Known for the Bridge Constructor Franchise, the Clockstone studio is at work on Lego Bricktale hand hand in hand with the Thunderful Games publisher.

This adventure and construction game, which is distinguished by its elegant artistic direction based on dioramas (in the extension of a Lego Builder’s Journey), relies on an intuitive brick brick construction mechanism through which the player must Finding the solution adapted to each of these small ecosystems, which go from the wet jungle to the sunny desert through a medieval castle and the Caribbean islands. Accompanied by his little robot companion, the player will unlock new capabilities progressing in history, the goal being to help his grandfather rebuild his dilapidated amusement park.

Purely aesthetic creations, like a market stand or music box, functional constructions based on the laws of physics, such as cranes or cargoes: each diorama offers a variety of possibilities, with the comfort of intuitive construction. brick. In each location, you receive a set of bricks you need to make a single assembly that works. In addition to the constructions and specific quests, you can customize rides in the amusement park “, can we read on the steam sheet of the game.

LEGO Builder's Journey [PC] Full Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary)

LEGO BRICKTALES is announced for 2022. Thunderful Games has not mentioned any platform outside Steam.


LEGO BRICKTALES – Trailer 2022