In an interview with Games Beat, a former president of Nintendo, the United States Nintendo, talked about why Nintendo does not create a new F-ZERO series.

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When the interviewer asked “Why the” F-ZERO “series was abandoned”, Mr. Fisamy said, “Why did you abandon? I always experimented with a new game style and was always thinking about whether to apply a unique game experience to existing franchises or create a new franchise. “

“I think that somewhere in the development building in Kyoto, I think that some of the developers will be thinking about ideas that can be applied to the” F-ZERO “series,” he said, “At least in my experience, Nintendo. However, there is no conscious decision to continue supporting a specific franchise. “

In the interview, Fisamy said in the interview, “I hated monetization and microtransactions for free basic play,” and the latest technologies such as “blockchain technology” and “NFTS”. He talks about a wide range of topics, such as “interaction with him.