Kamisato Ayato is an indisputable source of strength as a character DPS in Genshin Impact, with statistics and an elementary skill that give him the opportunity to cut his opponents into parts with grace, appropriate to the head of the Yashiro commission. However, he is a little more versatile than it might seem at first glance, and can be a worthy of a support character, providing a consistent trigger for spontaneous reactions with his spontaneous explosion – if you know how to create it. Here’s how to create Ayato as a character of support in Genshin Impact.

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The best set of weapons and artifacts for Ayato

The best team for Ayato

The best set of weapons and artifacts for Ayato

When choosing an auxiliary characteristics of an artifact to create an Ayato as a character of support, you must focus on elemental skills to increase the amount of damage applied by its explosion using the reaction of the elements, as well as invest in bonus to the hydraulic line , percent Critical blow and Energy reloading . The percentage of critical damage is a characteristic that, by its nature, will increase as it rises, allowing its explosion to apply a little more blow when used.

Given all this, the best sets of weapons and artifacts for Ayato are:

oath to freedom
At the maximum level of processing, the amount of damage applied by the Ayato increases by
20 percent . In addition, Ayato will receive the seal of the uprising when the elemental reaction is triggered, even if it is not on the field. After receiving two seals of the uprising, all the closest members of the group will be provided with a buff that increases their damage from ordinary, charged and falling attacks by 32 percent and attack 40 percent for*12 seconds .

คู่มือการเล่น AYATO ฉบับสมบูรณ์ | Ayato Full Guide | Genshin Impact
A set of artifacts “Emblem of a torn fate” of two parts
The energy reloading of Ayato increases by
20 percent .
A set of artifacts Noblesse Oblic, consisting of two objects
The damage to the spontaneous explosion of Ayato is increased by 20 percent .

The best team for Ayato

When creating a team that goes well with Ayato, you need to choose characters that can cause several reactions of the elements along with an explosion of Ayato. Genshin Impact has many characters to choose from, but some of them stand out among the rest:

sehenhe *
* Sheenhe creates a cryopole with the effect of the region when using the explosion of the elements, causing a reaction of freezing of the elements in combination with an explosion of Ayato. In addition, she receives an increase in her damage when applying damage to enemies affected by cryo.
Kaedehara Kazukha
* The explosion of the incident creates an ANEMO domain with the area of action, which can be filled with hydraulicity in combination with an explosion of Ayato in order to constantly apply hydrauli. It can also be filled with a cryo through Shenhe or Electro through the YaE, although it can take the properties of only one element at a time. The explosion of casulas is a great option for activating the reaction of the elements.
Yae Miko
* The spontaneous skill of Yae Miko allows her to leave electro-tootomas around the field, applying an electrical dr1. Then the enemies will be affected by the SuperchaRged reaction when contacting Hydro, slightly overwhelming them and constantly causing damage for a short period of time.

Имейте в виду, что это всего лишь предложения, и вы должны использовать команду, которая позволит вам получить наибольшее удовольствие от игры в Genshin Impact. There are many characters to choose from, and you will not be mistaken if you turn on a couple of characters that will allow Ayato to cause the reaction of the elements!

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