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Craft tone, sandbox -type methus construction on the front of the creator center

[content Park Ye -jin reporter] Craepton will create a C2E (Create to Earn) interactive content platform ‘3D World Cryptic Tometabus‘, which has introduced ‘Creator -centered’ in front.

Park Hyung -cheol, head of the Craepon Web 3.0 Round Table, announced on the 28th at the 2022 Content Industry Forum held at the Korea Content Culture Plaza in Seoul.

Park Hyung -chul announced that Craftton will lower the barriers to entry so that interactive content creators can easily continue their creative activities in the future, creating a creator -based ecosystem by implementing a C2E that makes money. The contents creators, brands, and intellectual property holders with various backgrounds will be able to build a 3D World Crypto Metabus that can generate profit by freely utilizing sandbox tools.

According to Park, the core value of this C2E ecosystem is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is the key to that we can directly have ownership in Web 2.0, which users produce, consume, and share. The difference is that it is based on blockchain technology, not existing Internet or PC devices.

He also emphasized that blockchain could eventually increase the involvement of creators and to expand creativity. Blockchain technology enhances the network effect that creators and users (fans) can immediately meet without complex intermediate processes, and crayors have more authority and information than game companies, so even more belonging and involvement for fans for fans. I can give it.

In particular, he stressed that alternative token (NFT) could be a means to accurately prove copyright. Park said, “In the digital world, there are many duplications overflowing, so the craftsmanship will be greater to prove and recognized by creators.”

According to Park, Kraftton plans to focus on his own capabilities and strengths as a game company, rather than leading the construction of methuses.

“Craftton is a company that creates fun content and a company that makes it an strength of Interactive content,” he said. We will also add strength to the world of web 3.0 and C2E that can be reborn. ”

Dying Light 2 gets new challenges this week and that is behind it

Whole 500 hours we should deal with Dying Light 2: Stay Human. For this Techland wants to feed the title regularly with new content in the coming five years. And so far, the developer studio also keeps word and always provides free downloads.

The latest free content is a series of parkour challenges, in which we spend as soon as possible through the city race, jumping, sliding, sliding and swimming. Techland introduces the missions in a video:

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These are the new content for Dying Light 2

A total of four missions will contain the Parkour DLC. These are described by Techland as follows:

  • Suspension of Disbelief – This challenge will put your skills on the wall running in the heart of the Central Loop!
  • Gracour – This Challenge in Old Villedor will cover all your basic skills, so does not make mistakes, or you will have to say goodbye to the gold medal!
  • Stroll on the River – Are you ready to get wet?
  • My Whole World is a Glider – Fly, Pilgrim… Fly high over the contaminated areas, and tries not to fall – or at least not too hard!

When is the DLC available? From Thursday, the 17. March 2022, you can download and play the new content.

What else is planned for content for 2022, you will learn here:

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more on the subject

Dying Light 2-Roadmap 2022: Everything about DLCs, updates and free content


This Challenge is already available: If you no longer want to wait until tomorrow, you can try today at the Flying Scorpion Challenge.

You can find this in the Garrison District of the Central Loop:

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More Dying Light 2-action you can see in the trailer:

Dying Light 2 is a bestseller

The interest of the studio to feed Dying Light 2 long with high-quality DLCs, of course, also hangs together with the success of the game – and this can be seen quite.

More info for free content and updates:

  • Dying Light 2-patch Fix StoryQuests, Koop and much more now on PS & Xbox
  • Dying Light 2: New Game Plus mode is in the march
  • Dying Light 2: The second free DLC is there and make you a samurai

Accurate numbers are unknown, but apparently, over three million players have already grabbed the controller or keyboard on the launch weekend. And alone on the PC, the game should have already sold over two million times. In the Europe-wide sales cars Dying Light 2 landed in February in five place.

Do you diligent all the new content to Dying Light 2?

How long does Ghostwire hard: Tokyo?

Next week, _ Ghostwire: Tokyo _ Finally you will be arriving at our hands. Many of us are trying to clean our backlog a bit to dedicate all our attention to the new to Gameworks Tango, But how many hours of your life will you need to finish it? Here we tell you.

PLATING WITH WCCFTECH , the game director, Kenji Kimura, revealed that those who focus solely on the main campaign may end up at approximately 15 hours. Things change drastically for those who also decide to perform secondary content.

“If you want to enjoy all the secondary missions, depending on your skill level, you probably take you twice time or more. So we could say that it lasts between 30 and 40 hours if you want to do all the secondary content. “

So there you have it, who really want to explore everything Ghostwire: Tokyo has to offer you should dedicate a good number of hours to the game, news that is certainly appreciated especially with everything that has been leaving these last weeks.

_ Ghostwire: Tokyo _ reaches ps5 on March 25, 2022.

I played 3 hours of Ghostwire Tokyo

Editor’s note: Today, I prefer that games can be finished in less than 50 hours since the problem is not getting them, but finding the time to play them. Of course, we hope that the content of Ghostwire: Tokyo is worthwhile, because it is worth that your game lasts so many hours if it is not worth playing it.

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