If there is one thing that the United Kingdom does not cope well, then it’s extreme weather. Thanks to Sturm Eunice, British over the country looks full of fear of their windows and hope that their beloved fence elements, garbage cans and trampolines survive the windbones of 130 km / h. But in all this concern, something else has prevailed: Plane Spotting on Twitch.

In the last few hours, Streamer has developed on Twitch to aircraft fanatics that see live feeds from planes trying to land under these stormy conditions. Large jet-tv dialer of Heathrow airport on YouTube is in people like Guild Streamer Harriet, Harrie ‘Silver, Nick, NMP’ Polom, ‘Two Angry Gamers’, ‘Leopard’ and the former racing driver Max Fewtrell became a celebratory favorite Send the footage to tens of thousands of spectators.

Given the fact that Twitch of React Meta content thrives – where streamer watch video-on-demand content – this is perfect for that. If you have a guy, the aircraft, which started in the approach from one side to the other, basically by shoutcasting – and praises the pilots when they master the landing – it is hardly surprising that this proves to be a recipe for success.

For ‘AirlinersLive’, which broadcasts the view of Manchester Airport on several platforms, today’s interest in aircraft observations has helped to achieve more people on Twitch. On the question of their viewers on Twitch, Airllinerslive Twitch called their 520 spectators as “a bit flexible” although “it is not quite, XQC ‘.”

Storm Eunice: Terrifying moment EasyJet plane lands during gale force winds

We are sure that XQC would look at it, so who knows what could happen later. One thing is certain, given the current hypes about aircraft channels and love for React content, everyone wants to have a piece of a good old landing in Ryanair style.