Doug Bauser , President of Nintendo of the United States, gave a speech at the University of Utah at the 2022th graduation ceremony.

Bausser, who is the same as the English name of Mario’s nemesis “Bowser”, has majored in communication at Utah University and graduated in 1984. And in 2022, he gave students a lesson in his alma mater in 38 years, and gave the lessons of his life in video games.

According to Bouser, in order to keep moving forward in life, it is necessary to always choose the right action while avoiding barrels (obstacles) like Donkey Kong. He learns when he jumps and uses a hammer, and goes to the next stage by the time he clears. Mr. Bauser called this repetition as “Level up”, and ultimately his life would “reach a simple platform like” Donkey Kong “.”

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At the end of the speech, Bauser says that four lessons are “keeping curiosity”, “accepting challenges”, “listening to others”, and “life is fun (like a video game)”. I’m talking.

Teachers belonging to Utah University include Mario Capecchi, who won the 2007 Nobel Science and Medicine Award.