The Borderlands 3 Arms Race mode has come out for a few months now and the fans have had the time needed to try it, exhaust it and move on. Even a big fan of Borderlands 3 as your old boyfriend Zane put him behind him. If you like it, more power for you. There was a time when Gearbox organized games on the left and right for Borderlands 3, but that was not the case in the last two months. However, in the coming weeks, there will be some consecutive events at ARMS Race.

ARMS RACE IS NOT THE SUCCESS WHICH FANS OF BORDERLANDS needed. It does not have the tension offered by a royal battle like Fortnite or Pubg and it does not have the variety and replayability of other multiplayer shooters. There is a card, only a few different areas on which to go and a single zone on which the Murdercane narrows. More updates and improvements could certainly remedy that, but for now, there are some mini events. The first, currently active, is called Clear Skies. This increases the rate of release of enemy equipment and slows down the murdercane narrowing. There is a success / trophy to explore the entire card so that hunters can enjoy this event to meet the challenge. Clear Skies takes place until January 28th.

On January 29, extra extra extraction will begin. In ARMS Race, the essential point is that you start without equipment and that you are content with what you find. You can use different stations around the card and at the end of the game to choose your favorite equipment to use outside this mode. Extra extra extraction increases the amount of equipment that these stations can send to your personal equipment bank. Another realization / trophy is to extract 100 piece of booty, so if you did not do it, it will definitely be useful. On February 4th, Gear Rush will be active. Gear Rush will increase the appearance rate of equipment chests around the map. This will also increase the speed of the Murdercane. You have more chances to get exclusive equipment to arms race, but it’s better to be fast about it. Each event will be active for a week and end on February 11th. Borderlands 3 is available on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5.

A Beginner's Guide to ARMS RACE! - (Borderlands 3 Designer's Cut DLC)

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