Bertha coach Taycan Workout wants to give its injured domestic defenders Niklas strong and Jordan Torunarigha in the Bundesliga pause sufficient time to regeneration.

At the end of the two weeks, we want to have all players in a state that I have to decide who plays against Bochum, Output said. At the 1: 4 of the Berlin Football Bundesliga club against FC Bayern, both defensive players had missed on Sunday because of their problems on the ankle. In the defense center, Workout therefore offered the teenager Linus Richter (17) and Martin Cardie (19).


The situation at Bertha BSC ranks cork despite the difficult week with the cup-k.o in the derby against the 1st FC Union (2: 3) and the clear defeat against Munich not basically as a precarious. We will continue working on what we started from the first day. The steps are small, but they are made, said the 47-year-old. The week will not hustle us, promised Workout. When graduating on Saturday, several Bertha fans had stormed the place and expressed their displeasure about the recent achievements.

The Berliners remain before the Bundesliga break until the next game on February 4 against VFL Bochum on the 13th place of the Bundesliga table with three counters lead to the relegation place. It’s not the first club I take over in such a situation. You have to be alert and watch everything well, despite everything is important and the belief in what we do, Workout described the location.