On February 17, 2022, Netease Games’s first 1V4 asymmetric competition game “Identity V” informed the appearance of the seasonal essence with ice and snow.

A passionate battle in the cold cold. Winter tracking events are heated on snow and ice-covered islands. On February 17, 2022, Netease Games’s first 1V4 asymmetric competition game “Identity V” has appeared a seasonal blood theme of ice and snow. UR Costume “Offense-Speed ​​Skating Seeds”, SSR Costume “Dance on Ice”, “Circle-Ball” will be viewed. While tasting the fun of winter tracking play, let’s support winter sports together.

PV: https://youtu.be/flsvnzojagu

In the new season of “Identity V”, we can promote the warring play through the winter tracking and meet the season’s bloody costume compatible with various winter sports.

# Speed ​​skating seeds, headed for an enemy

Identity V | Season 20 Essence 1 Background Story

Speed ​​Skates are sports that compete for speed on ice using blades. Excellent offenses for motor nerves will always go to the goal faster than any1. On the smooth ice, he sprayed towards the goal while chasing a bubble cold wind, and a tough figure will fit in the image. The offense is a speed skating track seed player, and it becomes a fellow speed and passion on ice.

# Dance on ice, brilliant show

Figure skates that dance on ice according to music, make a lot of prisoners with their elegance and beauty. And the emotional sclerter is a more accurate dancing to convey the attractiveness of art. She with a white silver dress with a vast ice, she turns, jumps, jumps and dancing, as she ends her perfect curtain call.

# Snowball, Corocoro Winter

Cute mascot is essential for winter tracking events. The wheels good at the show acquire a coat and a habit, and rolls a large and small snowball in Yukio. Decorating with a small carrot, and a new mask with a spafulness in the cuteness is possible. If you look at this new mascot figure, you may want to make a cute snow Dalma on the snow?

Winter tracking event finally started. Join now. NetEase Games’s first 1V4 asymmetric competition game “Identity V” ice and snow theme is the theme. Now, let’s support winter sports together, and join the fun and passionate tracking play!

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