Horizon 5 Baja California Trial this week. More information about the weekly challenges available during the Herbs Season of Series 3 can be found in the latest Fora Horizon 5 treasure chest.