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※ Pre-registration on App Store and Google Play will start later.

# DMM Games version pre-registration started

RPG for smartphones “Mori” has started pre-registration of DMM GAMES version that can be played on PC. Pre-registration can be made from the following special site.

◯ “Momori” DMM Games Pre-register site:

# DMM Games version original present

After the service starts, you can play the “Memory” of the DMM Games version, and you can get in-game items below. If you are playing a smartphone version, you can share game data by performing data linkage with the DMM Games version, and you can receive a present.

# Pre-registration campaign underway

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As a bonus that is distributed to all at the start of service according to the total number of registrations, the character “SR [Witch of Fun” and 2,000 Diamonds are confirmed. When the number of pre-registrations achieves 300,000, the total number of “diamonds” to be distributed will be “3,000”. When combined with the DMM Games version of the present, the total number of “diamonds” will be “3,300”.

▼ “SR [Witch of Funar] Natasha” is determined after the service starts

# “Memory”

“Mori Mori” is a new RPG for smartphones during pre-registration. The character that appears in this work is a girl who carries harsh past and destiny. There are each story and each story, and a large number of authentic artists such as DAOKO participate in “ROME” that expressed the world’s view in singing each character. You can experience the worldview of the world with a voice actor such as a story that remains in mind and “Real” and Hanazawa Kana.

◯ Official website:

Pre-registration is currently being accepted by the following method. For more information, please refer to the pre-registered special site.

Official Twitter Follow ◯ Official YouTube Channel Subscribe Https:// ◯ Official LINE Friends Add Https:// ◯ Pre-registration Special Site E-mail Address Subscription ◯ DMM Games Version Pre-registration at (PC Version)

BOI will provide “memories” for a long time for your mind through “manufacturing”.

# “Memory” summary

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