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Multiversus: The fighting game is a sales success in July despite being free

After leading the list for a few months, Elden Ring and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga They went up to second and third place respectively in the ranking of the best-selling video games of the month of July in the United States, for Leave the first place for the free fighting game, Multiversus . From the beginning, the game has reached a meteoric popularity , with an estimated count of 12 million players since its launch at Early Access on July 19. And not only that, but also one of the most played titles in the Steam Deck portable console.

Although the Warner Bros. Games game is Free-to-Play, Multiversus heads monthly sales due to the popularity of their offers with the founder pack , which cost between 40 and 100 dollars, according to the investigation firm market It is not clear exactly how many packages of individual founders were sold, or how much is the total amount, since the press release has not revealed those numbers.


still far behind the great games of the year

Multiversus still remains far behind other 2022 sales giants such as Elden Ring, Pokémon Legends: Arceus , Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Horizon Forbidden West , that have had great success since their respective releases. In fact, although he headed the lists in July, Multiversus is not among the 20 best-selling games of the year.

However, it has been a great year for Warner Bros games, since Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, released in April, was the third best-selling game in the US. Uu. Last month, and more potential giants are on the way of development. In fact, Warner Bros. Interactive will launch Gotham Knights in October 2022 , and next year a game based on Suicide Squad , the contingent of antiheroes of DC Comics will follow it next year.

Magicians in Elden Ring are simply auspice remote fighters? A PVP

Magic has in components of the community ofelden ring the online reputation, only played by people, for which the game is too heavy or who do not risk in the melee. A gamer has now demonstrated in a PVP battle just how incorrect these claims are.

What is the trouble with magic?

  • Component of the neighborhood thinks that magic would make the game as well very easy and that it would be “not best”.
  • Melee without a tool is the An and also O and also given that magic generally on the ranged fight, that’s also very easy.
  • It is the “GIT GUD” component of the neighborhood, who believes you play games like Elden Ring or Dark Hearts appropriately only when you neglect half of the features.

That magic is a lot extra, as a high-speed varying, reveals the reddit customer Deathtosoproc impressively in a clip that shows a PVP duel from it:

Generally, the clip caused a lot of attention as well as has on reddit over 16,000 upvotes and has more than 1300 remarks (since April 14, 12:30).

Players defends magic builds and also obtains a lot of motivation

Many commentators vote and also many wish to try a comparable construct. Basically, most of the ages are: everybody should play as he or she holds it.

As a result, he can make use of magical strikes that use but use animations of swords. His build is quasi a wonderful fighter, a crossbreed from varied as well as melee magic. There are also magic doubters away from the “GIT GUD” portion.

This can be seen in the clip: The individual plays a pure illusionist develop, yet does not use the normal spells that are considered OP. He likewise utilizes the Carian spells that place on sword magic.

Redshadowf95 creates: “Close, no Hate. That’s stylish and looks like a fight magian at the elevation of his game. Well done.”

Numerous gamers are impressed on just how precisely as well as rapidly he changes his spells and also applies, while playing aggressively and does not get away the opponent.

Consequently, he can utilize enchanting assaults that make use of but use computer animations of swords. His construct is quasi a magical boxer, a hybrid from ranged as well as melee magic. Some spells he utilizes are, as an example, the Carian spiters as well as breaking down celebrities.

There are likewise magic doubters away from the “GIT GUD” fraction. Some of them criticize that they are frequently fulfilling on magicians who only spam their spells without dealing with appropriately. In this situation, it is not the means you have not a problem with this develop.

The battle is heated, however he promptly takes care of to control the opponent via its versatile having fun means. He does not seem to be planned for the melee magic, as you can rarely look at the PVP.

He himself asks, “Has still all the magicous builds or is this appropriate here?” This is where he straightens to the component of the community that sounds soaking on illusionists. From the direction of which there are barely any kind of responses, a lot more he is applauded by the various other individuals.

Elden Ring Dissected #2 - Even MORE Fall Damage Stuff
The subject has actually currently taken treatment of for partnership dilemmas: Elden Ring: Player has quarrel with sweetheart, since the faster was done – “did not play properly!”

Magic has in parts of the community ofelden ring the online reputation, only played by people, for which the game is also heavy or who do not dare in the melee.

Elden Ring: Converted edge tower – so you resolve the puzzle and enters it

In the Game World ofelden Ring, there is practically every corner of mystical points to find.

Where is the converted edge tower?

