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Gamescom 2022: Unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft will certainly exist in Cologne

In addition to Sony Interactive Entertainment as well as Nintendo, other noteworthy actors in the video clip game sector will beam by their absence such as Take-Two Interactive, or Activision Blizzard. Regardless of whatever, the organizers of Gamescom 2022 suggest that the fair will certainly have more than 250 participants, including Ubisoft, Koch Media, 505 Gamings, Bandai Namco Amusement, Detector Bros.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment as well as Nintendo said that they would certainly not join Gamescom 2022, Microsoft, it will certainly without a doubt exist in Cologne. This is without a doubt what the American manufacturer announces in a main press launch where he defines that the occasion will be a possibility to show new things on games already announced.Apres our recent Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, we are pleased to confirm Xbox’s return to the Gamescom 2022 showfloor in Fragrance, Germany _, can be checked out.The European fans and also worldwide can anticipate to have Information from certain games that will certainly be launched on Xbox in the next 12 months. _

Dragon Ball Xenoversee 2: Goku Ultra Instinct is the next person in DLC, here is the trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Vous pensiez que Bandai Namco Entertainment en avait fini avec Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ? Think again ! Six ans après sa sortie sur PC, PS4 et Xbox One, le jeu continue de s’enrichir avec l’arrivée prochaine d’un nouveau DLC en la personne de Goku dans sa version Ultra Instinct. Ce choix, c’est le public qui l’a décidé par le biais d’un vote qui avait pour but de designer le prochain personnage jouable, parmi Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta GT, C-18 version DB Super et Goku Ultra Instinct. C’est donc ce dernier qui a remporté le suffrage des votes de la communauté et arrivera l’été prochain (ouais, on a le temps). Pas de quoi s’extasier quand on sait que la version Goku Ultra Instinct Maîtrisé est d’ores et déjà dans le roster depuis plusieurs années. Un choix controversé puisque certaines personnes ont constaté que les animations sont exactement les mêmes entre les deux versions de l’Ultra Instinct. Doublon, vous avez dit doublon ? Qu’importe, c’est le public qui a voté, rappelons-le…

Announced Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi, first models, characters and date

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Square Enix have announced a range of tamagotchi bNamco Entertainmented on Kingdom Hearts on the occNamco Entertainmention of the twentieth anniversary of the saga. After knowing the planning plans of the Japanese company on the occNamco Entertainmention of the twenty years of History of the Saga de Sora and company in the Disney Universe, these Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi are presented Namco Entertainment one of the main claims for fans in What Merchandising is concerned.

This is Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi: Two models, launch in October and more

Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi will have a total of two models: the DARK MODE variant and the LIGHT MODE variant. Bandai hNamco Entertainment set the price of the product at 2,530 yen (about 18 euros to change, plus taxes) with a launch provided in Japanese lands next month of October 2022 . It is some models of the Tamagotchi Nano line, Namco Entertainment we saw with the Kimetsu no Yaiba Tamagotchi (Demon Slayer).

These are monochrome variants, with simple commands that well know the fans of these “pocket friends”. According to the information shared for now, there are already 20 confirmed characters selectable in this range of Tamagotchi of Kingdom Hearts, but there will be more. At this time is open A popular vote To add two more characters . You can participate until next April 11, 2022.

Daily Dot Com: Disney theme adventure

We do not know if.

Kingdom Hearts hNamco Entertainment new developing projects

We remember that in September 2020 it wNamco Entertainment confirmed in the magazine famitsu, by the hand of Tetsuya Nomura, director of the series, that the next delivery of the Kingdom Hearts saga is already under development. He did not confirm that it wNamco Entertainment Kingdom Hearts 4, but a new videogame. They cited the year 2022 Namco Entertainment a target year, but the pandemic hNamco Entertainment been able to upgraded the plans. Soon we will leave doubts.

BANDAI Namco Entertainment, Launched a monthly average of 50,000 yen from April. All employees subject

BANDAI Namco entertainment announced that it will introduce a new compensation system that raises the basic salary of all employees to the basic salary of all employees, and raising the basics of all employees from April 28. In addition, about the first order, it is to raise from the conventional 23.2 million yen to 290,000 yen.

Join the BANDAI NAMCO Team!
As a background of this base-up, the company will be described to improve the ability to work with employee income stability. Furthermore, in realizing the new medium-term vision introduced from this April, it is essential to promote the activities of various human resources in various fields.

In the Bandai Namco Group, we have a new medium-term vision called “Connect with Fans”. Aiming to connect IP (intellectual property such as character) to fans around the world, we will start building a new mechanism. One of the IP axis strategies reveals to develop “Metaverse Metaverse” (Related Articles). It plans to invest a 40 billion yen in three years in a total of 3 years, and also shows the policy to build an IP metaverse data base.

The first edition of IP metaverse has been announced to be “Gundam Metaverse”. A stage of space colony based on Gundam’s view of the world, and all information of Gundam is aggregated, such as games, animation, cancer, e-sports, and other events. Users can access such information through their avatars. In content development, it aims to provide a service unique to the real world and the virtual world. Details will be announced in the Gundam Conference held in the future.

Bandai Namco entertainment may be game development and operation, and in IP metaverse construction and content development, it is considered to play a central role. In recent years, companies in all industries have expressed entry into the metaverse related business. The basic payup up announced this time may also have the purpose of securing excellent human resources in such situations.

In the Bandai Namco Group, it has been announced that Bandai and Bandai Spirits introduce a new compensation system from April of this year. Average monthly salary to all employees, an average of 27%, and the first salary is up to 290,000 yen of 30% up. It has been described that employees’ motivation improvements and aiming to activate tissue.

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