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[Industry Trend] Manpower Reduction Wind Wind at Big Tech Companies

The world’s largest IT companies are once again foreshadowing the reduction of manpower. Amid concerns over a recession in the United States, several large companies are delaying or reducing new hires and cutting staff.

According to CNBC, the US economic broadcaster on the 12th (local time), Google chief executive Sundar Pichai sent an email to employees saying they would delay hiring until 2023. Like all businesses, we want to respond to a recession, he said.

Google’s parent company Alphabet’s growth in the first quarter of 2022 slowed to 23 percent, down 11 percent from the first quarter of last year. Still, Pichai emphasized in an email that the company hired 10,000 people in the second quarter. He added, We will slow down hiring until the second half of this year, giving priority to engineering and technology jobs until next year.

However, analysts say that even this will not be smooth due to the cut winds implemented by several big tech companies in the United States. Electric vehicle maker Tesla announced last month that it had fired employees of Autopilot, a driving assistance function, and Microsoft announced that it had laid off 1,800 employees. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has expressed a super bad feeling and plans to cut full-time employees by up to 10%.

The social media sector is no exception. Maher Sava, head of engineering at Facebook’s parent company Meta, has issued instructions on an internal bulletin board to report any underperforming or under-contributing people to the team and remove them. Twitter also laid off more than 100 people, or 30% of its talent sales team.

Netflix, which had been on an upward trend thanks to the pandemic effect, also had a brake on its growth. Netflix said the number of subscribers fell by more than 200,000 in the first quarter compared to the fourth quarter of last year, and expected further declines. Experts claim that the number of subscribers plummeted as the economic recession and the endemic era intersect.

Netflix’s subscribers dropped for the first time in 11 years since 2011. The share price plummeted by about 25% following the release of subscriber trends in the first quarter, and a major restructuring was carried out accordingly.

With global inflation and the economic downturn in the second half of the year, this may not be the story of another country. As it is an issue that can affect Korea at any time, it is time to pay more attention.

BANDAI Namco Entertainment, Launched a monthly average of 50,000 yen from April. All employees subject

BANDAI Namco entertainment announced that it will introduce a new compensation system that raises the basic salary of all employees to the basic salary of all employees, and raising the basics of all employees from April 28. In addition, about the first order, it is to raise from the conventional 23.2 million yen to 290,000 yen.

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As a background of this base-up, the company will be described to improve the ability to work with employee income stability. Furthermore, in realizing the new medium-term vision introduced from this April, it is essential to promote the activities of various human resources in various fields.

In the Bandai Namco Group, we have a new medium-term vision called “Connect with Fans”. Aiming to connect IP (intellectual property such as character) to fans around the world, we will start building a new mechanism. One of the IP axis strategies reveals to develop “Metaverse Metaverse” (Related Articles). It plans to invest a 40 billion yen in three years in a total of 3 years, and also shows the policy to build an IP metaverse data base.

The first edition of IP metaverse has been announced to be “Gundam Metaverse”. A stage of space colony based on Gundam’s view of the world, and all information of Gundam is aggregated, such as games, animation, cancer, e-sports, and other events. Users can access such information through their avatars. In content development, it aims to provide a service unique to the real world and the virtual world. Details will be announced in the Gundam Conference held in the future.

Bandai Namco entertainment may be game development and operation, and in IP metaverse construction and content development, it is considered to play a central role. In recent years, companies in all industries have expressed entry into the metaverse related business. The basic payup up announced this time may also have the purpose of securing excellent human resources in such situations.

In the Bandai Namco Group, it has been announced that Bandai and Bandai Spirits introduce a new compensation system from April of this year. Average monthly salary to all employees, an average of 27%, and the first salary is up to 290,000 yen of 30% up. It has been described that employees’ motivation improvements and aiming to activate tissue.

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