With four wins and a draw under the new head coach André Meyer, the HFC has first distanced itself from the dangerous z1. On the 1: 2 defeat against Waldhof Mannheim last weekend, the Saalstädter found the right answer against Viktoria Berlin during the week and won 4: 1. It runs around, even if the ninth season win was connected to a large piece of work after residue.

“That was too little pace, there was no dynamics in it,” Meyer accounted for the initial phase of “magenta sport”. “We had the right momentum, but the first 35 minutes were just not good. In the second half it was okay.”

Nine points is the lead to the descent zone, ten even, the eleven point deduction for TurkGücü München should be effective. Although you are still far away from the HFC, after all, the Saxony-Anhalt derby is on Saturday (2 pm, live! At Elias Huth) at the undisputed leader Magdeburg. “We are really hot,” says Double Packer Elias Huth self-confident.

And yet, the gaze away from the lawn is a straight way forward, on what could happen after the season when the HFC then stands in front of another third-league playing time: the squad planning.

It becomes a mammary task for sports chief Ralf Minge. Because the contracts of 20 professionals run out, including regular players like Elias Huth, Michael Eberwein, Marcel Titsch Rivero, Jan Löhmannsröben, Niklas Landgraf or Tim Schreiber, who recently underlined his Bundesliga ambitions.

“The design game room in the summer will be exciting”, but can win a minge of the situation quite positive. “There are always single-case considerations. The goal is to put together a homogeneous team in consultation with the coach.”

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