The launch of Steam Deck is getting closer and closer. Valve hDeck reservation already confirmed the final date of shipments from the first units: February 28 . Deck reservation of that moment, the buyers of the first wave will begin to receive their unit on the following days and to start enjoying this computer with a portable console form factor. Depending on when we made the Steam Deck reservation, the delivery date varies because it hDeck reservation been awarded to an wave determined. We explain How to consult the estimated delivery date of your Steam Deck.

When will my Steam Deck be sent?

If you have a reserved Steam Deck, how to consult the order status and know this the estimated date of delivery of your unit is very simple. First, click on this link E Log in with the Steam account with which you performed the initial deposit.

Next, refresh the page and go down until you see section _ Choose your Steam Deck _ . You will see that the three models appear with their three settings and price, but also a small annotation in which both the date of your reservation are indicated Deck reservation the Availability expected to place the order **. If your unit corresponds to the second wave, for example, the estimated date will be the second quarter of 2022. If you are among the first you will receive it between the end of February and March.

When will I receive the purchDeck reservatione notification of Steam Deck?

Regardless of the surge to which your Steam Deck reservation belongs, Valve will email you to the account with which you did the deposit of your unit indicating that you can already make the purchDeck reservatione. From that moment, the deadline is 3 days (72 hours) to make the final payment. The rhythm of shipments of reservations will be of a weekly character ; So they pick it up on the official portal.

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