  • You will certainly find him in the northeast of Liurnia’s lake land. The method there is not simple to acknowledge, despite the specific research of the card.

  • The fastest means is when you start from the area of poise at the home of the musician and also traveling north. Clean the western abyss as well as follow him to the Brückentor, which results in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Keep reading until you stand prior to the lift of Dectus and turn right in the direction of the east.

Here you can watch the converted edge tower on the map:

If you interact with this door, you will obtain the message: “You have to resolve the problem to enter.” Further descriptions are not available at initial look. Exactly how do you get in?

But arrived in the tower, the course is blocked. Since the door is blocked by a magical seal.

Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle Solution - Full Narrated Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

ELDEN RING – Problem address in the converted edge tower

Go into the lawn, crosses him and maintain it left. You come past a door, but disregards them. Currently turn left as well as comply with the course until you discover the body with the item.

The simplest mask is the home of Karolos. It is additionally offered in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Start the search from the place of grace in the college classroom.

  • The motion is the emote “scholarship” that will certainly receive from the NPC Thops in the Church of Irith. For that you need to hand him the shimmerstone wrench from the Academy Raya Lucaria.
  • You can miss him, if you advance as well far in the video game. For that reason, you must best bring the key to him asap as quickly as you have located him.
  • The vital needed can be discovered on the roofings of the Academy. This is the large Heritage Dungeon, in the facility of Liurnia.

You need to do that: You can just unlock with the right mask and the right motion. You require one of the 3 shimmerstead crowns of Haus Karolos, Haus Olivinus or house twin means.

Currently you need to get the gesture.

Did you offer the secret, you will certainly obtain the scholarship motion. Right here you can watch in the video clip, just how to find the secret:

If you have the motion as well as one of the masks, you can go to the sealed door. Attract the mask as well as uses the gesture. Currently the door needs to open.

What exists as a benefit? You will certainly receive the two magic Haimas cannon and also Haima’s Hammer. Just Haima’s cannon is particularly effective and additionally fulfills a huge area.

Elden Ring: All our guides, newbie pointers as well as develops in the review

What’s there as a benefit? You will get the two magic Haimas cannon as well as Haima’s Hammer.

In the Game World ofelden Ring, there is practically every corner of mystical things to find. Meinmmo reveals you exactly how to uncover the converted edge tower.

Elden Ring: Controversial feature is surprisingly good at fans

Why Some People Are PISSED At Elden Ring
With each new fromSoftware game is inevitably discussed about the degree of difficulty. Easy mode is strictly rejected by many fans. The most popular mods for Elden Ring now show that the controversial feature is not so unpopular.

Elden Ring: Many players use Easy-Mode

Is there a “right way” to play Elden Ring? There are many opinions in the Dark Souls Community ** for this question. The desire for Easy mode is often considered in this discussion with rejection. However, the final decision is no longer just the developer from Software.

On the Nexusmods page, there are countless mods for Elden Ring, which can completely change the game. A search for the most popular fan creations reveals here that a Easy fashion is apparently not so unpopular . Just three of the five most popular mods make the game easier for one or the other way. (Source: Nexusmods) “Easy Mode for Elden Ring”, for example, halve the damage you take and lets you strike you 20 percent more. More than 32,000 players have already downloaded the mod. (Source: Nexusmods)

ELDEN RING can be easier or heavier with mods

The mod “ELDEN RING ULTIMATE TABLE” goes even further. Although not every function is designed to make the game easier, but you can, among other things, customize your values at will, get more loose from opponents or shape the parry easier. Here even more than 110,000 players hit. (Source: Nexusmods) Off the top 5 there are other examples such as automatic regeneration of life points or the ability to help you of bosses.

Ultimately, Mods are a fantastic way to play Elden Ring exactly as you want it . However, you should definitely play in offline mode and keep an eye on the other specifications of the mods. While many fans get such their Easy fashion, others make the game even heavier and let opponents still strike harder.

Elden Ring meets Sonic: Player rolls attackers over the pile

In Elden Ring, your NPCs and other players can defeat numerous species. A fan now shows in an oblique video that even the classic attack of Sega Mascot Sonic can be used as a surprising success strategy in the Zwerland.

