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The mysterious survey ADV Urban Legendary Description Center drawn by a characteristic pixel art is released!

The Steam store page of the mystery adventure Urban Legendary Description Center , which is being developed by the graveyard library, is in charge of distribution by Shueisha Games, and has been released.


This work is the protagonist, Azami Fukusawa, a researcher at the Urban Legendary Description Center, which conducts surveys and collection of spells, ghosts, etc. It is an adventure game of 2D horizontal scrolling aiming for dismantling. Players investigate various places and people and collect information to proceed with the story. The screenshot currently available can check the survey on the curse box.

This work was just announced at the Bitsummit X-Roads held on August 6 and 7 at the Shueisha Games booth in charge of distribution. The graveyard library, which is in charge of development, is a team consisting of four members who are good at producing adventures that can be cleared in a short time, and the masterpiece Kazuhado Shin’s Case Book is Google Play Indie Games Festival 2021. The TOP10 & Shueisha Game Creators CAMP Award triggered the support for this work by Shueisha Games.

The Mysterious Unlimited Story is expected to develop the Urban Legendary Description Center for PC (Steam)/iOS/Android, and will be distributed in the first half of 2023 on the Steam store page.

FSR 2.0 is now in the Cyberpunk 2077, but not yet officially

Modders have already done a lot for Cyberpunk 2077, and all modifications for the game are virtually impossible to list. Now these people have reached and the AMD FSR 2.0 image published a couple of days ago.

Now everyone can follow Nexus Mods and download the modification from there, which will replace the DLSS in Cyberpunk 2077 with FSR 2.0, which will allow you to use the temporal apusieler on completely any video card. The performance of this fashion has already been checked even on Steam Deck. Modder himself checked the modification on the GTX 1080, and FSR 2.0 allowed him to get 45 frames of the average framework in 4K resolution, while in the native 4k personnel there were half as much. What settings Modder tested the game, not reported, but obviously not at maximum.

Here is a small video with FSR 2.0 testing with maximum graphics settings without using rays tracing.

The process of replacing DLSS with FSR 2.0, apparently, is extremely simple, which is facilitated by the DLSS libraries in format.dll, which the modder simply replaces with the possibility of transferring NVIDIA DLSS commands to AMD FSR 2.0. In theory, a similar modification can be done for any game with DLSS inside.

Sorashima search game Hazel Sky will be released on July 20. The world of the sky, which is beautifully drawn by adventure and friendship

Publisher Neon Doctrine announced on June 20 that it will release Hazel Sky on July 20. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The game seems to support Japanese display. It was announced that this work will be released in June this year, but it will be released one month later.

Hazel Sky is a 3D adventure game. The stage is the world of the sky. The main character, Shane, spent a distant island from his hometown of Gideon for some reason. Shane is said to be an fate to become an engineer. But in order to be recognized as an engineer, he has to overcome the challenges. He repairs the tattered airships while collecting materials on a lonely island.


In this work, we adventure on the island. He gets repair parts for aircraft around forests, caves, and sandy beaches. On the island, he is alone, but his heart is not al1. The radio is connected to a friend who wants the same engineer. Shane changes through communication and adventure with his friend Erin.

This work is more like an adventure game than a survival game. Explore various places and collect items. The Steam store page also states, Let’s feel peace and quietness in a spectacular world. On the other hand, during the adventure, the end of those who failed in training will be revealed, and there seems to be a depiction of death, and the story is likely to be heavy.

Development is Brazilian indie studio COFFEE Addict Studio. The studio has released the Dark Soul-like action game BLADE & BONES in the past. The work was originally scheduled to be released from Another Indie, but the publisher was a rebrand to NEON DOCTRINE. The name has changed, but it will be released in the same group as the announcement.

Hazel Sky will be released on July 20 for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The demo version is also being distributed in Steam.

PS5 hits in the future right on Steam? Sony drives PC

After Sony was with games like God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn’s big success on PC platforms like Steam could celebrate, this market is now evidently expanded. A newly incorporated job advertisement makes noisy.

Sony shines on the PC market

Sony has succeeded in successfully in the PC market for several years and has enormously successfully marketed platforms like Steam ** its previous PS4 hits. God of War, Days Gone and other ports mutated immediately to topsellers. Later this year is still the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection appear and fans have been screaming for a PC port for Bloodborne for years.

The Publishing label founded by Sony’s 2021 for the PC is pretty good. And as a new job listing shows, Sony will continue to follow and even expand the PC strategy in the future. Because the company is looking for a senior director for the planning and strategy of the PC market. (Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The different tasks in the job description make clear: Sony wants growth in this area .

PS5 games soon at the same time on Steam & Co.?

So far, the Publisher is content with the porting of successful blockbusters of the PS4 . But with a look at the future, the Arsenal will be used up quickly at already existing games.

A logical next step could be the simultaneous publication of new games on the consoles as well as PC via Steam, Epic and other platforms.

Sony has been held at an exclusive strategy for years, but the industry developments show where the trend goes: Game fun on all platforms . Microsoft as a strong competitor makes it before and the Japanese company must meet the new challenges of the market.

With the renewal of the PS-Plus subscription, a first step is done and the further opening in the direction of PC completes the upswing.

Sony Introduces PlayStation PC | Sony Gets Serious About PC Gaming | Sony Enters PC Market
If Sony decides on the PC for brand new releases, the choice of platform should also play a major role. The job description is talking about working with market sizes such as Steam and Epic Games. But in the distant future might be a marketing via the own PSN for the PC.

Which concrete strategy Sony persecutes in the end will show. Of course we keep you up to date on all developments.

_The playstation has many changes. If you want to know what the new PS plus and competition has on offer, we recommend this video: _

Square-enix announces Valkyrie Elysium, the new delivery of its veteran series

As a closing of the State of Play tonight, Square-Enix has announced VALKYRIE ELYSIUM , a new delivery of the series that will be published in PS4, PS5 and Steam this year.

One of the main novelties of the game seems to be in the combat system, which turns towards action; The GAMEPLAY that is seen in the trailer (on these lines) is considerably different from the original PSX, which was in shifts, and to its sequel to PS2, which was passed into real time while maintaining some ideas of the original combat.

At the end of the trailer does not leave the tri-ace logo – the study associated with the series, which now is busy in another of its best-known sagas: this year should also come out Star Ocean: The Divine Force, a new delivery for PC and Consoles- because of the development Soleil is responsible (those of Naruto to Boruto and Ninjala).

VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Announcement Trailer
It has been a surprise, although the title we already knew it: we learned at the end of last year that Square-Enix had registered it, although at that time it was not clear about what could be dealt with.

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