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Star Ocean: The Divine Pressure: At the end of June there will certainly be information concerning the video game

With a special edition of the Star Ocean program, the developers will be back in a few days.
Next week Wednesday, i.e. June 29, there will be brand-new details regarding Star Ocean: The Divine Pressure in an online stream at 1:00 p.m.

To name a few points, moderator Subaru Kimura, that plays among the main characters in the game with Raymond, will certainly reveal his version of the more than 8-minute opening video clips with his number.
Other personalities and the game system are also a concern for which players can expect fresh details.

What time does Elden Ring unlock?

A few more days are missing for the anticipated launch of _ Elden Ring _. It is very likely that at this point you already have your copy, either in physical or digital format. In case of the latter, we already know exactly what time you can start playing it once this title is unlocked in digital stores as much of PLAYSTATION and Xbox , and yes, also on PC.

Via Twitter , the official account of Elden Ring published a graphic useful that explains what time this game is going to unlock in the different parts of the world. In the case of Mexico, Elden Ring will be unlocked at 11pm on Thursday, February 24 , and you can start downloading it from 11pm on Tuesday 22 in * PC and PLAYSTATION . Xbox * players can already download it right now, but they still can not play it until the previously mentioned date.

Of course if you bought it in physical format, you do not have more to wait for your copy to be ready on the day of its launch, which will be this Friday February 25. Elden Ring will arrive at PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

ELDEN RING - PC Releasing 6 HOURS EARLY? Official Launch Times Confirmed! Update News

By the way, we suggest you take care if you are looking for information about this game on the Internet, since much of the story and Gameplay of Elden Ring has been filtered in recent days.

Editor’s note: February has been a truly month-loaded month. In a matter of days we had Horizon Forbidden West, the Next-gene version of Cyberpunk 2077, and now Elden Ring. March paints to be equally loaded, and I do not know where I am going to take time to play all this.

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