Elden Ring | 65+ MILLION RUNES! | BEST LEVEL UP! Rune Farm! | GET Level 300+ FAST! | Easy Runes!
Sonic and Elden Ring are very little common at first glance. In fact, a fan of the fromSoftware RPG now shows that the famous Roll Attack of the Blue Hedgehog can be surprisingly successfully implemented in the intermediate country – and looks particularly well, even if the character in the styles of an overa-ambitated Sonic Cosplayers was designed.

Elden Ring: Player defends attackers through roll attack

In his bizarre video Youtuber Marco Yolo presents his unusual Sonic homage : After his character in Elden Ring has missed a blue (and slightly disturbing) paint, he defeats enemy players with invasions with a roll attack, the Segas Mascot would face well.

At first glance, it looks like the attack possibly mods or exploits in the game, but the secret of the Sonic role is a war ash , which you can find in the Altus Plateau and apply to a suitable weapon. As soon as you enable them, you can role in an opponent as shown in the video and add significant damage.

Sonic Attack Enthusiastic Community

The bizarre video takes place in the Elden Ring Community on Reddit of course great appeal. While many commentators find the roll attack pretty funny, some also notice that dodging were actually quite simple. For this purpose, players should only roll or jump out , but many are simply simply rolled over by the attack in the truest sense of the word. (Source: Reddit)

  • “Lmaooooooooo, that’s so good. I hope there’s a continuation with tails.” ( Reddit User LuffyDude )
  • “That’s a real work of art.” ( Reddit User domesticated_dad )
  • “It’s so repugingly and yet… so nice.” ( Reddit User SpaceGandalf116 )
  • “If this guy would come to my game and kill me, I would not even be angry.” ( Reddit User JSTut771 )

Everything you need to know about Elden Ring, we show you in our video:

Elden Ring: Straße Mods bring Shrek, Sonic and Co. into the game!

Elden Ring is currently a complete success and also enjoyed very good rating in our test. And if a game is so popular and successful as the soulslike from from Software , then follow the more or less funny modifications for the game after a short while. Numerous memes and ulcious characters are rubbed in the shortest time in the actually gloomy and first setting and accordingly represent an absurd contrast. If you want to have your own Elden Ring experience a little bizarre, you can certainly have the following mods according to the latest patch. Taughture a while.

Elden Ring but ruined by mods

“I think I bought the wrong game…”

It is not unusual to see popular figures as mods in PC games. Homer Simpson, for example, is at the latest since the classic Simpsons: Hit and Run repeatedly represented with a 3D model. Also Sonic and Shrek does not lack it on games that could be imported 3D models. In the past, there were already examples of how bizarre and sometimes unpleasant these combinations could end up in a variety of games like Jedi Academy or Garry’s Mod.

Now Sonic, Shrek and Homer have also made a lot of personally in the Elden Ring Universe, including Smash Mouth’s “All Star”. The effect of absurd, the sheer not really capable is clearly achieved, congratulations. Bonus points for a rolling Homer Simpson there is on top.

Thomas the little, deadly locomotive

Thomas, the small locomotive is a popular representative in the category “Things I never wanted to see”. Combinations with Sonic 2D games or Garry’s Mod has previously been numerous. Why exactly the figure of an old children’s series over the years has become such a symbol of Meme culture, remains hard to answer. Apparently, a droll of traveling train with a view to the beyond is an ever-usable template.

After these creative products in the Wild West of the Internet, Thomas we see Thomas the small locomotive not only as a Sonic-blend or murderous team fortress 2 character, but now as a riding of an opponent in Elden Ring (Buy Now 53,98 € / 50.99 €). The flying horse, over which we have already reported, can probably not keep up.

In the end, such mods are a confirmation for the success of Elden Rings. What is successful or popular is that is rubbed to memes or combined with numerous memes. However, there are currently less gratifying news about Elden Ring, such as questionable working conditions at FROM Software, which we reported.

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Elden Ring Albus Questline Guide: Where to find the secret medallion of Haligtree

In the size of the map of Elden Ring, you will inevitably miss a few things, miss NPC-given quests and essentially miss certain items after key events. This is something you luckily can not miss while you play the game. You will definitely want the second Haligtree medallion, as it gives you a whole explorable area in the late game. Here we go through the quest series of Albus in Elden Ring, which leads us to get the secret medallion for Miquellas Haligtree.

How to get the right piece of secret Haligtree medallions in Elden Ring

First you have to find the village of the Albinaurians. This is located south of the Raya Lucaria Academy and west of the Laskyar ruins. This place is located under this land mass, which is only accessible after completion of Rannis Questreihe.

