Ascending Tide will be the first DLC for TESO of 2022; This will be a Dungeon DLC, and will open the story of the year, the legacy of the Brétons. As usual, he will bring two new dungeons, and new rewards. It will be accompanied by Update 33, bringing changes to the combat system and successes. This DLC and this update went out today, Monday, March 14, 2022 on PC, Mac and Stadia, and will arrive on March 29, 2022 on PS4, PS5 , Xbox One, and Xbox Series * / X.

The first dungeon of this DLC is called the coral area, and its entrance is north of the Oratory of Veyond Wyte, in the setting. It is a mixture of reefs, caves and elficular ruins, also allowing quick access to the airway for the grades used by the ascending order, the new threat weighing on Tamriel. If you are attending it to explore it in more detail, you can find many secrets, treasures and other challenges and discover the history of this place…

In the base of these new opponents, you will have to face Yaghras and, of course, the members of the ascending order and their griffs. They will be under the command of 3 bosses, representing the various opponents you will encounter, including a commander of the ascending order supported by imposing grades.

You will also cross the route from Old Compagnons. Indeed, upon arrival in this lair, you will find Captain Kaleen again, engaged by Lady Arabella to seek the Jakarn bandit, also at his service, who disappeared while he had to pay a diplomatic mission of great importance. Find it in the middle of monsters and other opponents for the least hostile will not be a small deal.

Of course, triumphing this dungeon will be worth beautiful rewards including new sets (one of them being based on critical damage), as well as titles (one by finishing the dungeon in difficult mode), a mingo and many collectibles. The classic monster mask will also be available.

The second dungeon brought by Ascending Tide is called the regret of the carpenter: you will find his entrance to the east of the defilement, in fendreour. You will discover the remains of the shipyard that has been used to create the fleet of all sails, the most important armada of Tamriel, having defeated the Sloads. If there has been a long time left abandoned, ghosts and spirits of the forest have elected residence; It also would also have plans for vessel improvements that have never been used yet…

In this disturbing place, you will have to face not only ghosts, spriggans and other lives, but also the pirates of the fatal sails; It will nevertheless be expected High Isle , the next chapter, to understand the goals of these new enemies. 3 boss also roam, a spirit, a Spriggan and a captain (who will be entitled to innovative mechanics and will ask for a lot of agility), obviously much stronger than their congeners.

You will also find two former adventurers, which you could cross in the south of Elsweyr **, Captain Dagi-Rah Za’ji, and his companion Senche-Rah, Caska. They went, rather under the impulse of Za’ji, in this shipyard abandoned in search of plans to better improve their boat, the perfect bond. Do not seem to expect a strong opposition, it will come back to help them take ownership of the plans in question.

By successfully completing this dungeon, you can get a monster mask, new armor sets (one of which is moving on the damage and percussion effects), new successes and titles (finish the dungeon in difficult veteran mode You will give that of “Corsaire”), as well as many other collectibles, such as the body markings of the abyssal storage.

Ascending Tide DLC - 6 Things You Need To Know | Elder Scrolls Online

In addition, you can get the facial markings of the Abyssal Etrainment simply by entering one of these new dungeons.

Of course, as usual, an update, free for all, accompanies this DLC: this is the update 33.

It will make significant changes to the combat system. Indeed, if, until now, the skills and weapons were based on statistics force (maximum vigor and damage of weapons) or magical (maximum magic and magical damage), from the update 33, they will be based on Automatically on the highest statistics (whether vigor or magic), with a few exceptions. This change will also apply to major prophearance / wildcard and brutality / witchcraft bonuses (bonus duets that should be merged in the future).

In addition, some skills will be slightly retouched. The abnormalities of some will be corrected, and the less used will be improved (with a longer duration or care / damage a little larger, for example). No major change in the program, so, but corrections and improvements.

The system of success will also be entitled to its changes. As soon as the updates applied, the successes will now be shared by all the characters of the account (there too, there will be some exceptions); Reinforced rewards, such as titles, will also be shared. Note that, for it to be effective, you will need to connect at least once with each of your characters after the update.

The indomitables will have slight modifications also: you will earn indomitable reputation by doing quests in the dungeons for 4 players or via the daily quests of the Indomattes (which will be a little better rewarded in terms of reputation).

PVP lovers are not totally forgotten this time! Three new armor sets (a slight, a means, a heavy), with pvp bonuses and effects, will be available via the rewards of the worthy; In addition, a new Armor Style (Dragon Beerserker) will be exchangeable against such Var stones (an alliance / PVP rank of 20 will be necessary to be able to acquire).

More anecdotally, and paying in crowns, a new disassembly assistant will be available shortly after the update (we can count on 5K crowns, given the price of other assistants), as well as 2-seater mounts (for the player + his companion, or for 2 players). If we do not know the price (personally, since it could please players, I think it will not be given, but are waiting to know it officially), we can regret that it is only available through the crown shop ( For the assistants, precisely, we had the smuggling free)…

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_For this outstanding browser, face the perils of the Padomaic Ocean holds the health promenade. Embark on reading this new presentation of a character to learn more about the unshakable spearhead captain! _

Lady Arabelle,

I hear your weakness well for Jakarn, but are you really surprised that it volatilized at the minute where you dropped it from? Entrusting a mission of such importance to a thug of his kind was not your brightest decision. But the purpose of my letter is not to reprimand you, at least, not without touching you a helping hand. I know the ideal corsair to hunt Jackarn and make sure your missive reaches its destination, Captain Kaleen. Maybe you heard about her?

