We understand the problem of several independent developers: they often offer original concepts (also interesting), however commonly struggle to realize them. The Dutch Workshop Dead eye Games is certainly from those with its MMORPG Rulers of the Sea project.

If Rulers of the Sea as a result depends on initial play mechanics, the Studio Dead eye Games is clearly challenging to locate the funds required for their understanding. Factor for which the studio means to focus its tasks of 2022 on capitalist study.
Extra concretely, the developer means to concentrate on the instructional method of Rulers of the Sea, incorporating the Role play immersion and also the historical simulation of the job (including collaborations with academic and also educational institutions), in order to produce a Usable prototype that can be made use of to start prospective capitalists. The future will claim if the small team of Dead eye Games will certainly reach its objectives of the year, but we would certainly wonder to find a completed version of the project. For the curious, the game is disclosed on a main site readily available below.


For the document, Leaders of the Sea intends to submerse the players in a large practical consistent universe, motivated by our globe in 1750: more than 150 countries share about 600 port cities in which the gamers will be intended to choose a family member. A family and also a job as a ship commander, investor or armed forces — the game asserts greater than concerning forty various tasks, that players will certainly be able to exercise by engaging with various other players or hiring NPCs (employees, staffs or soldiers)
Leaders of the Sea also asserts an instructional technique: there are no levels in the MMORPG, however the progression experiences the role play with various other gamers and also taking courses in universities and universities of deep space Play, in order to find out more regarding life in the 18th century, before passing exams that validate the development of the personality.