Here you will also meet the Omenkiller. Once you have arrived in this area, talk to a NPC at the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace. His name is Albus. Talk to him until he gives you a piece of secret Haligtree medallion. However, talk to him until his dialogue is exhausted. He will tell you about another Albinauric, Latenna.

Meet them after you have cleaned the dungeon of the Lakeside Crystal Cave, which is located west of the Evergaol of the Malefactor. There should be a place of grace called Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, where it will be. While Albus entrusts you the right part of the medallion, LaNenna will inform you about the whereabouts of the second part of the medallion.

This is important because if you clear Leyndell, including its compulsory story bosses to drive history, you will encounter a second Grand Lift. This place uses two different medallions and leads you to different locations, depending on which you use. To get the second piece, of course you have to clear a considerable way forward and in Castle Sol before you can even get to the secret outcome.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

Elden Ring | How to Get to Haligtree + Ordinia Evergaol Guide & Malenia Boss Location Guide
Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Elden Ring Albus Questline Guide: Where to find the secret medallion of Haligtree

“Elden Ring” is discovered “disappearing and disappearing”. Do you need all the faded doubt of the doubt of doubt, not all walls of delusion?

At “Elden Ring”, a wall disappeared and disappeared. Users are unlikely to discover that defeating common sense of disappearance wall. However, this phenomenon that disappeared with the disappearance of the wall is what the development side is intended? In this paper, we should be noted when browsing because it contains an area name or image after the medium.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. There are many dungeons in this work, and various kinds of gimms and the like are waiting for players. Above all, it is a “hidden road” that makes many players partial. In this work, it often appears when attacking and rolling. In the end of such walls, it is always a further area or item is hidden. The disappearing wall and hidden door are almost regular elements in the same studio past work. Therefore, many players are the doubtful doubt that “This is not the wall to disappear.” A fitness that “This ahead, a hidden path is” or a strange view of beating the wall, or rolling around the wall is an annual scene.

Such disappearance walls have a sense of discomfort if it is calmly observed, and it is likely to disappear when it gives a single attack such as an attack. Even if the suspicious wall has not disappeared, it can be done with one check and light disappointment. However, this time, “a wall that doesn’t disappear without turning off” has been found. It is troubled. If you have to hit all walls for a long time, you may be able to beat all walls of the vast field until the life is exhausted. The author followed the information with fear.

First of all, the wall of the problem is in the volcanican building. Currently, many players in Japan and overseas are talked about on SNS for “hard walls that disappear”. Although the first time is not clear, it is expected to convey the discovery of this wall early, and it is a post by Teristam, which is an overseas bulletin board REDDIT user. He has introduced GIF videos that are considered to be another user who keeps hitting the wall of the volcanican building at a post. Certainly in videos, it has been shown that the walls scolded about 40 times disappear. “The disappearance wall knows in a single shot” is a way that defeats common sense. Also in the same thread, comments on “I have to find out the whole wall from the early areas”, and it turns out that the doubt decline of this player accelerates. I flew to the volcanquarium to see the authenticate anyway.

I tried to hit the problem “I’m going to do my best when I work hard”, and I could confirm that it disappeared in about 40 attacks. He also disappeared that he tried to try another “disappearing wall-like wall”. When this happens, “that wall was a wall that disappeared” and the unexpectedness is increasingly expanded. However, it may be eagle. That is, the wall that disappears is hard to think of the behavior intended by the development side.

First of all, there are multiple normal disappearing walls at the volcanican. From that, it is possible to enter the “back side” of the volcanic building, and it was a luxurious atmosphere, and the front side of the battle. The enemy is a dustful z1. In addition, there is a while to the front-side volcanican, which is inserted from the backward disappearing wall. In other words, the volcanican building is a zone connected via a wall that disappears with the “gentle front side” and the “gloomy back”.

And when I was convare a screenshot, etc., the wall of the problem is like the eyes that look almost the same as the normal disappearing wall. In other words, it is considered that although it was installed as a wall that does not erase whenever it works hard, it is considered that “disappearing nature” has remained by using the same parts as the normal disappearing wall.

There are other elements that reinforce this guess. For example, the walls that disappear when they do their best are located behind the NPC. In other words, it is a situation where you can attack NPCs that should not be attacked by the back z1. However, when I tried it, the attack has passed through the NPC. A strange phenomenon such as “the sound effects of attacks that the sound effects of attack entered in the battle ban zone” and “loading the wall” “the wall is resurrected” “Even if you are getting the door key” I also confirmed.

