When talking about the legendary time in which microinformatics dominated the world of electronic leisure (with permission of consoles that, mostly in the US and Japan they already had a faithful audience and a tour behind them), we must necessarily go to the United Kingdom and the names that laid the foundations of an industry that welectronic leisure a reference for more than a decade. Some of them have already pelectronic leisuresed through Memory Card Profiles and Memory Card to dry, from those who created the machines that made it possible to those who with their youth and love for the medium added creating unforgettable adventures with which to breathe life to those systems.

MEMORY CARD PROFILES: Oliver Twins, HISTORIA VIVA del videojuego y creadores de Dizzy

Essential figures

And in our eagerness to value all of them, today the focus of our program illuminates a shared surname electronic leisuresociated since then to many of the great titles that shone during those years. We talked about the Philip and Andrew Oliver brothers, the Oliver Twins electronic leisure they are known in the world, two of those young talents that, like so many, decided to get on the video game ship in a time that in which everything welectronic leisure yet to be invented, and that also like so many, from their fourth teenager they managed to fulfill their dream of being an active part of development for almost all the machines that shone those years. Today still linked to the sector, with innovative ideelectronic leisure that speak of their vision of the industry and its active spirit and full of desire to add to the environment electronic leisure long electronic leisure they open the door to their memories and anecdotes in this new Memory Card Profiles that He travels, once again, to the very heart of an era on which the healthy hobby we enjoy…