Players can get numerous cosmetics while exploring the world and complete several missions at Hogwarts Legacy.
One of the most peculiar hats you can find is the Troll Hat, which the game describes as unique but horrible.
If this accessory has not yet obtained, this guide will show you how to get Troll’s hat at Hogwarts Legacy.

Trolls control missions guide from Hogwarts legacy

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To get the Troll Hat, you must start control of Trolls Secondary Mission Visiting Brocburrow and meeting with Alexandra Ricketts, who is anxiously murmuring to herself in front of her house.
She will inform you about her plan to teach a troll to become the protector of her village.
Unfortunately, the creature is not interested in being trained and begins to terrorize the villagers.
Your player character will volunteer to solve the problem, but Alexandra will ask you to stay away due to danger.
Of course, you will not listen to your advice and go to the troll lair, which should be marked in your minima pa.

How to defeat Alexandra Troll in Hogwarts Legacy

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Alexandra’s Troll is an enemy of level 32, so you will want to be at least at level 25 to overcome this creature comfortably.
However, if you trust your ability to dodge and your reflexes, you should not have many problems to defeat this boss because it has a set of movements similar to other trolls.
As usual, it is better to maintain the distance with the enemy while sending spam with offensive spells and ancient magic.


You can also stun the Troll throwing flipping during his jump attack, where he hits his club against the ground.
The amulet will throw its weapon towards its head and temporarily immobilize it.
Once you have defeated the beast, you can explore a nearby cabin to find Alexandra’s notes that detail his lessons for trolls.
You can also return to Brochure and tell the woman the good news.
Alexandra will be happy to know and say that the villagers have created a nickname for the person who can kill the troll.
You can choose your new title according to your preferences because it does not affect the secondary mission.
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Once you finish your conversation with Alexandra, the game will immediately reward you with the Troll Hat.
This article is not a team but only cosmetic.
You can change the appearance of your current hat to the Troll Hat going to the team menu in your field guide and pressing square or x in your controller.
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Now you are a proud owner and user of the Troll Hat.
Unfortunately, it seems that no one will comment on his new fashion choice.
That is enough for our guide on how to get the Troll hat at Hogwarts Legacy.
If you are looking for more cosmetics to complete your wardrobe, you may be interested in consulting our best article on hats.
You can also read our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below.
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