Lost Ark Launch DELAYED, deployment issues cited, here's the details
Lost Ark will make a new maintenance period several hours during today’s morning, Wednesday, February 16, 2022 . Smilegate hservers informed this new temporary pause of game servers in their social networks; In this way, until the adjustment process does not end, it will not be possible to access the world of Arkesia. We review all the details, deadlines and what is sought with this new maintenance.

What time does the maintenance period of Lost Ark ends?

After the hotfix applied this Tuesday, February 15, the Lost Ark team serverssures in the Social Twitter network that have identified an influence of instability and connection problems in the European region , where the Lost Ark servers present more Problems, saturation and disability to supply the huge number of users trying to play. In this regard, we recall that Smilegate works in the creation of a new region that allows us to accommodate more players in Europe.

  • Lost Ark will put your servers in process of maintenance From 06:00 am (CET) on Wednesday, February 16 .
  • The duration of the maintenance of the servers of the game is about approximately two hours .

What happens with the EUROPE servers of Lost Ark? Endless queues

On the night of this Tuesday, on the occserversion of the extensive maintenance period that wservers made to correct errors, apply changes bserversed on the Player Feedback and try to solve problems with Galatur, Lost ARK published an extensive communication servers a Update on the current problems of the title .

Regarding the waiting queues in the region Central of Lost Ark, the development team apologizes and serverssures that they continue to work at the opening of a new European region called Eu West ** However, this region does not have an exact date of premiere yet.

“The great popularity of Lost Ark hservers caused queues in all regions whose rank goes from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands,” they comment in the statement. “Our server team hservers been working tireless with Smilegate RPG leading to the existing servers to the absolute limit of their capacity while maintaining stability and added more servers to each region.”

However, “ we can not add more capacity to the regions because of the limitations produced by the architecture of Lost Ark “. Soon we will know when the new European region will open, EU WEST.

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