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Evil Dead: The Video Game: Army of Darkness

With the current upgrade for Evil Dead: The Game, gamers have to tackle the role of Ash and his friends and defeat the arms of darkness.

With the Military of Darkness upgrade, players access to the free Castle Candar map, where they handle the Deadites with new medieval weapons like Maces and also the Explosive Weapon.
In addition to the new Exploration mode, you can also re-dress with Costs Clothes, which can either be bought separately or consisted of with the Season Pass.

Test results Satisfaction, Dead Side Club this summer release goal

On the 3rd, Dev Sisters’ new Deadside Club held a media meeting. At the meeting, Dead Side Club planner Kim Sung -wook introduced the game and reported the results collected in the private test on the 23rd. Kim expressed his love for the game as a director, saying, “We have a bigger responsibility rather than a big burden on creating a new IP.”

Happy Death Day (2017) - Killing Me Over Some Stupid Guy? Scene (10/10) | Movieclips
Deadside Club was the first to appear in Devsister’s online showcase ‘Devnau’ on the 14th and conducted a steam closed test from 23rd to 26th. It is a fierce psychological side scroll gun shooting game that fought in a breathtaking battle in the city building, and users have a structure that can expand the game’s fun, such as holding a tournament or creating a map, and unlike the existing gun shooting game. It is also specialized in producing content.

Kim said that the test was a technical test that focused on stabilizing the server and technology, and said that 95%of the users who played without leaving the tutorial at the beginning of the test were achieved. In addition, he confirmed the trend that the user departure was low for the first three days after entering the game, and the serious server down phenomenon was not confirmed during the test, and the news that the user indicators that continue to battle in the actual matching were stable. Kim added, “We will run a test that can actively accept the feedback of the users who received the private test to confirm the change again in June.”

The development direction was also released later. Kim said, “We will first pursue the mapcraft function to enable various traps and concept maps to improve the“ Holder Mode ”. In addition to the current solo, squad, and non -holder mode, he added that he will add custom matches and ranking matches such as Team Death Match and Occupational War to diversify modes and accelerate the combat balance adjustment. In order to reduce the boredom of combat, we will also pay attention to the creation of a changing combat trend by diversifying variables such as new means of transportation, interaction device, and monster attack pattern adjustment.

Since then, Q & A has also been disclosed in the game development direction. Kim said, “We are considering a positive review of the relevant matters because there are a lot of feedback on PVE requests during the test play.”

In addition, the question of the mobile platform launch plan is, “We are currently considering only PCs and consoles, and mobile requests have been received as test feedback, so we will review it positively.” In addition, the question about the launch schedule said, “The current launch point is aimed at this summer, but there is a possibility that it will change depending on the situation.” The official launch of Dead Side Club aims to launch PC/console global this summer.

After this meeting, Dead Side Club will focus on the main feedback ‘manipulation, farming, map, and weapon balance adjustment’ received in the first closed test, and will be tested again in June.

Remake version “Dead Space” to the beginning of 2023. Sound strengthening, and the shiny isack is more tough

MOTIVE STUDIOS has published new information of MOKE 12, “ DEAD SPACE “. A new system is introduced to sound design that produces the fear of the same work and a more realistic vocalization of the protagonist. In addition, it was revealed that the release time was 2023 (Early 2023).

The original version “Dead Space” is a SF survival horror game that was launched from Electronic ARTS (here, EA), and Visceral Games. In the original version, the planetary mining vessel “USG ISHIMURA” was drawn, and struggle with the survival of the ISAAC Clarke (Isaac Clark), an engineer, a hero. Excellent production and a world view that feels aquatic fear is well received, and two sequel have been produced, and a plurality of spin-off works are released.

This remake version “Dead Space” is responsible for developing MOTIVE STUDIOS under the EA umbrella. While faithfully protecting the original version of the game play, it is produced by further enhancing the quality of the game experience. Developer-earlier live distribution has been transmitted (related articles), such as progress in graphic surfaces and reality improvement of Goa representation (related articles). And in developer live delivery published on March 12, the details of the production reinforcement in the sound plane were revealed.

In this work, it is said that the sound can be heard even with the same sound according to the attenuation and reflection of the sound by the shield. It is said that sound attenuation and echo is simulated in real time, such as the other side of the wall and the bending angle. Nowadays, the large titles implementing these factors are not uncommon. However, the fact that it is a good idea to be a fan of the sound that will be the need for fear production is a pleasure.

Dead Space Remake - Fear Reimagined Developer Full Showcase

“The A.L.I.v.e. System”, which produces the status of Isaac, which is the main character, was also introduced. This is a mechanism that changes to speech and speech, as well as breathing and anguing, depending on the fatigue and injury state of Isaac. Also in the original version of “Dead Space”, there was a production of breathlessness and pain of pain, depending on the injury, fatigue or oxygen remainder of Isaac. In the remake version, the system is further advanced, and the unnatural overlap of voice in the original version and the sense of discomfort such as gentle breathing at the moment of supplying oxygen. Simulate changes in brain and physical condition due to combat, injury and fear event, and it is a mechanism to reflect the sound emitted from the heartbeat to the conversation. For conversations, three types of normal and fatigue, injury and situation are prepared. By eliminating the difference between the situation in the game and the speech production, it will be an attempt to deepen their feelings.

And the comparison of weapon sounds in the original version and remake version has also been released. In comparison of Plasma Cutter, which is a weapon representing this work, it can be seen that the detention of sound is increasing in remake. The original version was an impressive impressive impressive impression, but in the remake version, the sound of “Kacha Cacha” is attached to the mechanism of mechanical weapons. Such sounds are produced by superimposing the layers of several sounds. A sound has been added to felt the internal mechanism for Pulse RIFLE. Both are also the impression that the echo from the environment is also added and further depth.

The remake version “Dead Space” will be released in early 2023, PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X | S. Since this developer live delivery is the content that focused on the sound, if you are interested, please take a look at the headphones and so on. A continuous videos that have not been edited have also been released.

WWE 2K22 presents its new management mode

Always engaged in its Redemption operation, WWE 2K22 slides a head on this weekend with a trailer dedicated to my mg mode, one of the novelties of this edition.

Commented by Stephanie McMahon, hottie lined with a businesswoman, the video gives us a glimpse of this mode in which the iron arms also take place outside the ring. In the manager’s costume (which may be Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Adam Pearce or Sonya Deville), the goal is to gather and manage a group of superstars capable of lifting the crowds and therefore the hearings, which does not matter By managing budgets and a good balance between “good” and “bad guys” to give places to coherent rivalries that will fill the rooms regardless of the price of the ticket.

WWE 2K22 - Official MyGM Trailer

Before each meeting, the player will have the choice between playing, simulating or spending spectator / director mode to control camera angles. Let’s add that this mode will be playable with two, each player fighting for the fame of his own faction, even if you want to use special cards who will undermine the rival show. WWE 2K22 will be released on March 11 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.


WWE 2K22 – Trailer My MG

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