Cacao Games (Representative Cho Gyeon-hyun) has conducted new artifacts and class skill balanced updates to the MMORPG ‘Odin: Balla Rising (hereinafter referred to as “Odin”).

First, Cacao Games is a new “40 species of” 40 species of “artifacts”, including ‘Infinite Power’, I added it. Users can register their artifacts with ‘item collection’ and obtain various collection effects.

In addition, updates were performed so that new active skills and some classes of new active skills and some classes have been updated to increase the fun of combat. Cacao Games will continue to grow through balance adjustments in the future.

We also conduct an event that causes expectations for the ‘advantageous occupation’ for the official café with this update. First, I will pay a variety of products, including the “Certificate of Attune” to the users who attend April 13, which will be held on April 13, which will be held on April 13,

Gambling for Odin's Blessings and Artifacts.

In addition, until the same period, the user can exchange various compensation, including the “Flags of the Causes”, “the Flag Sculpture of the Occupation”

A masterpiece MMORPG ‘Odin’ is ▲ unreal engine 4 and 3D scanning, the best graphics using the Motion capture technology, ▲ the world view of the Nordic myth, ▲ Open World, ▲, ▲ Open World, ▲ Characters, ▲ Large-scale wars, such as vast content, are being hot popular.

The information on the new update of the cross multiplatform game ‘Odin: Balla Rising’, which can be enjoyed on both mobile and PCs, can be found in the “Odin official website” and the official cacaoatalk channel.