CABALLERY 2 is eliminating a divisive map of the game due to equilibrium problems, but the elimination is only temporary. In the 2_ Community, Coxwell divides the opinion, especially after patch 2.4.2, which caused the final stage of the map even more difficult for those who defended it. As a result, the developer Torn Banner Studios went ahead and temporarily eliminated the map until the appropriate settings can be made.

“In patch 2.4.2, changes were made that we believed that they would better balance the final stage of Coxwell in all areas. After the patch was launched for the players, the community expressed concern that changes in Coxwell made the defense more difficult than it was. ” Previously, “says an update of the developer. «Thanks to the comments of the community, we investigated the metrics of our Coxwell map and we notice that the underlying data had faults. Since then, we have been able to correct these errors with our data collection, which has resulted in what the data better reflects the concerns raised by the community as a result, we will reverse the changes that were made in the last stage of Coxwell on patch 2.4. 2 In the next important patch, and we plan to iterate even more in other possible changes of balance of the map «.

The update continues, causing some of the changes that are coming on the map:

“We are currently reviewing the map to make sure that everyone is adequately balanced to attack and defend it a fun experience for players. Possible changes in Coxwell include adjusting the occurrence times to help defenders in the 64 players mode and scale the number of deaths. Necessary to win the final stage by number of players, in order to balance the last stage for the modes of 40 and 64 players alike. We trust that these changes will solve the current problems that players experience with the map. Iterar more in these mapping balance changes, we will disable Coxwell so that it is not a playable map in the short term. Coxwell will make a triumphal return once you are ready to be reintroduced after the changes ».

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Unfortunately, you do not know when you will return exactly the map, but it seems that the wait will not be too long. Meanwhile, be sure to catch up with the latest Ballery 2 News by clicking here.