The cookie Run Kingdom has many complex stages with bosses, one of which is 11–27. During the battle, you will have to overcome raspberry cookies a strong enemy that can destroy your entire team if you do not play the necessary cards.

Cookie Run Kingdom : Easy To Beat Stage 11-27
To go through the stage and confront raspberries, you will need to collect a strong enough team, preferably one that can call a huge number of people to help you in battle. To begin with, you should strive to put dark chocolate cookies on the front line. Using charge the hero type will help to break the enemy’s defense and give other teammates to concentrate attacks on Raspberry.

Then you must choose a healer such as pure vanilla cookies . Then replenish your list as callors, including cookies with pumpkin pie and venues of licorice . Hiring a group of callers, you can curb the raspberries before it destroys your protection.

The goal for the stage 11-27 is to fill up raspberries with calls. Take with you a strong enough group with such abilities, and you should easily go through it before getting too many blows.

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