Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga continues in the table cellar before the evening game at VFB Stuttgart (from 18:30 in the live ticker). For Foal Star Florian Neuhaus, it is clear how the march route has to be Fortan.

“Of course we know about the difficult situation and what’s going on in the past,” the 24-year-old now emphasized in the interview with the “Borussia MönchengladbachsBouth”. However, “not the time for comprehensive analyzes”.

Neuhaus does not want to wasten seconds with bad results. “We have important games in front of the chest. Therefore, the look is allowed to go forward,” he realized.

Before the basement-duel in Stuttgart, Gladbach ranks 13th place, four points before Hertha BSC on relegation rank 16. The VFB has again four meters less on the account.

Gladbach: Neuhaus strengthens Hütter’s back

Neuhaus Hob Meanwhile, to have learned from the partially significant defeats of the last weeks and months. One had analyzed the results “Of course”, the national player explained.

Errors would be “internally also clearly addressed, and we are shown by video, among other things, what has walked wrong,” said the Mittelfeldmann: “Everyone knows that such a team like Borussia should not happen.”

Coach Adi Hütter, who had to plug in a lot of criticism in the environment, had Neuhaus meanwhile in protection. “The coach takes up the difficult situation professionally and makes a very good impression on me. He goes ahead and always meets the right tone,” praised the right foot.

Rose change to BVB for Neuhaus No excuse

The fact that he had been banished to the replacement bench in the Hinserie of Hütter in the meantime, Neuhaus has meanwhile processed.

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“It was important that I have attempted and implemented what he has demanded from me – without giving up the footballing things in my game. And I think I’m on a good way in this regard. So you can say that I pulled strength from this difficult situation, “the 24-year-old mused.

When asked if the change from coach Marco Rose to BVB in the previous summer or the sudden from Borussia Mönchengladbachs director Max Eberl at the end of January were responsible for the crisis or are decided Neuhaus.

“Not at all. I see such a situation rather as an opportunity to make up more closely and develop a ‘now-first-law mentality’, emphasized the Gladbacher.