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The lUnited Statest of us part 1 is a remake and you can check it in this comparative video

Ellie and Joel start a trip United States dangerous United States special in the post-epocalyptic United States of The LUnited Statest of Us Part 1, the PS5 clUnited Statessic remake. United States its releUnited Statese date approaches, Naughty Dog is offering more and more details about this remote version. Although some have questioned their remake condition, the study hUnited States published several comparative videos to demonstrate it : the most recent illustrates Joel at the Boston docks.

The brief clip, which you can enjoy just on these lines, compares part 1 with the remUnited Statestering of PlayStation 4. United States can be seen, The graphic changes are seen . The American study hUnited States rebuilt the game for the new generation, although it remains to be seen to what extent improvements have been implemented.

Naughty Dog defends the remake

Jonathan Benainous, by Naughty Dog, recalled on his Twitter account that the people who had complained about The LUnited Statest of Us part 1 had not yet tried the title. Having played the two there is no comparison point between PS3 and PS5, he said.


Now, he admitted that one of The LUnited Statest of Us Part 2 hUnited States not been able to implement because the gameplay would break: And on putting face down, that would have broken the gameplay and the combat zone because originally It wUnited States not built like this.

The LUnited Statest of Us Part 1 will go on sale next September 2 for PlayStation 5 **. United States for the PC version, the releUnited Statese date hUnited States not yet been revealed, although it is expected not to take too long. Next year there will be news about the independent multiplayer set in this universe, not to mention the HBO Max series, also scheduled for 2023.

The achievements of Goldeneye 007 appear on the official Xbox website

The remastering of Goldeneye 007 , the RARE classic for Nintendo 64, for Xbox, a project that has been playing since 2008 but that for a long time was believed to be canceled. Today we learn that the achievements of this version, even without announcing, can be consulted directly on the Xbox website.

At the beginning of this year, this list began to appear on websites specialized in monitoring of achievements after several developers were fished by unlocking some of them. Recently, we read in Vandal, it was James Thomas’s profile that left one of these achievements; Thomas is a Rare veteran with experience carrying Nintendo 64 to Xbox games: he was lead Engineer of Rare Replay, the acclaimed compilation of classic games of the British company, which includes games as well known as Banjo-Kazooie or Jet Force Gemini.

Now, the big doubt is when it will be published; The game is not even announced, although there is no lack of who anticipates a surprise launch during the showcase of Xbox and Bethesda, this Sunday.

On the list itself, there is not much to review: to the specific achievements for completing each level, those that refer to the hidden conditions to unlock the tricks and a few focused on the highly remembered multiplayer are added. There is a secret achievement that may have to do with difficulty 007, the custom mode that is unlocked when you finish the game in 00 agent, the highest difficulty.

This Goldeye 007 of Xbox is a classic of the missing games. It was learned for the first time in 2008, when a magazine leaked its existence. The complicated project, which apparently had Nintendo’s approval, ended up canceling for the difficulty of agreeing to all those involved (from Eon Productions, owner of James Bond, to Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the film’s actors, that also had to accept the use of their image), a clash of licenses that ended up preventing the project from reaching a port. In 2010 it was published in Xbox 360 the remastering of Perfect Dark, the other shoter of Rare for Nintendo 64; Until recently, that game was the closest to Goldeneye 007 that we had in Xbox, and the most tangible show of how the remaster had not been canceled.


Until recently, I say, because Goldeneye 007 of Xbox ended up leaking: last year, someone published a totally playable version of the project. This build, very close to what would have been the final, was given by good part of the original team; In his day, Digital Foundry published a long video playing this filtered version and analyzing the technical part of remastering.

Playstation now finally in the price, add several blockbuster games

Sony’s PlayStation Now Cloud Game Service has been relatively reliable, offering players the opportunity to play classic playstation 3 games and download some PS4 titles. But the price was too high: $ 20 a month or $ 100 a year. Fortunately, it seems that Sony finally decided to solve this problem and now makes it very reasonable that everyone can enjoy most of its successful games, not only on PlayStation 4, but also on PC.

In a new article PlayStation Blog, the company has announced new pricing levels for service. It will now go for $ 9.99 a month; $ 24.99 for three months; and $ 59.99 for one year in the United States. The pricing levels are broken down by region:

  • US $ 9.99 – Monthly / $ 24.99 – Quarterly / $ 59.99 – Annual (from $ 19.99 / $ 44.99 / $ 99.99)
  • CAN: $ 12.99 – Monthly / $ 34.99 – Quarterly / $ 79.99 – Annual (from $ 19.99 / $ 44.99 / $ 99.99)
  • EU: 9,99 € – Monthly / 24,99 € – Quarterly / € 59.99 – Annual (from € 14.99 / (N / A) / 99,99 €)
  • UK: £ 8.99 – Monthly / £ 22.99 – Quarterly / £ 49.99 – Annual (from £ 12.99 / (N / A) / £ 84.99)
  • JP: 1 180 ¥ – Monthly / 2 980 ¥ – Quarterly / 6 980 ¥ per year (from 2 500 ¥ / 5 900 ¥ / (N / A))

Offering more than 800 games on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, it’s a very big problem for those who want to play their games where you wants on a computer or console. But there is a little more that goes with, since Sony has also added four huge successful titles to the service.