You will probably find me hypocritical to reproach you the job of Jakarn only to suggest you replace it with a hacker. But Captain Kaleen is not a corsair like the others. His vessel, the lance_fer, is at the service of sentinel, and therefore to that of the Alliance. It has almost cost him very expensive when she decided to float this pavilion, I can assure you. But she held good face to the mutiny of her crew, when her sailors claimed the Sabests boat in the light. It has been able to deploy the notch and the ingenuity needed to keep the time on the lance_fer and recruit a new crew capable of exposing the leader of Port-Hunding for Felony, all in an anchor of the most hostile.

Then this new crew has foiled the plot of bloodthirstropement worship aimed at conquering Betnikh, which has played a decisive role to convince the orcles that govern this island to join the alliance of Daguefilate. Without their intervention, Betnikh became the fief of a hostile force of necromancer vils instead of a fortified port for the use of the Navy of the Alliance.

She even suffered torture in the hands of Yokuda’s children to unmask their treacheries and protect the population of taillemont of a certain massacre. All this to ensure you, without the shadow of a doubt, that Captain Kaleen is trustworthy for any significant task at the service of the Alliance that you can entrust to him.

And if I tell you that Kaleen is the best placed to hunt Jakarn, it’s because these two know each other well. He served on the Lance_fer intermittently, when their interests were sufficiently concorded. Kaleen is very much like Jakarn’s handsets, as well as his associates and fantasies. If anyone can find trace of your courier disappeared, it’s it.

If you follow my advice and want to recruit Captain Kaleen, you will have to make your offer pass by me. Indeed, it is currently at the bar of the admiral vessel of a small fleet of corsairs at the Abeégian sea, and its movements are a well-kept secret of our navy. If this diplomatic mission is as important as you indicate, I think I can do without its services for it to ensure the arrival at the good port of your missive.

But, if as I imagine, the fate reserved for Jakarn is important to you a little, it would be prudent to stipulate it in your offer. Indeed, when I mentioned that they knew each other, I did not mean that they were necessarily in very good terms.


Fahara’jad, King of Sentinel

Selon Your allegiance, Captain Kaleen may prove to be an unwavering ally or a formidable opponent. If you vide under the pavilion of the Alliance of Daguefilate, you have little trouble to make you. But if it is not the case, watch the horizon and beware of the fierce crew of the impressive spearhead! _ Have you can not wait to team up with Captain Kaleen in the downloadable game pack _ascending tide to appear soon? Tell us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The downloadable game pack ascending Tide DLC arrives on March 14 for PC / Mac and Stadia and March 29 for Xbox and PlayStation. Consoles.

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The Combat designer Alec Verish and his team explain the evolutions planned as part of the update 33.

Hello everyone,

Today, the Fighting Team would like to formally wish you a 2022 welcome by offering you a glimpse of what awaits you in combat in the first update of the year! We closely followed all the adjustments made during the year 2021 and we are relatively satisfied with the way the game has evolved in terms of combat, expression of the characters and freedom of choice of archetypes. We are determined to continue this work until the end, where it counts the most.

In Update 33, the changes aim to ensure that almost all your skills are dynamically adapting to your highest offensive statistics, when relevant. Like what we did for passive and sets of objects, we want you to feel free to choose a skill or a weapon based first and foremost on the play mechanisms and the possibility of expression that it offers you, with the least restrictions possible. This means that any capacity that adapted exclusively to magic damage and maximum magic will now adapt to your arms damage and maximum strength, and vice versa. We want to preserve many game styles by limiting the frequency of use of these skills by their cost and less depending on their powers or statistical profile you have chosen.

Bonuses as major prophearance and major savagery will also have a double source, as well as brutality and witchcraft. In the long run, we plan to simply merge these bonuses to reduce the number of names and effects you have to worry about, but this involves a lot of work behind the scenes; So it may take some time before we are able to do it.

In addition to the pursuit of this hybridization, we have also reviewed many skills and reflected some of their features, ensuring that those that are not used as often receive a little visit to make them more in accordance with others. skills of the same type. This is added to the usual bug fixes and upgrades of the back-end as well as the identification of off-standing skills or assemblies requiring rebalancing. Some of these anomalies are more important, such as the new powerful shield functionality treated as a percussion attack, or the newly tapered javelot functionality, so tapered indeed that it was spinning through st1. However, most adjustments are not so tap-ease or important. Most bring improvements in quality of life rather as the extension of certain durations for easier use, or a dynamic adjustment scale. For example, the evolutions of the lotus flower give you the choice between getting more care in general or a much longer duration to avoid microamanagement.

And here for the changes made to the fighting by this update! Although the number of changes are far from negligible, with the hybridization work we have already done in the past, we hope that it will happen more smoothly than lately. Our goal is to open the door to more freedom in the construction of your archetypes and game diversity. We are aware that for some players these changes will be synonymous with time and effort to reoptimize their configurations, but we are convinced that long-term benefits are worth it. Thank you for having read and look forward to seeing you all in Tamriel!

You can find this letter and talk with your gambling classmates in our official forum. These modifications, corrections and improvements that are part of the basic game update 33, they will be free for all players of eso. As always, the fighting team is still delighted to know what you think about these future changes. Have fun !

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