We do not yet understand whether The Last of Us will become a trilogy with a 3rd part-and Troy Baker, who embodies Joel in the video games (not to be confused with series star Pedro Pascal), can no longer inform us.

However, the star and voice star understand exactly: If part 3 is established, he would more than happy to be on board once again.
We believed about what that might suggest for the story.
Spoiler warning: This article contains spoiler for The Last of United States Part 2.

Joel in the Last of United States Part 3?

Troy Baker has actually commented in the Last of Pods, a podcast on the HBO series, to continue the game series (through Thegamespoof.com).
After he has actually clearly made it clear that he does not yet understand whether it is being planned, he discusses with a pinch of humor how much he would like to be there:
If Neil [Luckmann, Naughty Dog-Co President] has a story that he wishes to inform, and he desires me to be part of it in any method, I exist seven days a week [for it] and twice on Sunday. I would definitely follow him and I followed him approximately evictions of hell and back and purchased ice cream.
Not only is the clear adoration for the Last of US developer, however also that she stimulates exciting idea games.
After all, there is a clear hurdle for a Joel appearance in Part 3: After all, he passes away in part 2. It might sound impractical at very first that he might reappear in a possible follow up.
Actually it is not at all.
Undoubtedly, it ended up that Joel Abby survived, and he merely returned with the words Hey Kiddo would be extremely unusual.
That would leave the complete story around Ellie’s revenge in part 2 in a totally various light.
However, there would be other alternatives.
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Here you can look at a trailer for the next series sequence, which will currently be relayed on Saturday:

possibilities of how Joel might be with the celebration once again

He might return in returns, similar to the scenes from Part 2, in which we experience Joel and Ellie in the museum.
If we spin the review thoughts even further, it would even be conceivable that part 3 would become a prequel in the whole.
The video game might illuminate the time after the break-out and tell the story of how Joel Tess got to know and ended up being a smuggler.
We have not yet known too much about this stage of life.


In addition, there would be other ways to bring Joel into play.
One would be that Ellie pictures him in difficult moments at her side and talks to him in his thoughts.
That Troy Baker is offered a function, if part 3 is being developed, is not so not likely and would probably not only make him pleased however likewise numerous fans.
Up until now, nevertheless, these are all just mind video games.
Would you more than happy if Joel returns to the Last of Us Part 3?
How would that work best?