The first place is the candidate for the game of the year 2018 dieu of the war, featuring impressive fights and a fluid cinema style design which is among the best of the PS4. Yes, fans, you can download and play this game. Maintain.


The next step is grand theft auto V. For those who may have missed that in recent years, you can finally move on to solo and solo. Grand theft auto online and see for yourself. (You will need to download the game for power GTA online, however.)

Trify famous: Second son Sucker Punch returns to his impressive franchise with a brand new hero, this time in Seattle.

Finally, _uncharted 4: the end of a thief allows you to finish the trip from Nathan Drake with style, with Naughty Dog realizing some of his best works to date (except the next one of the last of us.

These games will be available until January 2nd, so players have enough time to enjoy. Sony has also promised that other “marker” games will evolve through the service, which means favorites like marvel’s spider-man and mlb the show 19 may not be far behind.

Take a look at the trailer below to learn more about PlayStation Now!

Pokemon Go: “Community Day Classic with Hydropi” for 1 EUR – All web content on the occasion

Inpokémon Go can currently buy a 1 EUR ticket to the Community Day Classic with Hydropi, where special research study is opened. We from Meinmmo have actually viewed us which tasks and also compensates it includes and also whether it is rewarding.

Which ticket is? Today, 10th April 2022, occurs in Pokémon Go the Community Day Classic with Hydropi. There is again an unique occasion ticket on exactly how to recognize it from the normal community days.

Exactly how do you obtain the ticket? The occasion ticket to Hydropi is offered to you in the Ingame Store of the ready concerning 1 EUR. To acquire it, you just have to open the store in Pokémon Go and also scroll to the sub-item “Worldwide Occasions”. This is situated listed below packages.

The event ticket under the name “Community Day Classic with Hydropi”, gives you accessibility to an unique task that will certainly reverse the water Pokémon. Which rewards and also jobs expect you in concrete terms, we have summarized you listed below.

Ticket for “Community Day Classic with Hydropi” – Study

Where do we recognize the jobs? Even if the community day starts just at 14:00 regional time, he has actually already begun as a result of the moment change in other countries. The instructor living there has therefore currently shared the jobs and rewards for special study with Hydropi in the social networks.

We have summarized you with the aid of the introduction of Leekduck, all incentives as well as jobs:

Hydropi Research on the C-Day Standard 1/4

Action Reward: Have you solved all the jobs of this board, after that you additionally obtain 2,000 celebrity dirt, a smoke and also an encounter with hydropi.

Hydropi Research on the C-Day Classic 2/4

Step Compensate: You have actually fixed all the tasks of this board, then you likewise receive 1,500 EP (experience points), a smoke and an experience with hydropi.

Hydropi Research on the C-Day Standard 3/4

Step Reward: Have you solved all the jobs of this board, after that you additionally get 2,500 EP, a Rocket Radar as well as 15 Hyperballs.

Hydropi Research on the C-Day Standard 4/4

Step Award: Have you addressed all the jobs of this board, after that you additionally obtain 3,000 star dust, 2 unique bonboes and an encounter with Sumpex.


Is the purchase of the event ticket to Hydropi?

You must note that: If you contrast the ticket cost of just under 1 EUR with the value of the private items you get out of study, then you are well less costly with the ticket. You would certainly pay the complying with in the shop for the items:

On top of that, you will certainly receive additional fascinating benefits with unique research study, such as rounds, silver Sananaberen, celebrity dirt, experiences and unique bonboes.

Inpokémon Go can now get a 1 EUR ticket to the Community Day Classic with Hydropi, where unique research study is unlocked. Exactly how do you get the ticket? The event ticket to Hydropi is available to you in the Ingame Shop of the video game for about 1 EUR. Who should acquire the ticket? ** The ticket is most definitely rewarding for instructors that commend anyway to buy these products.

Anybody that has enough items as well as this does not necessarily require, can save the cash for the occasion ticket however likewise confidently. You can still utilize all various other benefits and generates of the Community Day Classic with Hydropi.

Do you like the jobs for special research with HYDROPI? What benefit do you definitely want to secure yourself? Or do you choose to play today without ticket? Create us your opinion below on Meinmmo in the comments.

  • A ROCKET radar expenses in the store 200 coins, which are concerning 2.00 EUR
  • For two smoke, you pay 80 coins, which represents regarding EUR 0.80
  • A lucky egg gets her for 80 coins, which matches to EUR 0.80

In a few days, the springtime event begins in Pokémon Go and also brings you a brand-new legendary Pokémon, pleasant new outfits as well as great perks. We reveal you all material.

That should buy the ticket? The ticket is definitely rewarding for coaches that praise anyway to acquire these products.

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