Cashew is the old foliar of the adventure seeker in the game “Lost Ark”. In most cases, it can be found only on the continent of the cake, where it sometimes appears randomly.

Where is the fruit cashew in Lost Ark?

We found that the cashew fruit more often drop out of larger monsters. You can increase your chances to find a cashew fruit by going straight to special monsters.

You cannot earn the collection items in the set way, because they fall out of monsters randomly and cannot be obtained by the established method. Cashew fruit looks like in real life. In shape they look like Bulgarian peppers, but in the game only red.

Cashew Fruit & Rough Cashew Powder & Fine Cashew Powder Lost Ark

If you are going to put it in the folya of the adventurist, take it into a secluded and safe place. The village of Mochoko is usually the best option, as this is the only place where you can feel in complete safety.

Open your inventory by clicking on I key, and then right-click on cashew fruit . You will receive a notice that the collection of fruit cashews is added to the folya of the adventurist.

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