Furthermore, it was also seen that enemies who only existed on the back side of the volcanican building also invaded to the battle ban z1. It is not good because it can not be counterattack from here. A series of phenomena are difficult to think about the intended behavior of the development side. When I try my best, the wall disappears “If I put it out, the wall disappears”, it is also possible that the user has run off the user who did not disappear “the wall that the development side disappears”.

However, when I try my best, the process of putting out the wall is interesting. The same look as the original disappearance wall, and all of the atmosphere is “disappearing!” In fact, there are many players who put a blow when you look at it for the first time? It also worried that it is firmly connected to each room. The reasons for placement can only be guessed from the player side. However, the intention to produce the buryer and the front side leading volcanics and the quest lines and area designs that are different from the present may be the remnant that has been assumed.

In addition, if you notice for a while, it is not particularly not particularly ahead of the wall that disappears. It is only the increase in the entrance of the volcanic building. However, the disappearance of the disappearance of the wall is. However, if it is an unintended behavior on the development side, it is not possible to deny the possibility of some trouble in the game play. Please be careful when hitting the stiffness that disappears.

How to defeat the spirit of ancestor in Elden Ring

The spirit of the ancestor is the boss located in the well of the Siofra River, to unlock which special conditions are needed. To fight with the spirit of ancestor, you must first solve the puzzle well of the Siofra River, lit six lights in the area.

After completing the riddle, the Well of the Siofra River, go to the dead beast on the lands of Halllower near the place of grace on the banks of the Siofra River. If the puzzle has been completed, a hint will appear to touch the remains. It will take you to the cave with a foggy portal. Go through the fog, and you will come across the spirit of the ancestor.

The spirit of the ancestor looks like a giant losure-free creature capable of liberating a secret fire. His attacks are not particularly fast, but they can cause great damage. He will attack a lot and beat his head, which gives excellent opportunities for attack. Ancestor Spirit also has an attack at which he jumps twice in the air and collapses, but immediately after that will be opened for attacks.

Bring some armor with high impact and denial of magical damage. The ancestor’s spirit sometimes jumps and produces a magician fire on the region or exhales the magician fire, being on Earth. While he makes these movements, it is better to run away away.

The challenge of the spirit with the help of distant attacks is best suited against the Spirit-ancestor, because the boss tends a lot to move. If you do not have a spirit with a further attack, you will help you spirits with high health. If you defeat the spirit of ancestor, you will be rewarded with a large number of runes and ashes of the ancestor’s follower, which are ghostly enemies, similar to minotaurs, which can be found in the Siofra River Welcome. The ancestors followers have a powerful onion attack from a long battle and can attack in the near combat.

Ancestor Spirit Boss Guide - Elden Ring Ancestor Spirit Boss Fight
To learn more of the Elden Ring manuals, check out the section “How to defeat the spirit of the Spirit cilancer in Elden Ring” in the playgrounds for professionals.

How to defeat the bearer Farum Azula in Elden Ring?

Farum Azula – Boss in Elden Ring. Several beversary Farum Azula can be found in different places. One is in the cave of Groved in Limgrave, and the other in the cave of Dragon Kurgan in the Dragon Kurgan.

How to defeat the bearer Farum Azula

An animal person can be done much easier if you use Long attacks or Multiplayer . However, it is easy enough to win if you have enough patience. His attack style Combo The most common of which is its horizontal sweeping attack and its long traction and rotation .

Melee players

The melee strategy in this battle is to catch his attacks until he completes full combo to hit a couple of times and retreated . It can be difficult because it is very aggressive, and its weapon dedicts stamina when blocking .

For this reason, you need approach enough for Activate combo attacks But then retreat Far enough, he cannot hit you. It can also expand combo , so you have to follow this. If you doubt, keep it as far as possible.

Elden Ring How to beat Beastman of Farum Azula | Elden Ring tips

far-fighting players

This fight is much easier with the participation of magic or long-range You should catch his attacks as before, but at the end you do not need to run into the attack. You just need to play any spell you use, and then retreat or use your bow again. Just keep a distance when it starts to attack, blocks only if necessary and evade most of its attacks.

To learn more about Elden Ring, be sure to familiarize yourself with the section “How to get Reduvia Dagger to Elden Ring” or “How to get TwinBlade in Elden Ring” here, in the game manuals for professionals.

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